Russian Bear Dog

Russian Bear Dog – Caucasian Shepherd Complete Information

One of the threatening breeds of dogs in the world is Caucasian Shepherd or Caucasian Ovcharka. The common name of this breed is Russian bear dog. They are called toughest because of their fearless and brave attitude. However, they are proved as a reliable companion and protective member of their family.

they are known as Caucasian Ovcharka, Caucasian identifies the region they are originated from and Ovcharka means shepherd in Russia. This breed has recognized by UKC and AKC. This breed is famous for guarding and protecting sheep and properties. They were used as patrol dogs in Russian Army and still, they are using for this work.

History of the Russian Bear Dog

There are many different theories on the fact that from where this breed is exactly originated. It is still unknown that how and who developed this breed.

They came from the Caucasus region. Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia and southeastern Russia are included in this region.

Due to their protective nature, these dogs were used to assist shepherds to guard the sheep. They just protect sheep, unlike the other sheepdogs that herd sheep.

In the Caucasus region, the biggest threat to sheep is wolves so the Russian bear dog was big enough to take care of the sheep against this threat. Shepherds and Russian bear dogs mostly employed together for guarding purpose.

The Russian bear dogs are famous among people of the Caucasus region because this breed has proved themselves that they are very good at their job.

Many people used them as a guard for their family and now around every corner of the world, they are popular for their protecting skills and loyalty.

Russian bear dog is also known as Caucasian Orchavka.

Orchavka is a Russian Term meaning “shepherd dog” and Caucasian used as a birthplace of this breed.

This breed was fully recognized in the western world recently in 1996.

In the American kennel’s breed standard list, this breed’s country of origin is Russia that’s why Russian bear dog is the most commonly used name of this breed.

What kind of dog is a Russian Bear dog?

Well, some people want them as a family pet but a new or inexperienced owner is not feasible for this breed and they cannot be handled with such owners. Russian bear dog does best when they have a job to fulfill. The Russian bear dog lifespan is 10 to 11 years.

In the rough Caucasus mountain region, there is pretty much certainty that wild wolves and bears can harm families and properties.

The Russian bear dogs are watchful, agile and loyal and courageous enough to protect their homes and families. This is a family protector breed.

This massive breed is extremely provincial and they do not take their steps back while they are fighting even against giant bears or wolves.

If you have a question that what dog can take down a bear? So the Russian bear dog is one who can take down bears and wolves.

The Russian bear dogs characteristics are intelligent but persistent, their independent nature can create difficulties for owners to train them. They need to be under observation by an experienced trainer because suspicion nature towards strangers and other animals can create extra aggressiveness if they are alone.

Russian bear dogs are not a good choice for you if you are not an experienced dog owner. They are low energy dogs and larger in size that cannot be kept in an apartment with children.

They can be your lifelong companion provide proper training and socializing in an early age. They need a lot of attention, care, and love and then a reward will come back to you in the face of loyalty and protection.

Russian Bear Dog info

Working – Russian bear dog

As mentioned above that Russian bear dog loves to be busy and work something. They can play with safety if they are at their job.

They are a working dog, they need daily activities. This is the reason they have been using for protection of sheep in the Caucasian region. One of the main reasons to get a Russian Bear dog is to guard against the potential danger.

This potential danger is not related to any human but related to wolves and bears. In the Caucasian region, wolves used to take down unguarded sheep so Russian bear dogs got training for the protection.

They are the giant size dogs. They always work in a group of dogs to fight against the wolf.

Physical Appearance 

Within the Caucasian region this breed named as Caucasian Shepherd but in the West, they are also known as the Russian Bear Dog, because of their physical appearance. A Russian Bear dog has a big, powerful and muscular body.

They have deep oval-shaped dark eyes, round shaped cropped ears, and a long tail. Do you want to know what is a dog that looks like a teddy bear? Russian bear dog is one of the breeds that look like a teddy bear.

They have double water resistant coat that comes in grey, brindle, yellow, white, red and rust shades. The size of the coat may be larger or smaller depending on the particular region, a dog is from.

The actual Caucasian Ovcharka is the oldest breed of dog.usually, it is known that they are originated from the Caucasian region between the black and the Caspian Sea.

The giant Russian bear dogs were used to guard and protection of sheep. Russian bear hunting dogs are dangerous for bear and wolves.


In past times, when shepherd would have been raising their families in the Caucasian region where Russian Bear dogs were also present so they got good attitudes for kids.

