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Why Does My Dog Sleep On My Head?

One of the most particular attributes of dogs is their ‘affection.’ These mammals are full of affection and love, regardless of their breed.

However, few species are known to be more habitual of physical contact than the others, such as King Charles Spaniels, Great Danes, Dobermans, etc.

If you are a dog owner, you must be familiar with their habits of licking and following you around the house.

However, individual dogs level up their game of affection and try to cuddle the owner, sit on their lap, sleep on their feet, and even head. New dog owners or the ones who have not experienced such kind of affection before, get worried.

Dogs are possessive canines who want constant attention and love from their owner. To feel secure and safe in their presence is what they ask the most.

But people usually become worried by the actions of their pet dogs, such as sleeping on the owner’s head.

This is a mainly harmless habit of pet dogs that they usually do to strengthen their bond with the owner.

Why Does My Dog Sleep On My Head?

We have compiled a list of why your dog might be behaving the way he is, the benefits these actions might be having, and how you can deal with these if you find these annoying:

They want to demonstrate affection :

Dogs are incredibly social animals, which radiate warmth and love wherever they go. But they do not have a particular method to showcase their preferences.

Different breeds and even members of the same species devise their unique style. Therefore, you do not need to worry if your dog sleeps beside you in your bed or rest on your head. They are strengthening the bond with you.

They find it peaceful :

Another reason your dog is sleeping on your head can be the peace and sound sleep it provides him.

Some dogs crave for the company even in their sleep, and sleeping beside their beloved owner gets them a bonus in the form of cuddles. This whole experience gives them comfort and ease.

They want to protect you:

Dogs happen to be highly sensitive and alert animals and can sense even the slightest of change in their owner’s mood. If your dog insists on sleeping beside you, then he might want to be protecting you and keeping you secure.

They trust you:

Dogs are not only loyal to their owners; they consider them their mentors and try to mimic them to a great extent. Your dog cuddling with you only means that he trusts you. Dog cuddles are a sign of love.

They conserve their body heat:

The history of these canines and even their ancestral wolves suggest that they used to sleep in the form of groups. With time, dogs, however, outgrew most of these customs but preserved some as a coping mechanism.

It can also be due to their poorly made bed, or they might be feeling cold at their place, and seeing your cozy and comfy bed made them want to sleep on there.


Another reason your dog is sleeping on your head can also be their need to dominate you. The desire to act as an alpha member of the pack makes them sleep on your head. In this scenario, they need training and be taught that you are the alpha member and not them.

Benefits of sleeping beside your pet

Studies show sleeping beside your pet is very beneficial for your mental and physical health. Some of the benefits of letting your dog sleep beside you, or on your head, are given below:

Source of comfort:

The presence of your beloved pet provides you comfort and ease and helps you have a good night’s sleep.

Studies have shown that sleeping beside your pet is a natural source of happiness as it increases the production of Oxytocin – a hormone that makes us feel happy and content.

Helps deal with depression:

Pets radiate warmth and affection, and sleeping beside them helps the owner with loneliness, anxiety, and depression. People who struggle with depression find it difficult to sleep at night.

But pets jump in to rescue the owner. Dogs are known to help with sleep disorders; therefore, letting your dog sleep on your head can be a source of increased sleep efficiency for both your dog and you.

Natural alert:

Dogs have a superior hearing and smelling sense. They offer you a natural alert by sleeping beside you because anything unusual happening at night will warn them, and they will keep you safe.

Precautionary measures:

Although dogs are generally harmless creatures to sleep beside, here are a few precautionary measures you must take for your safety:

Brush their fur regularly:

Affection and comfort apart, you must not neglect your hygiene. Being cautious about the dust, bugs, and other parasites a dog may carry with them and expose you to them by sleeping close to you should be kept in mind.

Taking them to shower regularly and brushing their fur will reduce the chances of unwarranted infections.

Get them vaccinated:

Take your pet to a veterinarian and get them vaccinated. This way, they will stay healthy, and both you and your pet’s hygiene shall be maintained.

Get them a comfy dog bed:

Your dog sleeping on your head can also be due to their poorly made or not so comfortable bed. If that is the case, get them a new pet bed, which is large and comfortable enough for them to sleep happily in. Investing in a Calming dog bed, or another type of comfort designed bed, will allow you to get a decent nights sleep with the knowledge your pet is cosy and comfortable in its own space. Some dogs need specialised beds, either for their size or due to health conditions, so make sure to choose wisely!

Be mindful of the weather:

During winters, all animals look for shelter and warmth. You might have provided your pet with adequate covers and heat, but they cannot express whether that is enough or not, which implies that they might be feeling cold and looking for warmth; that’s why they jump into your bed and sleep on your head.

To help them get a peaceful sleep in their bed, you should provide them with a warm blanket or suitable covers.

No matter what precisely the reason might be, your dog sleeping on your head is not something to be worrying about. It’s rather adorable of them to show affection in such a beautiful way.

Nonetheless, being cautious and taking adequate measures for the safety of your dog and yourself will only add to this great experience. Hopefully, this article will be helpful in your queries!

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