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King Charles Spaniel Dog Breed Complete Information

King Charles spaniel is not any mix or cross breed, but fully original dog breed. According to the Britain kennel club and American kennel club, the King Charles spaniel dog breed is classified in the toy dog.

The origin of this breed is the United Kingdom. It gets popularity after 2000 in untied states of America, and slightly he begins as a top rated dog breed.

After winning some dog shows the King Charles spaniel got the 19th nineteenth rank of most wanted pure breed. It has a silky smooth coat with a fluffy soften tail. The tail type of this breed is undocked.

You may find the King Charles spaniel in four different mix colors, such as (chestnut white) (white, black, and tan) (black, tan) the most attractive ruby color.

The King Charles spaniel dog breed has a frank attitude; this could be affectionate and nice with either children or other pets (animal) although this breed needs a lot of human’s attention. Yes! These dogs are pure family dogs which are fully proven.

For the King Charles spaniel, professional breeders recommended that these dogs are not allowed to leave alone at home for a long time. Try to make them nearby you.

King Charles Spaniel Dog Breed

History of King Charles spaniel dog breed:

Unfortunately King Charles spaniel the life span of this beautiful dog is not so long. After getting good care, proper feed, the right amount of exercise and medical treatment these dogs can live under the ten years only, whether an average life period of this King Charles spaniel breed is 8 eight years.

It is accepted that the King Charles spaniel is another creature of cavalier king Charles breed when the cavalier king changed his shape with a flat nose then the King Charles spaniel created. And this dramatic change arises in the late 17th seventeenth century. It is factual that till 1920, cavalier king Charles dog breeds recognized as the same smaller breed King Charles spaniel.

Since many professional dog breeders have tried to the actual reason behind this configuration of the same breed, but unfortunately, they did not get success. It is why many people said that both these are the same original dog breeds with a simple nosy change, and this change occurred by nature. Somehow the King Charles spaniel and the cavalier king Charles dogs are similar dog breeds.

Is a King Charles spaniel a good family dog?

Generally, the King Charles spaniel dog is luckily an affectionate, people loving, energetic and play-loving breed. We have an amazing characteristic of this breed that this one has an extreme leveled patience and eager to be happy. Mainly due to this characteristic the King Charles spaniel dog could be the best match for the children. If someone has some more pets and he wants to carry the King Charles spaniel dog, then he will never get disappointed. It is just because of this dog’s calm and loving temperament

They never feel ashamed of being socialized with much larger dogs, although this breed is known for quick adaptation. No matters what type of environment and family than face too, but they are fully able to adjust their selves in any city or country. The King Charles spaniel dog breed is an ideal dog breed of those owners who want to carry a bunch of dogs altogether. They are able to house train with different dog breeds at the same place and time with the same trainer.

Do the King Charles spaniel dog people love and playful dog?

On the level of intelligence, the King Charles spaniel dog breed is on the 44th forty-fourth rank according to the list of Stanley Coren. This breed is an excellent breed having a lovely attitude and an average intelligence power.

However, the spaniel king dog is not so much obedient dog because of its intelligence. Remember a real original dog could be an obedient dog if he is intelligent due to so. King spaniel dogs love to play cuddling up on the cushion or lap. You can make them great by proving the championship as a reward. The cuddling up on the cushion game is an amazing and restful game for the dogs who are suffering any health issue (especially from the elder age).

The temperament of spaniel king dog is supportive and sporting. These dogs are the winner of many sporting shows that is why many dog sports owners prefer this breed due to their eligibility to play. The King Charles spaniel dogs are peace full dogs which can be happy with a long walk and by playing different types of games (indoor or outdoor).

How can I make happy King Charles spaniel dog?

They love to be adventurous and at home or outside as we explained before that these dogs breed a playful and people loving breed. King Charles spaniel dogs have an instinct chasing power. They would like to chase things, people, balls and sometimes toys.

We can observe their chasing ability in the small roads and streets, especially chasing the vehicles. Make remember that most dogs of this breed are tended with a stranger as a friend, so you could not make them as a watch dog or guard dog.

The haunting ability of this dog is excellent, and they would like to hunt small birds and animals, on the other side many times the trainers of spaniel breed have reported that this breed is made for life with small animals. They feel happiness in sharing their variety of thing with small pets (animals), such as hamsters and gerbils. The coat of the spaniel king needs regular brushing and less trimming.  Undoubtedly they wanted to feel happy to be net and cleaned all the time.

In addition, many dog owner/trainers want a King Charles spaniel dog with long silky coat and slippers. Remember long furry slippers can become muddy and dirty during walk time.