Being a protective and guard dog, they are aggressive, stubborn but it could be controlled by proper training and socialize. This is why it is strongly recommended that an experienced owner should adopt Russian Bear dog otherwise they are very difficult to handle.

They have an independent attitude so they might not follow the instructions of the trainer or owner sometimes, it needs patience and extra care while they are being trained.

They could be close and love with their family but they are extremely dangerous for the intruders. Once they are trained, they can be your best companions and protector of your property, home, and family members.

They never mistrust a stranger. Russian bear dog can fight till the end of their last breath with bear and wolves; they don’t get backward during the fight.

This is the only dog-like creature that can come across with a wolf. More in urban settings, aggression could be controlled over the time of Russian bear dog puppy till its adulthood.

Socializing – Russian Bear dog

Well, the idea of raising any big or giant dog is definitely a bundle of responsibilities. A puppy can harm someone in sense of minor injury but a large dog like Russian bear dog can do much worse.

As an experienced owner, it is the responsibility of an owner to do whatever maximum could be done during their brought up and make them confident, calm and gentle in whatever possible extent.

The first thing that matters the most for their grooming and making them gentle is socialization. This will impact on your dog’s future temperament the most.

The purpose of socialization is to make your pup use to of other strange people and animals. In this way, you can also judge your pup’s fearless behavior at an early age that how he sees strangers?

This will lead you to pick the right methodology of socializing, training and other important stuff in your puppy’s brought up period.

Without knowing anyone your pup will take everyone in your circle as a threat but bringing him out repeatedly will boost its confidence which will help to make your puppy calmer.

Estimated size – Russian bear dog

As said earlier, these dogs are giant, measures differently by their gender. Expected Russian bear dog size including height and weight are as follows.

Height (at the shoulders)

Male                28 – 29 inches maximum and minimum 26.5 inches

Female             26 – 27 inches maximum and minimum 25 inches


Male                99 – 170 Pounds means more than 50kg

Female             99 pounds minimum means around 45kg

These estimations show that female Russian bear dogs are comparatively smaller than their male counterparts. They will still be big dogs and females are equally aggressive like a male.

Russian bear dog weight of a female is also less than male. Both male and female puppies can be dangerous once come in front of strangers.

Size of Russian Bear Dog

Russian bear dogs are large and agile. Their height and weight are more than any other breed of dog. They are the only one who can take down the bears and wolves. Russian bear dog size is as follow

Their height measuring at the shoulder approx 28 to 30 inches which means (58 – 76 cm)

The official weight recorded is from 99 to 170 pounds which mean around (50 to 77Kg)

These above sizes are the estimation on the basis of majority data received but some Russian bear dogs have been reported to grow even larger than this estimation. It has been reported that some of them grow to 200 pounds of weight which means 90 kg.

On the other side, female Russian bear dogs are a bit smaller than their male counterparts. Both male and female are said bigger dogs but in the comparison between their male and female gender, it has been noticed that females are bit shorter in height. The female height is approx. 22 to 26inches taller while the weight measuring is approx. 45kgs.

According to the AKC (American Kennel Club) breed standard, the male Russian bear dog should have at least 110 pounds of weight. It is important to keep in mind that female Russian bear dogs with puppies could be more dangerous because of the guarding and protective instincts towards her puppies.

Though the size is comparatively small than male but females Russian bear dog are equally dangerous and fearless when it comes to protecting.

russian bear dog weight and size

In the time of the Soviet communist era, Russian bear dogs were worked as the guarded prisoners of the Soviet camps. They were also served as a border patrol dog beside the Berlin wall.

This breed was extensively used by the Russian army. Their fearless and fighting nature makes them able to be given such difficult tasks alongside the army. Russian bear dog is the easy name of the Caucasian Shepherd.

Russian bear dogs – Characteristics

They are still employed in some earlier Soviet nations for dog combat. They are lately recognized by UKC and AKC and famous by both the Caucasian Shepherd and Caucasian Ovcharka names.

In the UnitedStates and Europe, they are being used as companions and family protector dogs.

Although they have strong abilities to fight against bear and wolves that’s the reason they have been used for guarding and protection purpose, they are soft and can be a good companion as well. If they are trained well by the trainer or owner so they will prove themselves best.

The Russian bear dog is a large, apprehensive and aggressive dog. They should not be adopted by a new owner because they are difficult to train and handle.

An experienced owner would be able to treat them the way they need. They require extensive attention, care and love for training and brought up.

