Dachshund lab mix

Dachshund Lab Mix –History,Characteristics and Temperament


Dachshund lab mix is also referred as doxidor or weinerdor or dachsador. This is an exclusive but interesting hybrid of two dogs that are totally different from each other.

One dog breed amongst these two is long or short while the other breed is relatively tall. Dachshund lab mixes are the dogs which wanderer, playful, attentive, friendly, energetic, affectionate without non-sense character.

Hunting instinct is in their genetics from dachshund as well as rescuing is also the instinct from Labrador. Their actions are more likely to compare as a lap dog.

All about Dachshund Lab Mix – Dachsador

Dachshund lab mixes are developed from the famous dog breeds Labrador retriever and dachshund. Dachsadors are highly motivated and energetic while their history is unidentified.

However, some believed that this crossbreed was designed to help decrease several diseases from parent breeds. These dogs are lively and win the family’s heart with their active personality and eager disposition.

Golden Retriever Husky Mix

Dachsador is proved to be a wonderful companion which surely the cause of the increase in popularity. These dogs are not an irritant barker.

Healthy wiry coat of dog from this breed provide easy caring routine. These dogs have relatively high or moderate energy levels which surely will need an active daily routine with exercise.

If you are one, want to adopt a dachshund lab mix then you should expect these factors.

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What can new owners expect?

The hybrid mix breed dog Dachshund Lab Mix is resulting from breeding the Labrador retriever and dachshund. This breed is not just exclusive but friendly as well.

These dogs are of good size and good temperament. They have a height of around 22 to 25 inches to the shoulder while the weight of mostly dogs lies between 55 to 79 lb. This breed has the lifespan of around 10 to 14 years.

However, two parent breeds are the most contrasting dogs in which it is almost impossible to predict result although one can make presumptions.

There are a few expect athletic dog along with features and face of dachshund and a Labrador on tiny legs. However, the reality may not usually same like that though sometimes genetic mixes proved wrong.

But if we see the larger picture; the genetic mixes offered some best breed dogs. In this guide, we will explain researched and well-observed dachshund lab mix’s personality, temperament, activity, requirements, etc.

Features of Dachshund Lab Mix

  • Appearance

There is not any set standard associated with this breed it varies and depends on litter the most. The dog of this breed has rough, wiry, dense and water repellent which inherited from a dachshund.

Dachshund Lab Mix

The dog has tall body same as a dachshund. Dachsador’s eyes are mostly seen as dark brown while the small build is operational for herding.

His coat color varies from brown, chocolate brown, yellow and black. With pointy muzzle, the dog has small and angled ears. The dog has athletic, muscular body although the short legs stand on his chest.

  • Personality – Temperament

This breed is friendly and very loving to their owners; the dog has the much pleasant temperament and caring personality.

The dog loves to spend joyful time with the loving members of the family. The dog does not want to be left alone at home for so long this may cause them suffer from separation anxiety.

These dogs are more socialized and prefer to be with the people and like to take part in activities. This breed is intelligent, so training for new owners should be relatively easy. These dogs are the best companion, and they like to spend lots of time with the owner or family members.


  • Exercise – Activity Requirement

These dogs are fine with all weathers and love to go outside no matter what is the weather outside. But for safety, it is better to give them extra warmth like coat or sweater in winters.

They are eager to greet and meet they need least two walks in a whole day. They can better show their intelligence in obedience class, these are hunters and diggers and like to continue chasing if they found anything interesting. Therefore a house with a safe yard is ideal for this breed.

  • Health – Health Issues

Genetic health problems are the truth of all dogs like all breeds are susceptible to some health issues more than others. As like their ancestors they are likely to weight gain, back problems, and skin problems/allergies.  However, the honest and reputable breeder can help you better with a health guarantee on puppies.

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What are the requirements for Dachshund Lab Mix?


This breed does shed, but it is not the matter of concern. Mainly, lab sheds like hell. You need to stay on the top to brush off coat well.

Throughout a year your dog shed, and you need to pay extra attention if you want to keep your floor clean. Proper bathing will help you in this matter but do not give them so much bath it cause their skin dry. The good vacuum cleaner will help you clean your floors.

Exercise requirement

As compared to other dogs dachshund lab mix needs some exercise or activity.  As they are moderate energy dogs, do not leave your dog outside, this is unfair to them. You should take them on long walks one to two times in a day or hikes to keep your dog’s energy level down. This is a family dog but not good for couch feeding they need activity with their loved ones.

Training requirements

This breed should be an easy dog to train because both breeds is highly intelligent and friendly. They were bred for activity or work and to please or protect human companions.

Positive support and good comments are requirements of all dogs. Praise them for good deeds, these dogs love to please their family and like physical challenges. Proper and regular exercise will make them easier to be trained. You should take them to doggy daycare and parks to get them in the surrounding of many people.

