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Catahoula Leopard Dog – Temperament ,History and Information

Dogs have been a good companion of the man no matter what conditions are there. Dogs have been used for transportation in arctic areas, hunting in dangerous jungles, herding domestic animals on hills and mountains and as watchdogs.

However, these days’ dogs are not bred for a hard job as they were before like dog fighting and working in the fields. They now are loved and kept as a canine friend or for hunting, which also is a favorite activity of some breeds.

Dogs today are available in different sizes and shapes of different temperaments. Even these are bred to have characters accordingly with cross breeding. So what do want in your pet is possible.

There are several breeds of dogs but the one I am going to describe here is best known for its colorful body and strength. It is none other than Catahoula leopard dog. If you are interested to know about this breed just go through the write-up it will cover every question you have about these dogs regarding its temperament and personality, training, health problems, grooming and much more.

What are Catahoula leopard dogs?

Catahoula leopard dogs are also known as canine of Louisiana because of their origin. These dogs are also known as Catahoula Leopard Hound because of their hunting capabilities. They are used to hunt wild boar, so if you often hunt wild boar or look to pages providing information on Vildsvin, then this could be one of the best dog breeds for you. In this breed dogs work as alpha and bravo. Female of these dogs are usually alpha.

These are dogs are super athletic and energetic. They love to be with their owner for outdoor activities and possess a great work ethic. While you are with them in the earlier stage you need to be patient and must have expertise in living with dogs. They only can survive with the gentle but assertive owner. If you are first-time dog owner this breed is never suitable for you.

Catahoula leopard dogs are medium-sized dogs with a smooth coat of small hairs. The coat has a design with different colors which make it attractive. These dogs come in a variety of colors including blue merle, red merle, brindle, and solid colors. Catahoula leopard dogs also are categorized on the basis of their coat color as:

  • Red Leopard
  • Blue Leopard
  • Black Leopard
  • Gray or silver Leopard
  • Tri-color Leopard having patches of three colors on the body
  • Quad-color Leopard has different coloration on its coat

Catahoula leopard is a healthy breed of dogs. Male dog of this breed can attain height from 56 to 71 cm and female can grow in height from 56 to 69 cm. they have a muscular and strong body. Normal weight of male dog of Catahoula leopard breed is between 20 to 48 kg and weight of female Catahoula leopard can range between 18 to 45 kg. This is what makes them be a good hunter with super-fast speed. They can run both faster and longer. They can chase prey for whole day long.

These dogs have heterochromia, cracked glass” or “marbled glass eyes. Catahoula leopards have blue or blue-white eyes. Their eyes sometimes also have darker sensation or even one eye can have two colors, half of the eye of one color and another half of the other colors. Gray eyes usually have a grayish appearance. These eyes are cracked glass with blue and green color.


History and origin of Catahoula leopard dog:

These dogs are believed to be bred by Native Americans. They used their Molossers and greyhounds for cross breeding at Louisiana in around 16 century. This is why they also are called Canine of Louisiana. These dogs especially were bred for hunting.

However, another theory suggests them to be bred in 19 century after French settlers brought Beauceron, a working breed dog developed for rabbit hunting and herding, to Americans. Hence according to this theory, Catahoula leopard dogs are the result of crossbreeding between Beauceron and the Red Wolf/war dog.

These dogs also are assumed to have characters of both these breeds. They can run faster to chase a rabbit and have the dreadful appearance and powerful body which makes it suitable for herding.

Catahoula Leopard Dog

Catahoula leopard dog temperament:

Catahoula leopard dogs have a confident and forceful personality. These dogs no doubt are energetic, intelligent and gentle yet they can show aggression to other dogs and strange peoples. They were bred to hunt hogs and herd cattle. Hence it is obvious that they must have an aggressive personality. If they are not properly trained and socialized they can attack even small animals like cats and chickens. Catahoula leopard dog has this behavior sometimes even when they are grown up with these animals.

As compare to other breed of dogs these dogs are less likely to be kept with families, however training them well can make difference. They are trained for as working dogs and watchdogs. However, they are energetic and powerful dogs but are completely different from other energetic dog breeds like terrier and hound dogs. They do like to have enough exercises and physical activities along with field-work. They will show aggression and destructive behavior if put in in-house without activities.

Proper training and socialization from their puppyhood may change their behavior to some extent. If they are well socialized they can be trusted with children as well but still, there are changes of these dogs to show aggression when children climb on them.

Catahoula leopard dogs are only suitable for owners who have experience of keeping pets and have much time and patience. Training these dogs require expert level skills and motivation.

Do Catahoula leopard dogs make good family pets?

Catahoula leopard dogs share ancestry with the most aggressive and dangerous hunting group of dogs. Even now when they are living in a different environment and are trained to well to live with people, they can show aggression to other dogs especially when both are male dogs. This makes them a good watchdog for other dogs. They will never allow other dogs to wander around your home.

How bad do Catahoula leopard shed?

Catahoula leopard has a smooth and silky coat of small hairs. They normally have seasonal shedding twice a year. If your Catahoula leopard dog sheds excessively it may be because of some health problem.

Activities requirement of Catahoula leopard dog:

Catahoula leopard dog is never an apartment dog breed. if they are kept alone in a home without activities they may acquire destructive behavior and show aggression to even his owner. They need enough physical activities on regular basis to keep them fit, happy and healthy. It is also necessary to keep their muscular body tuned and bones well strong. So if you are active, healthy and activities lover these dogs can be your best companions.

