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How to keep Cats Out of Flower Beds?

People often love to decorate their garden, and maintain their house; so it can look beautiful, and they can stay there in peace. It is quite hard to build a garden, and you have to bring flower seeds of different breeds and plant them according to their nature and season. After that, they need proper observation like; water and fertilizer, and anti-bacterial spray.

After all these hard yards. When don’t want any domestic animals like cats, dogs, or any insect to destroy them?

So today, we will discuss how to keep cats away from your garden.

How to keep cats out of flower beds?

Cats are one of the most beautiful creatures you will found around the world, and people love to have cats in their houses and considered them as part of their life. Cats can be found in different color and breed. But as all animals, they are part of nature, and they are beautiful indeed.

People often love to have cats around their house, but some people do not like cats at all, and for them, cats are like pain the neck. And those families who have a garden in their houses are even more scared of cats because a domestic cat or feral cat can destroy their garden in a few days.

Although cats can be quite handy in protecting the garden; from moles and rabbits, as mention earlier, some cats are difficult to handle and can become a horror story for your garden.

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The actual problem with cats is; you can’t catch them, because of their climbing and running ability. And it’s not a good idea to kill cats because it will be totally against the ethics of our society. So we will look to finds some methods that can keep cats away from your garden, without hurting them.

Plants that can keep cats out of flower beds.

  • Apple: bitter apple works as a taste deterrent rather than a cat repellent; cats often don’t like its taste and use as an excellent house plant to keep cats away from your garden beds. But bitter apple cannot survive in the rain, so be careful if you’re living in a rainy area.
  • Rose branches: old rose branches don’t compost well, but they will make sure that cats think twice before entering your territory. For temporary use, of for a small area, these branches are best suited.
  • Stinky plants: there are some flowers that cats love the most, in the same way, cats hate the aroma of some flowers, like Russian sage, lavender, and lemon flowers. The aroma of such flowers are quite healthy and good for humans, but cats often don’t like them.

Rosemary plant: the scent of the rosemary plant are usually don’t like by rosemary plant, but its aroma is quite good for humans. And they look beautiful in the garden.

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Artificial techniques of keeping cats out of flower  beds.

  • You can use different types of scent available in the market, cats often don’t like the smell of citrus and lemon, and there are so many sprays and scents available in the market that can keep cats away from your garden. You can take black paper mustard oil and mix them with water and spray in your garden on a regular basis you will see no cats in a few weeks.
  • You can create as litter box for cats away from your garden where you can put honeysuckle and catnip which cats usually like a lot. With this, cats will remain away from your house and can enjoy their time in that separate garden.
  • There are some commercial cat’s repellents available in the market. You can use them to keep cats away from your house. These repellents are in the form of a spray, and some in the form of the scent of granules. But they can come quite handy in keeping cats away from garden beds.
  • Another thing that cats don’t usually like is a smelly thing like blood or rotten egg of citrus peel. You can spread these things around your garden beds, and whenever cats come around, they might stop there because of its smell.
  • It’s not easy to catch cats because they can run faster than us, and they can climb higher than humans. But you can find some group of people who are expert in catching cats, if you’re really disturbed with cats, you can call these groups, and they will catch all the cats around your area, and you will be free from this lifelong tension of yours.
  • If you have a small garden you can use high voltage current wires, or you can place cats catching plates around that area, these things can come handy, but only for a small garden, because electric wires and other thing coats a lot but you will be free from all kind of tension.
  • Another technique is to spread human hairs in your garden. You can collect hairs from your brush and combs, or ask your barber to save some hairs for you and disperse these hairs around the yard. Cats often don’t like human hairs and as long as hairs are their cats don’t dare to come around.
  • There is a product available in market known as; cats motion detector, if you don’t have time to apply all these remedies, just go to market buy some motion detectors and place them around your garden beds. These motion detectors can easily detect motion of cats and shoot them with a massive water shot. The motion detector can be very scary for cats, and cats will think twice before coming again in your garden beds.
  • Cats usually have few routes to enter in your garden, and you can block these passages and spray them with anti-cat repellent spray.

Final words

Garden beds enhance the beauty of our garden and our house, and most importantly, they are essential for our health too. No one wants to see their garden destroyed by any animal, so if you ever notice any domestic animal, prevent its entry as soon as possible.


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