King Charles Spaniel Dog Breed


What problems do King Charles Spaniels have?

As King Charles spaniel dogs have a short span of life so that it has fewer chances of being seriously sick. He may face some minor health issues, for example; entropion, as patellar luxation. Someway he may have some serious health issues like as patellar luxation and canine hip dysplasia (CHD).

There are fewer chances for major diseases in King Charles spaniel dog. In this breed, a common health problem is their retinal dysplasia.

In some cases, we have seen several King Charles spaniel dogs as reducing their platelets number. It does not mean that reducing platelets number can reduce the chance of being sick. Therefore, cardiac, eye, knee and hip tests are prescribed by many vets. If you have a Charles king spaniel dog, then let him visit your family vet on a regular basis.

What are the grooming requirements of the Charles king spaniel?

Charles king spaniel is a heavy coated dog, but simply the coat of his is easy to groom. If you have a medium coated spaniel king dog then surely he will not need any heavy grooming duty of yours, although you can make his coat fluffy again with 10 minutes of brushing as per on your ease. When you brush his medium hair sized silky coat, then he sheds the dirt from his coat quickly. It sheds same as other dog breeds, nonetheless with the daily brushing you can fall all his dead hairs slightly. It means daily brushing your cavalier king dog can make your clothes, furniture, vehicle, and your bed its hair free.

As Charles king spaniel dog has healthy and long hairs, so they may have mats and tangle. For this heavy hair problem always use good quality dog grooming brushes. The hairs of spaniel’s tail, legs, ears, and belly called as feathering, if you want to make his feathering mat and tangle free then use brush your king spaniel twice a week, as they can be prevented from both these issues.

The place where mats and tangle could happen is behind the ears and starting of legs, where they meet with the body. Usage of stainless steel comb or slicker brush would make your dog’s hairs shiny and tangle free. So make sure next time when you go to the market then avoid the bristle brush instead of the slicker and stainless comb.

Do not worry for the trimming of your cavalier dog, because he does not need any regular trimming on a weekly or monthly basis, although he may need some trimming to make his standard level of the beauty. Dogs have smell always, and we cannot grab the smell of this dog properly.

Someway if you want to make your cavalier king with good smell, then you have to make him wash on two to four time in a week. Hair grooming is an essential requirement of this dog breed, along the hair grooming a Charles king spaniel will need ear cleaning (as per on the need), tooth brushing (twice a week), and occasionally nail cutting.

What are the diet requirements of Charles King Spaniel?

The health, life, weight, energy level and mentally strength of a dog totally depends on the diet of the dog. If you have a dog and you are feeding him in a proper way, then your dog could be shine and looks pretty all the time, whether if you have good breed original dog and your feeding way to your dog is not good and proper, then he could be seriously sick or die.

This is the rule of a carry pet dog that providing your dog proper food diet on the proper timing, and this same rule concerned with our dog, the Charles King Spaniel.

We all know that Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog is game loving dogs that require a high level of energy in their regular gaming activities.

This breed has a short life span so we should have to carry this breed with a proper diet chart and also we have to monitor their activities and health changes regularly. The food requirements of cavalier dogs depend on many real facts, such as his weight, energy level, his age, size and the food quality which you use to feed him.

According to the breeders and owner, there are three types of food which we can offer to the cavalier king Charles spaniel dog including; dry kibble, canned feed, and treats. We can adjust all these three food as per as on their hunger or need. Dry food is affordable and easy to buy.

You can feed dry kibble food to your king as per on the size like; if you have a dog with a weight of 13 to 18 pounds then feeding him dry food with the amount of 1 to 1.5 in a day. If we talk about the canned food, then canine food is the most favorite food type of any dog.

Someway every dog wants to have canine food, but this food type is quite expensive and not affordable for every owner. Canine food is a healthy and tasty food which also will be sufficient for your 13 to 18-pound dog about 1 cup or 1.5 in a day. You can mix canine food and dry food easily to offer your dog.

After canine food and dry food, it turns to feed your pet dog in the form of treats. Treating is a good habit of a trainer, or we can say that by treating a dog we can teach everything a dog in a dedicated way.

King Charles needs the high level of calorie treats as he is humble to increase the weight. Avoid treating him with boiled liver type cubes, making him rewarded by offering good food.

On the other side many dogs want small dry carrots, sweats, and crunchy wafers as a treat, but for balancing the health of your dog try to treat him by calorie food. Chocolate, dry nuts also one of the favorite food type of King Charles.


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