Dachshund Lab Mix Puppy – History and Characteristics


The Dachshund lab mix Puppy is not a purebred dog, it is the hybrid or cross between the two unique but known dog breed Dachshund and Labrador Retriever.

Dachshund lab mixes are also known as Doxidor, dachsador, and weinerdor. Both dog breeds are very different from each other this is why known as a most unusual hybrid.

The one dog breed is short to long but the other dog breed is tall in stature. However, the best way to determine the temperament of Dachshund lab mix puppy is to look up both breeds in the cross.

It is also important in a cross or mix breed that you can get any combination of characteristics usually found in dog breed parent. Also in mix dog breed the one breed usually dominate the characteristics of another breed, but it is sometimes easy to predict or breeders have a better idea about the factors of mix breed.

Usually, it has seen that Dachshund lab mix is playful, attentive, friendly, energetic, wanderer, affectionate without non-sense factor. They have genetics and instinct of hunting from dachshund while saving instinct from Labrador. These are cute dogs and act like a lap dog.


History of Dachshund Lab Mix


In the brief history of Dachshund lab mix, its origin is still unknown although different breeder acclaim these originated from Australia or North America, officially origin is unknown.

However, people believe that hybrid breed was established in the result of designer dog trends, the trends have appeared in last two decades.

Similarly, the Dachshund lab mix was developed by the cross or bred together with Labrador retriever and dachshund.


Characteristics of Dachshund lab mix 

The Dachshund lab mix puppies are motivated and energetic. This cross breed’s history or origin is unknown for all, as people believe that hybrid breed was initially started to reduce health risks and health diseases in parent breeds.  The Dachsador is a lively canine which wins the hearts of all family members’ even kids due to its active personality and eager disposition.


Dachshund lab mix is surely a wonderful companion which sure to increase in popularity in coming days. These crossbreed dogs are not really a nuisance barker, although they are a little reserved with strangers.

These dogs have usually high energy levels and strength, therefore, they require proper regular exercise in daily routine. They are lively and friendly in nature also their short and wiry coat requires low yet easy maintenance in daily routine. These dogs are easy and fun to live with.

Quick requirements and concerns of Dachshund lab mix 

  • These dogs are active and carried great energy levels so they need proper regular exercise in daily routine
  • They have a pleasant temperament and caring personality
  • They are good diggers and hunters
  • The Dachsador male dog has a height of average 15 to 25 inches while the weight lies between 30 to 40 lbs
  • The female dogs have an average height of 15 to 25 inches whereas the average weight is 30 to 40 lbs.
  • Their major health concern is hip dysplasia where none of the minor concern is recorder
  • These dogs have occasional diagnoses of diseases like epilepsy and eye problems.

Dachshund Lab Mix Weight


There are three other names of Lab Dachshund Mix which areDachsador, Doxidor, and Weiner dog. This is an unusual hybrid of two dogs which are completely different from each other.

Dachsador is known for attentive, joyful, affectionate, friendly and energetic characteristics. This mix breed is a cross between Dachshund and Labrador Retriever. Lab retriever is one of the famous breeds of Canada. They are usually not taller.

  • Appearance and Behavior – Dachsador

The height of lab retriever is approx 21.5 to 24.5 inches at the shoulder and their weight is usually between 55 to 80 pounds. They come in a variety of coat colors like yellow, black and chocolate brown. They have hard coat body, wide head, shiny eyes, thick and pointed tail.

The Dachshund mix has both breeds temperament and looks including height and weight. It is not certain in any mixed breed that what characteristics will the offsprings have when they are mature. They either get a combination characteristics of both parents or you can find all features of either breed in your mix breed pup.

Both Dachsador and lab are friendly in nature. They like to socialize and get along with all family members. One thing is most important for lab retriever is this dog requires excessive exercise like swimming, games and jogging to keep it mentally and physically fit.

  • Health issues – Dachsador


The most considerable health issues of Dachshund lab mix is their weight. Dachshund lab mix weight is difficult to take on the top. Both Dachshund and Labrador Retriever are capable to gain weight, you need to struggle on Labrador as when it should stop eating. The risk of being fat is there for both of the breeds.

This risk could be shifter in their offsprings, so it is very important to provide them with a healthy and balanced diet along with physical exercises.  Most of the puppies with shorter legs get weight and this put the stress on their small limbs which is not good for their growth. The only way to minimize this trait is to take care of the diet and exercises.

The life expectancy of this breed is around 12 to 14 years with high potential. Apart from Dachshund lab mix weight problem, they are also likely to have skin and back problems. Choose a reputable breeder while purchasing a Dachshund lab mix pup to avoid any chance of inherent diseases.

  • Size and Weight – Dachsador

The expected size of Dachshund lab mix is one foot and some inches. Dachshund lab mix weight is not expected. Being an owner you need to take care of its diet if you keep them stay indoors for a longer time and allow them to eat a lot of food so they can be overweight. You need to keep an eye on their weight because it is very important to stop them to eat excessively.