They can be sometimes dangerous towards strange people or animals. If they are trained properly and socialized well during their puppyhood so the chances of their aggression could be less.

They are extremely protective and loyal towards their owner (if treated properly). They can stand by side of their owner to defend him till the end of any difficult situation. This breed has a temperament that best suits as a guard dog.

The common behavioral features of Russian bear dogs are

  • Watchful
  • Agile
  • Powerful
  • Dominant
  • Aggressive

Russian bear dog Size

The estimation could be given on the basis of research and factual reports but an actual size could be varied to the bloodline of the breed. There is a slight difference in weight and height of male and female Russian bear dog.

An estimated Russian bear dog weight is

Males               Minimum 110pounds means 50Kg

Females           Minimum 99  pounds means 45Kg


An estimated height of both male and female Russian bear dog is


Males(at the shoulder)                        28 to 29 inches, minimum 26.5 inches

Females(at the shoulder)         26 to 27 inches, minimum 25    inches


Pros and Cons of adopting a Russian Bear Dog


Here are some of the facts that should be considered while you are planning to adopt a Russian bear dog.


  • Great protective dogs
  • Beautiful and attractive looks
  • Very loyal to their owner
  • Very intelligent
  • They are generally lovable towards kids.
  • They are mostly healthy
  • Easy to groom


  • Not recommended inexperienced owners and families
  • Extremely aggressive nature for strangers
  • Proper training is must and difficult to train and handle
  • Cannot keep in an apartment due to their large size

Health of Russian Bear Dogs

Russian bear dogs are generally healthy except few cases that can get hip or elbow dysplasia. The life expectancy of Russian bear dog is 12 years.

As they are surely medically fit, this is the reason they have been used for working on difficult field jobs. While in the process of adopting a Russian bear dog, health is for sure an important aspect that should be taken into consideration.

Find a breeder that can provide your complete medical history of the puppy along with all medical documents. They do not require an excessive exercise because they are moderately active dogs but the regular walk would fulfill their daily exercise needs. It is a must that parents of the newborn puppy should be tested properly to find any disease in them.

Russian Bear Dog training

If you want your dog to obey you so training is the most important factor that plays an essential role. There are lots of evidence that have been witnessing over the years that initial training can make your dog best companion.

Your dog listens to you and follows the instructions of an owner.

The dog will be willing to play and obey its owner or trainer if the training is proper.

You need to train your dog with patience, a punishment could affect adversely on your dog. he might be stubborn or aggressive and could harm you.

Because a dog is an animal and sometimes be very moody, can refuse your voice but there is no need to hit your dog.

The best methodology should be positive reinforcement-based training. It will give you positive and faster results, your dog will not get nervous.

In positive reinforcement, you would appreciate your dog on his acts he is doing with pleasure or while he is learning anything from you. Appreciation could be shown by anything your dog likes the most.

Exercises and Activities Requirements

Unlike another breed of dogs, this breed is not very active for daily tasks and activities. Although, this is important for every dog to do exercises to stay fit and healthy.

For Russian ber dog, walk of an hour would be enough. This duration will fulfill their exercise need.

Keep in mind that your Russian bear dog should be in rope or leash because you don’t know when they can get aggressive.

If you have a doubt that you cannot control your Russian bear dog by a rope or leash so it is better to make them exercise or walk within your backyard. It should be 6 feet taller or more. Due to their large size, it might be difficult to control them even on a leash.

Try to arrange obstacles or barriers in your backyard for their exercises. This is the best way to relate with Russian bear dog and their exercises.

They are intelligent dogs so they can learn easily, don’t get them bore otherwise they could be dangerous. The regular walk can fulfill their need for physical activity.

Diet or Food– Russian Bear Dog

Although the expected life of Russian bear dog is 11 years it also depends on the health. Health directly depends on the diet you provide to your dog. So, diet is another important factor that impacts on your dog’s life directly.

For at least 2 years, they need puppy food. You need to take a very close look at the ingredients while you are buying puppy food for your dog.

Most of the diet depends on the puppy food you are providing to your dog till 2 years. Of course, they need high-quality food.

It should be in the right quantity balanced with calcium and calories. During their puppy-hood they should get more calcium because of their giant size, otherwise, they can get early diseases like hip or elbow dysplasia.

One of the main things needs to take into consideration that a puppy should take its time for growing. This process should not be so fast because a slow-growing will make sure that everything is developing properly. Calcium, calories and other nutrition should be supply in proper quantity not less or more.

