Dachshund lab mix

Dachshund Lab Mix – What Dog Owners Can Expect?

What is Dachshund lab mix?

Dachshund lab mix is also referred as doxidor or weinerdor or dachsador. This is an exclusive but interesting hybrid of two dogs that are totally different from each other.

One dog breed amongst these two is long or short while the other breed is relatively tall. Dachshund lab mixes are the dogs which wanderer, playful, attentive, friendly, energetic, affectionate without non-sense character.

Hunting instinct is in their genetics from dachshund as well as rescuing is also the instinct from Labrador. Their actions are more likely to compare as a lap dog.

All about dachshund lab mix – dachsador

Dachshund lab mixes are developed from the famous dog breeds Labrador retriever and dachshund. Dachsadors are highly motivated and energetic while their history is unidentified.Features of dachshund lab mix

However, some believed that this crossbreed was designed to help decrease several diseases from parent breeds. These dogs are lively and win the family’s heart with their active personality and eager disposition.

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Dachsador is proved to be a wonderful companion which surely the cause of the increase in popularity. These dogs are not an irritant barker.

Healthy wiry coat of dog from this breed provide easy caring routine. These dogs have relatively high or moderate energy levels which surely will need an active daily routine with exercise.

If you are one, want to adopt a dachshund lab mix then you should expect these factors.

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What can new owners expect?

The hybrid mix breed dog Dachshund Lab Mix is resulting from breeding the Labrador retriever and dachshund. This breed is not just exclusive but friendly as well.

These dogs are of good size and good temperament. They have a height of around 22 to 25 inches to the shoulder while the weight of mostly dogs lies between 55 to 79 lb. This breed has the lifespan of around 10 to 14 years.

However, two parent breeds are the most contrasting dogs in which it is almost impossible to predict result although one can make presumptions.

There are a few expect athletic dog along with features and face of dachshund and a Labrador on tiny legs. However, the reality may not usually same like that though sometimes genetic mixes proved wrong.

But if we see the larger picture; the genetic mixes offered some best breed dogs. In this guide, we will explain researched and well-observed dachshund lab mix’s personality, temperament, activity, requirements, etc.

Features of Dachshund Lab Mix

  • Appearance

There is not any set standard associated with this breed it varies and depends on litter the most. The dog of this breed has rough, wiry, dense and water repellent which inherited from a dachshund.Features of dachshund lab mix

The dog has tall body same as a dachshund. Dachsador’s eyes are mostly seen as dark brown while the small build is operational for herding.

His coat color varies from brown, chocolate brown, yellow and black. With pointy muzzle, the dog has small and angled ears. The dog has athletic, muscular body although the short legs stand on his chest.

  • Personality – Temperament

This breed is friendly and very loving to their owners; the dog has the much pleasant temperament and caring personality.

The dog loves to spend joyful time with the loving members of the family. The dog does not want to be left alone at home for so long this may cause them suffer from separation anxiety.

These dogs are more socialized and prefer to be with the people and like to take part in activities. This breed is intelligent, so training for new owners should be relatively easy. These dogs are the best companion, and they like to spend lots of time with the owner or family members.


  • Exercise – Activity Requirement

These dogs are fine with all weathers and love to go outside no matter what is the weather outside. But for safety, it is better to give them extra warmth like coat or sweater in winters.

They are eager to greet and meet they need least two walks in a whole day. They can better show their intelligence in obedience class, these are hunters and diggers and like to continue chasing if they found anything interesting. Therefore a house with a safe yard is ideal for this breed.

  • Health – Health Issues

Genetic health problems are the truth of all dogs like all breeds are susceptible to some health issues more than others. As like their ancestors they are likely to weight gain, back problems, and skin problems/allergies.  However, the honest and reputable breeder can help you better with a health guarantee on puppies.

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What are the requirements for Dachshund Lab Mix?


This breed does shed, but it is not the matter of concern. Mainly, lab sheds like hell. You need to stay on the top to brush off coat well.

Throughout a year your dog shed, and you need to pay extra attention if you want to keep your floor clean. Proper bathing will help you in this matter but do not give them so much bath it cause their skin dry. The good vacuum cleaner will help you clean your floors.

Exercise requirement

As compared to other dogs dachshund lab mix needs some exercise or activity.  As they are moderate energy dogs, do not leave your dog outside, this is unfair to them. You should take them on long walks one to two times in a day or hikes to keep your dog’s energy level down. This is a family dog but not good for couch feeding they need activity with their loved ones.

Training requirements

This breed should be an easy dog to train because both breeds is highly intelligent and friendly. They were bred for activity or work and to please or protect human companions.

Positive support and good comments are requirements of all dogs. Praise them for good deeds, these dogs love to please their family and like physical challenges. Proper and regular exercise will make them easier to be trained. You should take them to doggy daycare and parks to get them in the surrounding of many people.


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