Catahoula leopard dogs have ancestry with working dogs. They tolerant and would never mind if you ask them to work in the fields. Along with this they also are good herding dogs and can herd cattle for you. If you want to keep his lovely behavior you need to provide him with activities. Otherwise, he may destructive and can find some other way to please himself.

Catahoula Leopard Dog

Trainability and training of Catahoula leopard dog:

Catahoula leopard dog is independent dogs breed. They are not much devoted to their owner and never wish to please him. So if you are expecting him to follow you, you are living in darkness. To train them is really tough because they often don’t care what you ask them to do and do whatever they want. Therefore, before getting a Catahoula leopard dog as your pet make sure that you are expert in training dogs and have plenty of time for them.

These dogs are much sensitive and intelligent and can sense punishment. You need to only use positive reinforcement during training. It is because if you try any punishment he will sense it and will consider it an attack on it self-esteem. This may cause depression in these dogs.

Socialization can help you train your Catahoula leopard dog. You must take your dog to every event you can possibly take and introduce him to different people and other dogs. This will make them feel better being around people and other animals. This may also fill them motivation and make them follow you to learn different things. They are very quick learners. Even when these dogs are old, they can still learn tricks and acrobats much faster and better than most of the dog’s breeds.


How to train Catahoula Leopard Dog?

Catahoula Leopard Dogs are a bit harder to train so their training must start as earlier as possible. They are active and good learners but they are independent. They usually don’t care what you want but will do what they want. To train them you need to patient and remain to stick to your plan. Training them is only possible with positive reinforcement.

Obedience training Catahoula Leopard dogs:

On the very first day, you bring Catahoula Leopard Dog puppy at home, start his obedience training. Start with making a complete plan to follow. Must indicate at what time training will start and at what time it will end. Now stick to the plan and never miss a single day to follow it. Repeating the same things at the same time will make him habitual.

Start it training with basic commands like “Sit”, “leave”, ” Stop”, “come” and so on. You can teach him by positive reinforcement. like you can use treat to make him do things want him to do.

It is never possible that you get a positive response with your first call. Catahoula Leopard puppy may show a negative response but you have to keep working. If he does not follow command gently force him to do it. Once done reward him with a treat and repeat the process. Keep on doing so until you feel he now completely knows what you want from him.

Catahoula Leopard Dog

Leash training of Catahoula Leopard Dogs:

After Obedience training, the most important is leash training. Catahoula Leopard Dogs are more energetic and will definitely resist at first. This resistance may include aggression. But with time your dog will be okay with a leash. While training your dog, put him in the leash in his favorite times like eating and playing. Put it off as soon you realize you doing is about to panic. Make him feel it like part of a game or eating.

Initially put your dog in leash for a very short interval of time, which you can increase with time. Leash training is much more important for such breeds like Catahoula Leopard than other small breed dogs because before they are well socialized they can chase and attack other dogs and animals.

Crate training of Catahoula Leopard Dogs:

Crate training is very important to keep your dog safe alone at home with being a victim of depression. It is also important to make him stay home while you are sleeping. But it also is as difficult as important. you need to remain calm and consistent while crate training.

Crate training starts with the design of the crate. Make a crate never small and never large, it must be just size of your dog. During training make use of the crate in which your dog can stand without touching his body on the floor and his legs while sleeping to the sides of the crate.

Go easy with the training. During initial days keep the door open just make your dog familiar with the crate. When you realize he is now habitual of sitting or standing in the crate, serve him food or treat in it. Try to close the door of the crate when you think your dog has less attention to the crate and open it when you think he will start a panic. If you find him crying in the crate doing open it makes him quite first and then opens otherwise he will think his crying released him and will make it his habit.

If he does not mind keeping him in the crate keep him for little intervals in initial days. Keep increasing it with time. You can make use of things like bones, toys or something else to make him stay in the crate. Once he stays in it for an hour or two now try to put him in the crate during the night.

Try to make your dog sleep in the crate what you need to take care of is set the crate away from the steps of the family members. This is because the sound of foot-steps may awake him. if he woke up and found the door close will definitely make panic. During the night you also need to check him time to time for any unwanted condition.


Catahoula leopard dog vocalizations

If you don’t have seen dogs making funny noise while playing with other dogs and are afraid about Catahoula leopard gurgling/growling sounds?! You should not be. Among some of the breeds who don’t make noise, there also are breeds which can’t stop them from making funny noise during their playtime. Catahoula leopard breed is one of them.

Catahoula leopard dogs enjoy their playtime with full attention and in a passionate manner. They can never stop themselves from making this funny noise when they are with other dogs. Even you can’t make a stop with training because they are independent dogs and never forget their habits easily.

Catahoula leopard dog climbing tree

Every one of us has seen cats climbing up the trees but very few know that there are some dogs breed which are very good at climbing trees. This they do to catch the squirrel or to escape the yard if there is a tree standing near the fence. Some of dogs breed which can climb up the trees include:

  • New Guinea Singing Dogs breed
  • Louisiana Catahoula leopard breed
  • The treeing walker coonhound breed
  • Jack Russell Terrier

They all have incredible claws which help them grab a tree to hold them up. They make use of mouth to bike branches to pull them up.



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