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Creating a Safe Environment for a Puppy: 3 Most Common Dangers for Pets

They say that a dog is a person’s best friend. And not without reason – your fluffy pet is bound to keep you company every day and night, always with the same wagging tail and happy brightness in the eyes.


That also means that it will be by your side at all times, doing whatever you’re doing and playing with the same objects because your pet may try to copy you. So don’t get surprised when you notice your cat staring at the monitor screen, or your dog laying on the bed horizontally – as a pet owner, you’re this little guy’s hero!


Unfortunately, although the whole idea of dogs and cats idolizing their owners is darn cute, it might also be very dangerous, especially if you have a little puppy. Even in your household, the doggy may encounter many hazardous objects or toxic substances, which won’t harm you but might turn out to be life-threatening to the pet. What are the items that you should be especially cautious of when creating a puppy-friendly house? Check out our list.

Toxic food – Although it might be hard to ignore those begging eyes that lurk at your plate from under the table, better avoid feeding human food to your pet. We know it’s tempting, but certain products will, in fact, cause a lot of harm to your puppy. Don’t let the sweet taste of chocolate distract you – it is poisonous to dogs (and cats). The same goes for chemicals in fast food, grapes and raisins, and multiple other things. Don’t experiment on your puppy’s health – it’s better to feed it with a portion of trusted pet food approved by specialists, such as Simply Nourish dog food.


  • Human medications – We can’t stress it enough: always remember to pet-proof your first aid kit! Some human medications, such as painkillers, are highly toxic to pets. The consequences might be grave, from puppy’s kidney failure to even choking. To ensure your dog’s safety, make sure to hide all the medications. Moreover, put away all the cleaning products, while you’re at it.


  • Plants – Unfortunately, being a plant lover is solely reserved to humans. You have probably noticed your dog occasionally sniffing a flower – what’s wrong with that? Indeed, nothing – as long as you make sure that the plant itself is not toxic. To find out what plants will be safe for your puppy, and look up some more household dangers, check out the infographics below:

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