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Dogs and Christmas Meals: Things Every Dog Owner Should Know

With Christmas dinner around the corner, now is the time for preparations. We are looking for new food recipes online and decorating our Christmas trees. Losing your head in all this Christmas madness is not a hard thing to do.

However, amidst all the confusion, we cannot forget about our dogs! After all, we want them to enjoy this special time of the year as well. The only question is: how can we achieve that?


Many people choose to share their dinner with their dogs and feed them some human foods. It is not necessarily a bad idea. However, you have to keep in mind that some treats may lead to stomach upset and other digestive problems, or even severe poisoning.


In this article, you will find some useful advice on which Christmas foods you can safely give to your dog and which ones you’d rather keep for yourself. With our help, both you and your dog will enjoy Christmas in happiness and good health!

What Should You Keep in Mind?

Remember that while you are pondering whether dogs can have cinnamon or not, there is very often no simple answer to your dilemma. After all, even water can be lethal in large amounts.


As Paracelsus said: “the dose makes the poison.” Even high-quality dog food can be harmful to your beloved puppy. If you want your dog to be healthy, there is no other way than to control what it puts in its stomach.


However, there is a large number of ingredients that you should never give to your pet. Some substances are toxic to dogs, no matter the dosage. Read on to understand what is okay and what substances your dog should avoid.

What Can You Give to Your Dog for Christmas Dinner?

Not sure if the recipe you found on some website is healthy for dogs? We are here to help! If you are full of the Christmas spirit of sharing and want to treat your dog with some human food, here is the list of things you can consider:


  • Turkey — The plain and boneless part of the white turkey meat can be a great treat! You can also add a little bit of cranberry sauce.
  • Boiled or raw carrot — Carrots are great snacks, even for our furry friends!
  • Steamed or plain boiled green beans — Healthy and tasty! Your animal friend will love them.
  • Brussel sprouts — If you serve them steamed or plain boiled, everything should be fine.
  • Mashed or boiled potatoes — Served in small quantities without butter or salt, they can be a great finishing touch to your dog’s meal.


Keep the portions of the food small! You do not want to serve a whole meal filled with turkey to your dog. And if you have any doubts about the foods mentioned above, consult your vet!

What Should You Not Feed Your Dog at Christmas?

Healthy foods are not the only ones that need to be mentioned. After all, the fact that a small portion of turkey can be an excellent treat for your pup does not mean that every meat is okay as well, and so on. After the list of food that can make your dog Christmas dinner great, now take a look at what can cause your pet health issues:


  • Pigs in blankets — What looks like a perfect feast for your dog is much too fatty for it.
  • Foods containing onions, garlic, or leeks — All corn on the cub and bulb vegetables are bad for your dog. Eating them can even cause damage to its red blood cells!
  • Gravy — It is best not to feed your dog any gravy as it is too fatty and salty to be healthy for a canine.
  • Chocolate — Chocolate is highly toxic to dogs. Avoid it at any cost!
  • Poultry skin — The skin is too fatty for your dog.
  • Walnuts and macadamia nuts — These popular Christmas snacks make for terrible dog treats. Their toxin can even cause seizures in dogs.
  • Christmas pudding and mince pies — Any product with high lactose content will be wrong for your pooch.


All dog owners should keep the ingredients that are mentioned above away from their pets. If you do not serve these ingredients to your dogs, your Christmas dinner will be fantastic!

Final Thoughts

Now you should know what foods are dog-friendly! Forget about giving your pet scraps from your plate. Make it a full member of your family by putting a small portion of the turkey and boiled potatoes in its dog bowl!


Do not forget that moderation is key. Even though the holiday season is excellent for sharing, make sure not to go overboard. You do not have to be a canine nutritionist to know when you overfeed your pet.


With the tips from this article, nothing can surprise you! Gather all the ingredients, look for helpful recipes online, and enjoy. May your Christmas dinner be the best there ever was!

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