Health problems – Russian Bear Dog

The Russian bear dog is a healthy breed. They are strong dogs and does not come with any health issues. Some may have hip or elbow dysplasia, obesity, and heart problems but the majority are generally fine. They keep healthy if they are being cared for properly. Choose wise breeder, a good breeder test the breed to avoid the chances of any diseases in puppy.

Cost of Russian bear dogs

Well, the price mostly depends on some factors including breeders’ reputation and location, breed popularity, litter size, how breeder keep and maintain puppies, healthy and vaccinated puppies.

so if you are looking for the price of Russian Bear Dog then here are few details you must know to get it before.

If you ask how much is a Russian Caucasian mountain dog? The answer will be, Russian bear dog price approx. $1500 to $2000.

Russian Bear Dog Puppy hood info

Russian Bear Dog – Puppy Hood Details

This breed was originated in the Caucasus mountain region. This region consists of several countries including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and southeastern Russia.

This is a mountain region which means the area has hills.

Russian bear dogs were bred because of their Protective and guarding nature. They were used to guard sheep against wolves and bears which were widely spread in that hill area.

They used to work in a team when it is needed to face danger and this is the only breed who can take down the bear and wolves. They were bred to be large enough to take the dangerous situations.

They never take their steps back while fighting till the end.

On the other hand, they are loyal too and can be a good companion. They never leave their owner alone in the difficult situation and survive till the very end of the situation.

Characteristics of Russian bear dog

This breed is more aggressive and difficult to handle and train. An inexperienced owner should not adopt Russian bear dog because they tend to be more stubborn and reactive towards strangers.

However, socialization and proper training can minimize the risk of their anger. A female Russian bear dog with her puppies could be more dangerous for strangers because of her maternal instincts of protection.

In Russia, they are called Caucasians Ovcharka which denotes the region and Ovcharka means shepherd. They are now popular in the world and recognized by AKC and UKC.

In Europe and USA, they are used as a protective member of family or companionship. They are good at guarding job and can prove themselves best for their owner if they are trained well.

Russian Bear Dog Puppy

Of course, it is exciting and fun to have a new puppy in the home. especially, when you are going to adopt a mysterious breed like the Russian Bear Dog.

as mentioned before, they are difficult to handle so you just need to treat them with extra care, love, and attention during their puppyhood. Once you give them what they need, they will become according to you. They will be loyal, lovable towards the family.

Initially, an owner needs to have patience because sometimes a Russian bear dog puppy can refuse to learn, obey you or do whatever he wants to do. For longterm results, patience will help you to find your pup exactly the way you treat him, the first time.

Puppyhood details

Try to find a good breeder once you decide that you are going to adopt a Russian bear dog.  you might find a puppy in a cheap price but it is not recommended to adopt a puppy who is not checked medically and not vaccinated.

A good breeder is mandatory in the process of adopting a puppy. A breeder should provide complete documents of medical history and reports of puppy’s bloodline.

How to handle a puppy initially?

Once you adopt a puppy, you need to take your puppy to vet for a routine check-up to make sure that your puppy is medically fit and healthy. Find a proper diet and ask a nutritionist about the best and healthy food for your Russian bear dog puppy.

They do not need excessive exercises because they are moderately active dogs. The regular walk would be enough for your puppy’s regular activity.


Russian Bear Dog Price

Russian Bear Dog Price

This breed devised in the Caucasus mountain region and more than one or two countries are included in this region. Russian bear dogs were initially used for guarding sheep herds against wolves and bears.

The Caucasus mountain region includes Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia and southeastern Russia.

Russian Bear dogs are brave, watchful, agile and alert, this is the reason they were used for protecting and guarding.

By the time this breed has spread throughout the world, Russian Bear dogs have given different names which are,

The Ovcharka means Shepherd and Caucasian notifies the region they are originated from. In the UKC, Russian bear dog has registered as Caucasian Ovcharka while in AKC, they are registered as the Caucasian Shepherd Dog.

Russian bear dog is the common name of Caucasian Ovcharka dog breed.

Cost of Russian Bear Dogs

The price usually varies on the basis of some important factors including the popularity of the breed, breeder’s reputation and location, how the puppies are kept by the breeder, vaccinated and medically fit pups, litter size.

The Russian Bear dogs are big and unique for the work they are entitled to. They are famous for the fearless behavior and they never come back first during the fight.

