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How to Teach a Dog to Shake Hands

Teach a Dog to Shake Hands

Wow! My dog learns how to shake hands, and it looks quite amazing. I have also taught my dogs some other cool techniques. And whenever my family or friends visit my house, they get amazed by the fact of how my dog obey my orders, and how he can perform different things.

Teaching your dog such techniques is a good thing, and it makes your relationship with your dog even stronger. All you need is some essential tips and patience.

Here, I will tell you some simple methods so that you can teach your dog; how to shake hands.

How to teach a dog to shake hands


Dogs are rapid learners by nature, and you can teach your dog some very funny and surprising techniques without any problem. Dogs can be taught so many things that we are even not aware of.

Have you ever seen military dogs or watchdogs? They are sharper than a normal human being. They are blessed with this ability to learn quickly. Even pets dogs can be taught some basic things.

Teaching a dog to shake hands is a good habit to develop in your dog. We consider them as our canine companion, so they should have adopted some of our habits. And the good thing about this is that most of the dog’s owner doesn’t teach their dog such techniques.

So when your friends or colleges visit your home and watch your dog shaking hands with them, they will be amazed, and you will be proud.

All it requires is some simple methods and patience. Some dogs are quick learners, and some are fast.

So you need to show some patience while teaching them. You might not see the results of your training in the initial days, but within a few weeks, you will see your dog shake hands with everyone.

Steps to follow while teaching a dog.

  • First of all, before teaching your dog; how to shake hands. Taught basic command orders like, sit, run, stand, and walk. Dogs are not very good at generalizing things, so you have to teach them to follow your orders.
  • The next important thing to do is to treat your dog every time he obeys your command, and it’s a gesture that he is going right work. And while treating him, use words like ‘’Good” or ‘’right”. So he will understand that he is doing the right things.
  • Now come to the main thing. First, command your dog to sit. When he lies, take candy or whatever thing he likes, and close it in your fist, and take the first close to his paw. And say the word ‘’shake” if he raises his paw to take the treat, then hold his paw and again say ‘’shake.”
  • Sometimes dogs are not in the mood of doing any activity, or they not interested in the treat you’re giving. So make sure your dog is in the mood, and also likes your treat.
  • After you did offering treat with a closed fist, try to do it again with an open fist. And yet, use the same word ‘’ shake”. And repeat this few times.
  • Remember, your hand must be in the range of your dogs, and it should not be very high. Dogs usually don’t like to raise their paw too much. So it should be within his range.
  • After repeating the first step, take the treat in one hand, and try to shake hands with others, see on which side dog raises his paw. Here, you will get the idea that your dog understands your order or not.
  • If a dog is shaking hands with your empty hand, then it’s ok. It not, then put your empty hand ahead and say the word ‘’shake’’.
  • Then repeat this activity without a treat, and see if your dog is shaking hands or not. The most important part of this activity is to teach your dog; how to raise his paw.
  • Within a few weeks, you will see your dog shaking hands with you normally, and he will be used to it, whenever you raise your hand towards him
  • After that, ask any other person to shake hands with your dog and see if he raise his paw or not. If he doesn’t raise his paw, then say the word ‘’shake” and command your dog to raise his paw. This is how he will learn; how to shake hands with others.
  • As mention earlier, all this stuff can become quite tricky, and you have to show some patience with your dog.


Problems in teaching a dog to shake hands

Teaching dogs such activities can be quite tricky because you don’t know in what sort of mood your dog is in. Sometimes dogs can be quite moody, and while their attitude is not good, or they are angry, teaching them such stuff is useless. So you should be aware of your dog’s mood.


The other common problem in dogs is that they don’t like to put their paws on your hands, and some dogs don’t want to raise their paws. So in such cases, their favorite treat can come handy.

Sometimes, even after raising paws, dogs don’t understand what to do next. So take their paws in your hand, and shake his paws with your hand. And then use the word ‘’shake”.


If you see your dog getting frustrated with this act, or he does not like it. Stop there, and try it again after some time. It requires both you and your dog’s interest. Without that, nothing is possible.

Last words.

By nature, dogs are very friendly, and you need to understand their behavior and character. It will help you in making a good relationship with them.

Once your dogs started to trust on you, then you can train him according to your wish, you can train him as your watchdog, attack dog, or you can teach him how to shake hands. It all depends on your relationship with your pet. And whenever he learn any new thing from you, it will be a proud moment for you.

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