The ideal height of Dachshund lab mix is 15 to 25 inches and weight should be 30 to 40 pounds.It is known for Dachshund that it has a longer body than its height. But in mix breed puppies get genetical factors from both parents either it is body’s weight and height or looks, and behavior.


Dachshund lab Mix Adoption


Dachshund Lab Mix

Dachshund lab mix is a fun loving dog, they can make a good companion and loyal family pet. They have strong and long bodies with short height limbs.

They can have skin and back problems. It is necessary while you are in the process of dachshund lab mix adaption, to choose a reputable breeder who should be registered with government health organizations. Because of the short limbs, jumping from furniture, crossing high hurdles and even excessive use of stairs would not be a good exercise for them.

According to the behavior, body structure and other living characteristics of Dachshund lab mix, they are good for your family if your children are above 12 of age.

Dachshund lab mix or any other mix breed could sometime behave stubbornly but all in all, they are an iron-willed hunting dog.

Tips for adoption a dachshund lab mix

You may find little cute and adorable puppies of dachshund lab mix adoption who would be around 11 weeks old. These are offered by reputable breeders and rescued from an animal shelter. So they are being treated under professional trainer of dogs. Also, they have gone through by all medical checks along with DNA tests to confirm the breed of parents.

For dachshund lab mix adoption, it is very important to ask all the documents of pup including medical test reports to make sure that the pup has no inherent disease and it’s completely fit to take home.  there are several websites available where you can submit an application for dachshund lab mix adoption. It is a very easy process, once your application approved then you can also meet the pup. The adoption fee for the current year up till is approx $250 to $300 in California.

What suits your home, a puppy or should you adopt an adult dog?

Dachshund Lab Mix

Any pet does not suitable for every home. you should evaluate the do’s and don’t’s before you make an adoption of any pet for your family. If you live single then the evaluation points would totally be different and if you have children in your family then it should be evaluated accordingly.

Mix breed like Dachshunds lab mix is not an ideal pet for apartments. They need to run, hunt badgers which cannot be done in an apartment.

While you are giving training to your  Dachshunds lab mix puppy, try to limit your pup to other living objects of your home like birds, hamsters or ferrets. Your pup can be harmful to them.

  • Do not adopt a puppy if you really value your possessions because they love to chew and give a bite to every second object of your home.
  • Do not own a puppy if you are a frequent traveler and cannot take your puppy with you, because your puppy needs to be taken out after every two hours for a pee or potty.
  • If you have children who are more than 7 or 8 years old so this is the best pet for your home. Puppy needs an attention and children are the ones who mostly spends time with their home pet.


Black lab dachshund mix puppies sale


Dachshund Lab Mix

Black lab dachshund mix puppies sale

Who are Labradors?

This is one of a famous dog breed. They are also popular worldwide for sporting and working dog breed. Labrador retriever is a good companion dog.

Their friendly and loyal nature makes them favorite among dog owners and they also considered as the best dog breed. They required more training and rooming than other dogs but once they trained well, they are brilliant with kids and strangers.

The black color is most commonly found in Labradors but that does not mean that they have not any other color. They are also born in yellow and chocolate brown color. The genetics days that the maximum quantity of black labradors is born than any other color. There is also a collation of black and brown color in the labroadors coat.

What is Dachshund?

Coming towards Dachshund breed, they are short heighted dogs with 9 inch of average height. They have a dense body and the weight could be up to 30 pounds. Their body is longer than their height. They like to hunt creatures who live in tunnels like rabbit, hamsters and ferrets. The energy level is moderate but they are friendly with family members. They are considered good home pets.

Black lab dachshund mix

This mix breed is not a purebred dog. they can have the different characteristics of either parent or may have complete characteristics of one parent. This cannot be predicted that a puppy will get more behavioral characteristics of one parent or 50/50 from both parents.

Tips for buying a dachshund mix puppy

You can find a variety of cute little and adorable black lab dachshund mix puppies sale who have been checked by all medical tests. You need to ask for all documents including test reports like DNA of parents to confirm the breed of parents and other medical reports to make sure that the puppy has no inborn disease.

Make sure to find a reputable breeder who can provide all these documents related to puppy’s health. If the breeder is unable to provide you all this then do not believe such fake breeders. The puppies are normally 11 weeks old, checked medically, have vaccinations done by a vet. A good breeder also gives them training.

The charges normally incurred around $250 to $500 in all such process of buying which includes all these documents ready and puppy’s vaccinations and check-ups. There are many breeders available online, where you can send your application for adoption.

You can also find a black lab dachshund mix puppies sale on different websites but here you need to evaluate the best and reliable one.

Some breeders are specialized for some crossbreds because it is somehow difficult to manage several crossbreds at one time. Its also good to have a breeder having complete knowledge of particular breed as per its potential. the best breeder is someone who can get the knowledge by seeing the parent dogs.

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