This is the only breed of dog that is too much strong and brave that can face wolves and bears. Not just can face but also can take down the wolves and bears.

These all points make them expensive to buy. They are not just expensive in terms of buying but keeping them, train them and grooming is also time taking but worthy.

For the breeding purposes, they are more expensive than those who are used for protection and adopt as pets. You may find a puppy as low as $500 but this might not check medically and not vaccinated which is not recommended.

If you are searching a high-quality Russian bear dog puppy for breeding purpose then the cost could be around $4000. However, the average Russian bear dog price is $2000


The best thing about the Russian bear dog is that they shed less to a moderate level. They have a long and double coat which could be difficult to handle.

Grooming depends on the season and the fur. Most dogs need more grooming in spring when they shed their winter coat.

The Russian bear dog has short fur so brushing twice or thrice a week would be enough. Those dogs that have longer fur, they need brushing on daily basis.

Bathing is not a necessity for them; you can give them a bath only when it is needed. Russian bear dog should never be shaved. If you do not have time to groom your dog then you must take him or her to the groomer.

Their double coat makes them cooler in summer and heated in winter so shaving is really not an option for them. If the coat becomes twisted to it is important to make it untwist or untangled as soon as possible.

Russian Bear Dog for Sale

Russian Bear Dog for sale

The common name of this breed is Russian Bear Dog but they are famous by the name Caucasian Orchavka. Caucasian is a region that includes more than two countries and this region has mountains and hilly plains. However, Orchavka is a Russian name which means shepherd dog.

This Caucasian mountain region includes Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia where from this breed was originated.

They were hired by the Soviet Army of Russia as patrol dogs and they were used to serve for guarding the properties and sheep. Though the region has plain hills and mountains, so wolves and bears could be found in the majority.

Breed Recognition

This breed has standardized completely by famous kennels like UKS and AKC.

Russian bear dogs were recognized by Europe and USA in nearly 1996 which is considered most recent. Now, Russian bear dog’s love is also reaching to the eastern part of the world. as the region has included many countries so the history of Russian bear dogs is not limited to one state.


They are larger and muscular body dogs. Their head is bigger than any other breed of dogs. As mentioned above, they were used for guarding and protecting purpose, this is mainly because of their giant and agile body.

Also, they are aggressive in nature. They could be stubborn even with their owners and sometimes do not listen to the instructions of the owner.


Russian bear dog for sale


They are not easy to handle for an inexperienced owner.

Proper training and early socialization are two important factors in their brought up period. If an owner invested its energy and time during their brought up so they will prove themselves a best and loyal companion.

How can you buy or adopt Russian bear dogs?

There are many places in today’s times where you can find Russian bear dogs for sale. There are some patterns and factors that need to be evaluated once you are ready to adopt a Russian bear dog puppy.

Find a breeder who is famous for its training, who keeps puppies with care, breeder’s reputation is a most important point to check. Ask all medical documents of puppy and descendants history from a breeder and if he fails to provide you with all such set of documents and information then quit that breeder.

Where can you Find a Puppy at what Price?

You may find this breed in Eastern Europe and in good condition around 600 US dollars. The transport fee can be high up to 3,000 US dollars.

In the UK, you can find this breed in around 1,200 to 6,000 sterling.

While in the US, this breed should be offered between $1,200 to$14,000. The average pup could get in around$1200 to $3000 but if in case you want a high-quality puppy or for breeding purpose then the cost will be high.

In Moscow Russia, Russian Bear Dogs are cheaper with a very good purebred history and the cost ranges from $450 to $850. While in the USA, puppies without proper documentation could be sold in around $500 to $800 which is not recommended.

Russian Dog That Hunts Bears

Russian dog that hunts bears

This breed was originated in Caucasus Mountains region. This region is the hometown of Russian bear dogs, bears, and wolves. Russian bear dogs are also called Caucasus Shepherd.

These dogs were used for hunting bears. Bears are dangerous for sheep and Russian bear dogs were bred to guard and protect the sheep against wolves and bears.

They were famous as Russian dog that hunts bears. This breed has also recognized by UKC and AKC and the popular names of this breed are Caucasus ShepherdCaucasus Ovcharka in the USA and Europe.

In the US and Europe, Russian bear dogs are used for guarding or companionship.

They are best companions if trained well. As the breed is recognized now, so the kennels standardized the breed in all manners.

Russian dogs – the real hunters

There is a term “used to hunt bears” specified for Russian bear dogs. As mentioned above they were bred for doing this hunting job. They are larger and stronger and can stand against bears and wolves.

