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Jack Russell Terrier Dog-Temperament and Canine Breed Information

The word terrier comes from the Latin word “Tera” which means Earth. Terrier is the type of Dogs specially bred to dig and hunt animals like foxes, moles, badgers, and rats.

These dogs come in a variety of sizes and colors. However, they all hold feisty, mischievous personality and are energetic in nature.

Jack Russell Terrier is one of the prominent members of terrier group of dogs.

These dogs are best known for fox hunting. They are small in size but faster in speed. They can run faster for a long distance.

These dogs were bred in England and their ancestry can be traced back to English white terrier. Jack Russell Terrier dogs are sturdy, tough, and tenacious with working nature. A male dog can grow 25 to 38 cm in height and can gain weight between 6.4 to 8.2 kg.

These dogs come in different colors including White, Black & White, White & Tan. Their body is 50% white in color with marking of the other colors like black, brown or tan.

They have broken coat with hairs. In other words, these dogs either have a smooth or rough coat or the combination of both.

They normally come in two types of coats Smooth and rough coats. Dogs with smooth coats have small hair and strong coat.

Dogs with a rough coat have long hair even on his face. In both these types, they have long hairs on the tail.

What health problems do Jack Russell Terriers have?

Jack Russell Terrier is a healthy dog breed with a good lifespan of 13 to 16 years. They are both beautiful and strong dogs.

They basically are hunting dogs much faster in speed. They can chase their prey to a long distance.

Jack Russell Terrier dogs are strong breed yet they suffer from some diseases. The most common hereditary disease found in Jack Russell Terriers is eye diseases and deafness.

These dogs like other small breed dogs suffer from a hip joint disease called Legg Perthes. Dislocation of knee cap is also very common in Jack Russell Terriers.

Most famous Jack Russell Terriers in the world


Jack Russell Terrier Dog

This list of famous Jack Russell Terriers contains dogs which are best known for the work they are doing or they did in real life or in movies.

  1. The Uggie: The Uggie Jack Russell Terrier is an Oscar winner dog. He won the title of dog star of 2011 film The Artist. Even his story was published in 2012.
  2. Trump: a painting of this dop is bought by Edward Vll is still hanging in Sandringham.
  3. Bothy: Bothy terrier owned by Ranulph and Ginny Fiennes was the first dog to visit North and South Pole with explorers.
  4. Moose: This Russell Terrier became a star after portraying Eddie crane on a TV show.
  5. Chalky: The Dog was a major feature of Chef Rick Stein’s TV show. He became famous for snarling at cameramen.
  6. Nipper: The Nipper belongs to Bristol; England was famous for serving as a painting model.

Jack Russell terrier characteristics and temperament

The personality of Jack Russell terrier:

Jack Russell terriers are big dogs in small size. They are potentially strong. They have the power to run all day with a speed faster than most of the dogs. These dogs are sharply intelligent, spiritual and fearless. They are best known for their strength and speed.

They are devoted and companion of human beings with fast learning capabilities. They can be trained much easier than other dogs. They love to play and learn new things.

Can Jack Russell terrier be a good family dog?

Jack Russell terrier dogs are active, intelligent and highly adaptive. They quickly get into the environment they are kept in.

So if you want Jack Russell terrier to be a good family dog you need to grow him up within the family. Let him play with kids in his puppyhood. Russian Bear Dog also have some similarities to Jack Russel Terrier.

During this stage they much energetic and playful and enjoy kids company.

This will make him devoted to the family and children. Instead of harming he will be protecting them. They can be good watchdogs as well.

Activities required for Jack Russell Terrier dogs:

If by looking at Jack Russell Terrier’s size you think it is an Apartment dog. You are definitely wrong. They are hunting dogs and need outdoor space for its activities.

The apartment is like a cage for these dogs. Keeping them there may make them aggressive and they may acquire a destructive behavior.

While you are with Jack Russell Terrier in a park don’t leave him alone because these dogs love digging. If they find space they start to dig flowers or even they can dig under fences to get out of the part.

These are playful days and must get some walk and running every day. If they don’t have these activities they may become a victim of Anxiety and show aggression to you.

Chasing ball is their favorite game. They will retrieve bass as long as you have the stamina to throw balls. You will get tried but he will not.

