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How To Clean Dog’s Ears When They Hate it ?

Clean Dog's Ears

People, often care about their pet’s nutritional health; what should their pet eat, and what should they avoid eating. And in most of the cases forget about external health; how to clean their pet’s ears, teeth, nails, and so on.

External health is as essential as food because the way nutritional deficiency and wrong food choice can lead to multiple diseases; same is the case with external skincare. And as a pet owner, it is your responsibility to know about your pet’s needs.

So read this article carefully, and you will get some good information.

How to clean dog’s ears.

As a dog owner, it’s your duty to make sure your dog is healthy and clean. And you should be fully aware of this thing that cleaning your dog’s ears is an essential aspect of grooming a dog.

Dog’s ears are quite sensitive and need regular maintenance. And dogs don’t like to clean their ears so that it can be a hard job for you. But if you don’t clean your do’s ears, remember, it can cause some severe ear infection to your dog.

Different breeds of dogs have a different type of ears, some have a short canal, and some have long, while some have hairs around their ears. In the same way ears of some dogs are healthy and do not require regular inspection, but some dogs like; basset hounds, and cocker spaniels, contain susceptible ears and can quickly get infected, so they need regular inspection.

Although all dogs can get infected with different ear disease, some dogs who usually loves to stay in water need more attention. And as mention earlier, some breeds of dogs are naturally sensitive in nature and need regular ear checkup.

When to clean the dog’s ears?

Cleaning your dog’s ears is not a very hard task, and as a dog owner, you should know how to do it. But if you still think that you can’t clean your dog’s ears, you can call any recommended veterinarian.

Before cleaning your dog’s ears, you must have an inspection of ears. If you see any kind of dirt, or an excessive amount of hairs, or any mild thing, then your dog does need cleaning. Other symptoms are when you observe your dog itching its ears, or feeling irritation, and you see any kind of inflammation or redness around your ears.

In such cases, you must clean your dog’s ears as soon as possible, but observation is very important. There are some dogs who do not need cleaning at short intervals, but on the other hand, some dogs are quite sensitive, and they need most often.

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And another very important aspect of observation is that, if your dog’s ears are clean and still you’re cleaning it, again and again, it can, any time lead your dog to some serious ear infection, so be careful.

Tips of cleaning dog’s ears.

  • You need to have the right tools: you cannot clean your dog’s ears with any irrelevant thing, you must have some cotton bag or cotton balls ready to clear the dirt, and do not use cotton swab inside the dog’s ears. Yes, you can use it on external areas but not inside the ears. And you use gloves to clean the dirt, or you can do by your fingers, there is no harm. The next important tool is ear rinse, and make sure it’s completely safe and do not contain any chemicals or steroids.
  • Everything must be within your reach: whenever you’re cleaning your dog’s ears, the last thing you want is to not have necessary tools within your reach, or anywhere near you. It can disturb the whole process, and it can be quite irritating for both you and your dog. So make sure you have all the important ingredients which you’re going to use.
  • Follow the basic rules: whenever you start cleaning your dog’s ears make sure your dog is in the right position and not getting hurt, and when you start cleaning, start from outside, and then slowly go inside the ear. While cleaning doesn’t push too much inside the ears as it can hurt your dog. Whatever instruments you use to make sure that they are not hurting your dog. The best thing you can use is a cotton ball and rinse, but still if you any kind of disturbance in your dog while cleaning, you better call your veterinarian for this job.
  • Create positive vibes: it is very important that your dog doesn’t feel any danger, or discomfort when you take him to clean, sometimes what happens that dog feels that you’re doing something to them, and they start behaving abnormally, so it’s better for you to create a healthy environment.

Things you need while cleaning dog’s ears.

  • Ear cleaner: hold your dog’s ear flap up and put a few drops of ear cleaner inside the ear, and then give it some gentle squeeze. So the ear drop can go inside the ear properly.
  • Ear Massage: after putting the ear cleaner, your dog will try to shake his head. Before that, give your dog some massage for a few seconds, and start it from the base of the ear. Massage will smoothen all the dirt inside the ear, and it will be easier for you to remove it.
  • Clean the ear canal: after your dog shakes his head, put a few cotton gauze inside the ear without putting any force and clean the ear with cotton, and try to remove all the dirt. You can use a few cotton gauze and repeat this process to tow three times.

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Steps to follow while cleaning the dog’s ears.

  • First, take your dog to the washroom and sit him in a position where it is easier for both of you. Then flap his ears up in a vertical position, but do it in a gentle way, put some ear clear inside the ear and give him a massage.
  • After massage removes all the dirt with your finger or piece of cotton, but don’t use extreme force.
  • Remove the hairs with tweezers, but remove only necessary hairs.
  • Let your dog shake his head after every few minutes, and when you complete this process, do treat your dog with whatever he loves. After all, he has done a good job.


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