However, Russian bear dogs come for the fight in a team mostly. They look like bears that’s why they are named as Russian bear dogs. They can be dangerous for bears and threatened them.

Once they are available to accompany their owner against any dangerous counterpart, they don’t take their step back till the end.

During the war and other times, this breed was used as service dogs by Soviet Army of Russia. They are versatile in their job of guarding and protecting.

Knowing their power and aggressive attitude, the Soviet Army used to train them for the military. Russian bear dogs are responsible towards their owners and they can be proved well for their trainer or owner if they are being kept in an attentive, caring and loving environment.

Appearance and Personality

They have a strong muscular body with heavy bones. The weight measurement of Russian bear dog is about 190 pounds or more and they can be taller till 6 feet.

The height is measured at the shoulder. Their heads are usually larger than any other breed of dogs. They have deep and oval shaped eyes in brown color and dropped ears. They look aggressive as they are in nature.

They are double coated which helps them to be warmer in winter and cooler in summers.

Coats color could be choco brown, reddish, grey and fawn. The coat is also thick.  They shed low to moderate and need to brush only twice a week. They do not need regular bathing. However, you can give them a bath only when necessary.

They can behave very weird in front of strangers. For stable behavior, they need to be trained properly and well. Early socialization is very important in their puppyhood.

Females Russin bear dogs are slightly smaller than male Russian bear dogs but they could be equally dangerous if they are with their puppies because of the caring mother instincts.

They are not easy for a new owner, only experience owner can handle them. They need excessive care, love, and attention.

Do not let them alone for a longer duration as they can be more aggressive. They can be defensive against any strange animal or strange people so they need a proper and frequent meet up to know the difference between regular people and when to be protective.

Russian Bear Dog Breeders


Do you know any big and beautiful dog crossbreed which is entirely unique from others? Russian bear dog is the hybrid breed which is quite familiar due to its beauty, bear-like looks, fluffy coat and biggest size. Yes, this is the hybrid dog breed which exactly resembles to bear.

This crossbreed has two exclusive breeds which are bear and Russian dog breed. Russian bear dogs are typically known as the Caucasian Shepherd due to its good characteristics

The Russian Bear Dog’s origin is related to Caucasus mountain region; there these dogs were mainly used to protect sheep herds from predators that comprise of packs of bears and wolves. Therefore, today we can better define this breed as the super fearlessness, protective and sheer power breed as compared to other dog’s breeds.

This is the breed very much known all over the world, so it was given various names which include:

  • Caucasian Mountain Shepherd
  • Caucasian Mountain Dog
  • Caucasian Shepherd
  • Caucasian Ovcharka
  • Caucasian Shepherd Dog

The Russian bear dog is registered with the name of Caucasian Ovcharka in the United Kennel Club (UKC) on the other hand; the American Kennel Club (AKC) refers this breed as the Caucasian Shepherd Dog.

Characteristics of Russian bear dogs

  • Russian bear dogs are huge in size officially they measure around 25 to 30 inches right from the shoulders, according to reports these may be even larger. These dogs’ weight ranges from 100 to 170 pounds as well as some of them grow up to 200 lbs.
  • Russian bear female dogs are bit smaller than males but they are still big dogs as well as both males and females are highly aggressive towards strangers. However, Russian bear female dogs are more dangerous as they impulsively protect their puppies.
  • These dogs are greatly active and this quality makes them good working dogs
  • Russian bear dogs are great guard dog due to their alertness feature
  • Caucasian shepherds are very concerned and loving for their close family
  • These are aggressive and suspicious towards strangers
  • Along with all harsh features, Russian bear dog is extremely loyal to its owner and it has all the ability to stand by till the end and protect the owner more than its life
  • They are powerful, strong, quick, alert and dominant although calm is also the best feature of this breed
  • They can live over 12 years however with few health risks

Russian bear dogs breeders

It is crucial to find a reputable breeder when you want to buy Russian bear dog. Russian bear dog breed is a very recognized breed in the west for so long, therefore finding a trustworthy breeder is not that much difficult.

However, to find a right breeder is always enough challenge. A right breeder must produce certificates for both parent’s eye exams and hip scores.

A good breeder will surely ask you to see the parents to estimate their general health, appearance, and temperament. While the parents will not act over friendly but they should be calm and comfortable with a stranger’s presence, this will show clear bonding with owners.


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