These dogs are super intelligent and need mental stimulation along with physical activities. Best way to do so is to enroll your dog in different competition and training courses like

  • Sprinting
  • Flyball
  • Obstacle course
  • ETC


Temperament of Jack Russell terrier dogs:

Jack Russell Terrier Dog

These dogs temperamentally are devoted affectionate, loving and very friendly. They want nothing more but activities, either hunting or work.

They are playful and can play as long you are tired. Meanwhile, if they have nothing to do they start chasing rats, cats and everything they see moving.

One serious aspect of these dogs is that while hunting Jack Russell Terrier dogs only have their prey in their mind. At that they become dangerous. To convert their nature you must use his intelligence and power in learning dogs sport like Earthdog trials.

Temperament of Jack Russell terrier can vary according to the environment you keep him. if you will leave him alone for few without any activity they will behave differently.

They may not respond to the commands you taught him or even he will try to make you move away from him.

While on the other hand if they are brought up within the family environment they will become part of that family. They will be so affectionate to the family that their separation will lead him to many health disorders.

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The trainability of Jack Russell Terrier dogs:

Jack Russell Terrier, cute small dogs are active and playful. In their puppyhood, they are very naughty and quick learners.

  • They are tireless and will continue to play until you are tired.
  • This is where you have to utilize their energy in learning.
  • Teaching them, while paying is much easier than other dogs.
  • They are devoted to their master will follow you more quickly.
  • They must be trained with treats and affection.
  • Striking them of forcing will make them aggressive.
  • Their training starts with simple obedience commands.

If they become obedient in their puppyhood they can easily master the other commands and acrobats in adulthood.

It is so because they are hunting dogs and will love to either hung or work. their work can be training while on the other hand if set their work will be chasing rats cats and so on.

Are Jack Russell Terriers dogs aggressive?

Their devotion the family may case aggression towards other people. However, this is controlled during training.

They become aggressive if left alone otherwise they loving and friendly towards people.

Aggression towards other dogs breed is common in dogs but in case of Jack Russell Terriers, it is more than in any other dogs breed. They never allow any dog to enter the home.

Do Jack Russell terriers have separation anxiety?

A Jack Russell terriers grown up in a family is more prone to the separation anxiety. These dogs are intelligent and devoted. They get emotionally attached to their master and family. If anyone them is separated they become very upset.

The same condition can be experienced if you tie Jack Russell terriers in a corner without taking him out for walk and games.

Anxiety due separation is curable in its initial phase. However, it can get worse with time and can completely change the behavior of your canny friend.

Unlike these dogs, there some dogs breed which are left alone and it does mean nothing to them. Some of these dogs are

  • Bull Terrier dogs
  • Basset hound dogs
  • The Pug dogs
  • Boston Terrier dogs
  • Miniature Schnauzer dogs

Reason to leave these dogs alone is either their lethargy or aggressive behavior.

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What are the characteristics of the Jack Russell Terrier puppy?

Unlike most of the dog’s breed, Russell Terrier puppies are Alert, lively, inquisitive, and friendly. With increasing age, they become more active and tireless.

Even they are still beautiful puppies, they are Very Active; Eager and playful. During their puppyhood, they love to play with other puppies and follow kids as well.

This is the time where their training must start. It is because these are they are in the learning stage and also they try to be involved in activities.

Grooming of Jack Russell Terrier puppy is much easier than other dogs. They only shed twice a year. One in spring to shed winter coat which probably is heavier and they shed to develop winter coat.

If you are allergic to dogs and want to adopt a Jack Russell Terrier puppy there is a bad news for you. Jack Russell Terrier puppies are not hypoallergenic.

Jack Russell Terrier rescue:

Jack Russell Terrier Dog

In developed countries, the pet is loved and cared. For the prevention of the Jack Russell Terrier race, there are different rescue centers within the country.

They organizations adopt unwanted, displaced and abandoned Jack Russell Terrier. These centers also give dogs for adoption.

The organizations remain open to contact if anyone wants to abandon his dog or want to adopt a dog.

