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Why is my dog so stupid?

Is your dog so dumb and stupid? Are you worried about it? Then it is just the right place for you. This article will be beneficial and worthy.

We all love dogs because of their cute faces and loving attitude towards humans. However, every dog owner must have experienced something that made them think why these creatures are so stupid?

Whether they have run into a door of glass or other actions, there must have happened something that has made you think this way.

In this article, we will discover the reasons behind dogs’ stupidity, and what can we do to make them smart?

Why is my dog so stupid?

Why is my dog so stupid?

Dogs can be less intelligent; saying stupid to them can be rude. Their smartness depends on a few things like a less intelligent breed, less social pup, and hasn’t been appropriately trained. It might be getting some negative reinforcement making them acting stupid.

There are several reasons behind their intelligence level, or the dog might be stupid because of multiple reasons altogether. First, we need to figure out why dogs can be so stupid and then discuss what we can do to make them smarter.


There are various reasons which are listed and explained below. Each reason comes with a clue.


A few things come naturally from the dog that might be stupid for you, like eating dirty things. However, there can be reasons for them doing such things.

For instance, according to expert dogs eat dirt because it has all the nutrients the dog needs. We consider such actions as dumb.

If your dog is doing things that seem to be a dump, they might have seen other dogs doing it in the past, or there must be a logical explanation behind it that you can find online.

It is not socialized:

If your dog is not socialized or it didn’t socialize in the past, it is more likely that it doesn’t know how to interact with people and the environment. In this scenario, then train her and socialize as much as possible.

Not trained:

Another potential reason for your dog being a stupid dog is not given proper training. If the dog is not trained, he doesn’t know how to behave and interact. If this is the case with your dog, you should start training her from the basic level, like training her to sit and stay.

Wrong training:

If you have trained it but still she acts stupid. It means she is not properly trained, or she has been given wrong training. Not only training but proper training is required for a dog to behave appropriately.

In this case, try to change your training methods, give rewards when she behaves appropriately, try not to put a burden on her by giving advanced training start from the basics.

The need for exercise:

Dogs are interactive animals and need a lot of exercises daily. If they are not getting enough exercise, they will lose their focus.

It is better to keep giving her exercise daily and make sure she is getting enough exercise according to her breed type.

Negative reinforcement:

A substantial reason for acting dumb and stupid can be rewarding her for acting dumb. It is more likely if you tend to give her what she wants when she acts stupid. In this case, instead of rewarding her for acting stupid, train her, and stop rewarding her.


To discover what is causing her to act dumb and stupid, we need to consider a few things to know about the problem. The considerations are mentioned below.

How is it dumb?

If you consider in which way your dog is acting weird, it will help a lot. For instance, barking at things that don’t move, it is not a big deal because it is common and normal for dogs. However, if your dog is not following your command and acting stupid, you need to train him.

If it became dumb suddenly:

If your dog has suddenly started acting stupid, then notice if something happened around the same time, which has triggered something in the dog. If you are still not able to figure out, then go to the veteran.

What can you do to make them smart?

There are several things you can do to make your dog a bit smarter. It widely depends on what has happened to her.

Other than that, you can do a few things to solve this problem, which is mentioned below.

Positive reinforcement:

The first method is to train your dog by giving positive reinforcement. Many dog trainers use this method.

Positive reinforcement means to reward her when she behaves the way you want her to behave. Show signs of how it should behave.

Feed her correctly:

Feed her properly and feed her a balanced diet. There can be a problem with her diet that is causing her to behave differently. Please consult with a veteran to find out about the food it should consume.

Give her exercise:

You should ensure that the dog is getting enough exercise according to her breed because each breed needs a different exercise amount. For exercising, take her to a walk, play fetch with her, or use a dog walker for walking.

Avoid reinforcing bad behaviors:

Avoid negative reinforcement as it is also a cause for the dumbness of the dog. Negative reinforcement is where you give rewards to your dog when she acts stupid. Stop giving rewards to her and train her to behave the way you want it to behave.

Dogs are the most common pets for humans. They are cute and loving, reflecting through their actions, but sometimes they do such actions, which made us think they are so stupid?

There are many reasons for being a, but the dog’s nature and lack of training are the most common reasons. To make them a little, we can try some practices like training them and avoiding negative reinforcement.

In this article, we discovered the reasons why dogs are stupid and how to make them smart. I hope this article will be helpful. Please share your opinion about this article and let us know in the comment section.

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