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How to Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs -Causes & Natural Remedies

Remember, they say that one can get rid of multiple diseases, if he/she stays clean and make sure that their houses and pets are clean too.

Everyone loves their pets, whether they are, dogs, cats, or anything else, and it’s their humble duty to, make sure that they are protected from all kinds of enemies.

Fleas are tiny, irritating, blood-sucking, and germs are carrying a parasite that can any time harm your dog and brings some serious disease, not only in your dog but in your house too.

These, tiny little enemies can be anywhere in your house, it might be your backyard, or your kitchen, or storeroom. The first signal you will from your dog is, they will start scratching their body, and start behaving differently. Whenever you see such activities, it indicates that fleas have reached your territory.

The life cycle of fleas.

We have, often hear that, before entering your enemies territory, it is important to learn about them, same goes for fleas, it is necessary to understand their life cycle because in different stages you will need a different kind of drugs or whatever technique you’re applying.

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The life cycle of fleas consists of four major stages: egg, larva pupa, adult. The adult fleas live on your dog’s skin where they suck blood and lay eggs on your dog’s hairs, and whenever your dog scratch his skin these eggs fall on your carpet, on your room, or anywhere in your house. And after going through the pupa stage, they again change into adult fleas, with even greater numbers.

Now if you’re applying any home remedy or contacting any veterinarian, or use any drugs, it’s up to you, but the response must the fast and effective because these fleas carry so many other parasitic germs with them.

Disease caused by fleas on dogs.

In the first place, whenever you observed your dog, scratching, biting, and behaving irregularly or irrelatively. This is the first symptom that your dog has under attacked.

In the initial stage, you will observe the loss of hairs and pale gums. But letter on the condition gets worse, when you find, flea dirt in the fur which resembles with black pepper on fire.

After that, you will see restlessness and nervousness in your dog’s behavior, and in some cases, there might be a condition of vomiting and diarrhea or even loss of muscles. In the worst scenario, you can lose your dog, because after the loss of excessive muscle and vomiting, it can become fatal, and most possibly cause the death of your beloved pet.

Natural remedies to get rid of fleas.

The moment you came to know that your house and your dog is under attacked by fleas, the first question which will come into your mind is that: how will you get rid of these enemies. So before going to any veterinarian, or before applying any medications, there are some homemade remedies which might solve your problem.

  1. Coconut oil: there is a substance called auric acid found in coconut oil, and work as a flea repellent, and also quite good for your dog’s health. It softens your dog skin, and hairs and makes sure that no flea stick to your, the next interesting thing about coconut oil is its implementation. Just rub a little amount of oil, rub on your and put it on your dog’s body, but make sure that you cover all major parts, beneath the skin, and under the hairs. Or u can just mix this oil with water and put it in spray bottle and spray, on your pet’s whole body. Do it once in a week and after few weeks you will start to see its results.
  2. Apple sider vinegar: A very common home remedy is apple sider vinegar, which quite acidic in nature, just take one teaspoon of sider and mix with half a liter of water, and let your dog drink this whole mixture day, the acidic nature of sider will prevent fleas to bite your dog. The other thing you can do is spray this mixture on your dog skin, but make your there won’t be any wounds, otherwise, it will hurt a lot because of its acidic nature.
  3. Boric acid powder: why let your enemy enter your territory when you can stop it from outside. Boric acid powder can easily kill these fleas in their adult, and larva stage, what you need to do is to use boric acid in the corners of your house, where sunlight cannot reached, or where humidity level is high, in such areas you will mostly find these fleas, but make sure that your dog don’t eat, or even lick this powder, because it can be dangerous. Boric acid will neutralize these fleas in the larva stage, and after that what you have to do is vacuum away these germs.

Home appliance remedies.

Vacuum: As we already know, that in the adult stage fleas lay their eggs everywhere, so if you vacuum your carpets, and dark, shadow areas of your house, there is a high possibility that you can get rid majority of fleas. And make sure empty your vacuum right away. If your vacuum has seen better days and needs replacing, you could check out a site like Raise ( to see if there are any coupons or codes to be had when shopping for well-known brands through popular sites like eBay.

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Steam cleaner: Another important instrument is steam cleaner, which can help you clean your house, and make it safe for your family and pets. Apply this technique once in a month, and it can come in very handy in near future. If you use this regularly, you can easily stop fleas from replication.

Pharmaceutical anti flea remedies.

There are some chemical compounds found in the market which can be very helpful to restrict fleas from invading your house. These compounds are: bravecto, nexgard, simparica, and so on. You can use these chemical compound and get rid of fleas, but the problem with these compounds is that they their self are quite dangerous, and not good for your dog’s health, so it’s better to ignore such compounds and try to use natural or homemade things.

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