Two most famous rescue organizations associated with Jack Russell Terrier are:

Russell Rescue, Inc:

Russell Rescue, Inc has its organization spread in different states. Their aim is to provide permanent or temporary shelter Russell Terriers.

They never say no to the adoption of the dog but in case if they don’t have a vacant place they the owner to keep the dog with him until they have space.

Jacks Galore Rescue:

It is Northeastern, U.S based organization. It is run by a family. They adopt all dogs that are either not trained well or due to some reason have become frustrated dogs.

They claim to provide better suitable dog according to family and way of living. These types of organizations not only save dogs but also help people to adopt a well-mannered and well-trained dog.

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What does a Jack Russell Terrier Chihuahua mix look like?

These are small breed dogs originated as a result of a cross between Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua breeds. Hence they are also called Jackuahua.

These small breed dogs are best known for their strength, friendly and playful nature. These dogs look much like Jack Chi.

Features of the Chihuahua

  • World’s smallest breed
  • Weights up to 6 pounds
  • Can grow five to eight inches high
  • Apparently, these dogs have round, apple-shaped head, large erect ears, and round luminous eyes.

Features of the Jack Russell Terrier Chihuahua mix

Jack Russell Terrier Dog

Like all cross-bred dogs appearance Jack Russell Terrier Chihuahua mix depends upon the inherited characters from the parents.

They can grow 10 to 15 inches in height and can acquire weight from 8 to 18 pounds.

Jack Russell Terrier Chihuahua mix dogs come in a variety of colors including:

  • Black,
  • White
  • Brown
  • Chocolate
  • Cream
  • Golden
  • Fawn
  • Black & brown
  • Black & white
  • Black & Tan
  • Brown & white
  • Dark brown
  • Light brown
  • Tricolor

Coat of Jack Russell Terrier Chihuahua mix is normally dense with short hairs, which makes its grooming. They only have seasonal shedding.


Shedding and Grooming of Jack Russell Terriers dogs:

Shedding in dogs is a natural process of losing their dead hair/coat for the new to develop. Dogs normally shed twice a year. Shedding in the spring is much heavier than that which occurs for developing of a winter coat. Different dogs breed has different shedding ratio.

If your dog shed more in normal days this may be because your dog is suffering from a disease or lack of proper nutrition. In common cases, shedding may be because of dehydration, and skin diseases.

Do Jack Russell Terrier dogs shed a lot?

Jack Russell Terriers are found with two types of coats Rough coat and smooth coat.

Rough coat normally has long hair on the body along with face and tail. While on the other hand, the smooth coat has short hair but a denser coat.

According to the experts, small hairs shed more than long hairs. In other words, Jack Russell Terriers with smooth coat shed more than dogs with a rough coat.

Shedding can even get worse with changing the weather. Apart from natural shedding Jack Russell Terriers can also shed excessively if they are not fed proper diet.

Excessive Shedding in these dogs may also be because of some disease. So if your dog shed it is advised to visit the vet for proper treatment.

How to control excessive shed in Jack Russell Terriers?

Natural shedding is a healthy process done to make the dog adopt climatic changes. Before winter these dogs shed their light coat to generate a heavy coat to protect them from cold. They shed this heavy coat in spring to develop light coat for summer.

This shedding can be controlled by proper grooming of the Dog and giving it a regular bath. Regular bath never means Daily bath, because it will dry dog’s skin and the dog will shed even more. So it is better to consult a veterinarian about the bathing routine of your canny friend.

Use of Dogs shampoo having a good amount of protein and using a specially designed tool for grooming can prevent shedding.

If you are going through a proper grooming and still shedding does not stop it may be because of the improper diet. You need to change your dog’s diet and add all the necessary ingredients. Drinking excessive water can also help stop shedding. Dehydration is also one of the common reasons behind hair shedding in dogs.


Overall Jack Russell Terriers dogs are healthy, less prone to major disease with a long lifespan of 13 to 16 years. These dogs are a smarter and good companion of human beings. They have great trainability and adaptability. If you want to make him a good family dog just bring him up within the family. He will be devoted to your family and will protect them.

Another major aspect Jack Russell Terriers dogs are best known in the world is their intelligence.  They always try to make their master happy with different acrobats. If want to enjoy playing with these dogs they are ready to play until you get tired.


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