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Is Miniature German Shepherd Really A Different Breed Or not?

You probably have heard about the breed known as a miniature German shepherd, do you think they are purebred dogs? And they are similar to German shepherd breed?

In this article, you will find all the answers about miniature German shepherd, conspiracies related to this breed and information regarding miniature German shepherd.

Is miniature German shepherd a purebred dog?

The simple answer is no, the miniature German shepherd is not at all a purebred dog. This is an unregistered breed that is not at acknowledged by American kennel club.

Designers dogs are the profitable business for breeders and breeders usually sale miniature German shepherd as a false breed of dog. German shepherd crosses with other same breeds such as poodles, fox terriers, and border collies to get a smaller breed of a German shepherd or miniature german shepherd.

Miniature German Shepherd

People mention miniature german shepherd or Alsatian because they are referring the dog breed which has similar appearance and temperament to german shepherd but they are smaller in size. Because of the smaller size, they are probably termed as lapdogs.

Having said that we need to mention here the conspiracy that some breeders claim this is the rarest breed thus they tagged them highest prices. There is not any breed named as miniature German shepherd exist this can be a crossbreed.

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The reality of Miniature German shepherd

The miniature German shepherd is the popular variety, but let us makes it clear that this dog is not a german shepherd. This is basically the mix of two different breeds. These pups are sold as a small type of grown breed and often falsely marketed.

On the micro fed cross some breeders want to make cash with the mixed breed of German shepherd and another dog breed like a poodle and border collie. However, there is no harm with cross-breeding two different breeds and sell their offspring. Honest business should be practice and your customers should know the truth of breed and they must have an idea what are they purchasing exactly.

The one german shepherd parent is bred with another parent of german shepherd the production come to life is a purebred german shepherd. However, the miniature German shepherd comes to life when the German shepherd parent is bred with another breed parent.

Another breed parent can be poodle, collie and sometimes Yorkshire terrier.  This is the information should be shared with the customers with pure honesty so they will have an idea how to handle a pup/dog easily.

Interesting information of Miniature German shepherd

The Miniature German shepherd is recognized as North American shepherd and originally belongs to the US. As mentioned above this is a designer breed and not a purebred of a German shepherd.

These dogs are much smaller than a German shepherd and also carried some character stoics of this popular breed while they can have characteristics of another breed too.  These dogs are active, friendly and intelligent. Let us explore other information about Miniature German shepherd.

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The appearance of a miniature german shepherd

As with the appearance of a miniature German shepherd, you will notice a lot resemblance to the purebred german shepherd. Also, the appearance of one miniature German shepherd can pretty vary from another dog due to the fact that they are cross breeds.

They have a similar strong physical build like a german shepherd but smaller in size while mini german shepherd is not as strong as a purebred german shepherd. They have a strong chest, straight legs as well as a balanced front.

However, the coat size of this dog is medium sized which fits the dog breed. These are longer than being taller they have great patterns like the purebred German shepherd.

Temperament and Nature

They are expressive, active and intelligent dogs. However, with every crossbreed dog, there is no exact way to find the temperament and nature except you will own a puppy and have a look at the temperament.

According to the people who have it, they are good in performing duties and love to take part in competitions. They proved as the best addition to the family because of their mellow and soft nature. They are a family friendly pet because they are working devoted and intelligent. They like to please their owners and always stay loyal to their family.

Because of their intelligence levels, they are easy to train but you should start training in young age. Since this dog is known as a result of cross-breeding so there is a high possibility to inherit temperament and nature characteristics from parents. This dog is well natured and kind with kids and likes to play with them.

Miniature German Shepherd

These are easily socialized animals which can be good with other pets. However, they require some time amount from the owner or family members, in fact, owners can use this high time as training to their pup.

As we all know standard German shepherd are athletic breed so does this dog has the same quality while it is a mix breed so it may be vary from one to another. Still, they are mixed breed they exhibit clear signs or qualities which reflects that they are the part of a German shepherd.

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Training and activities

Being a part of athletic dog they are most active and intelligent. They need intense exercise and fun activities throughout a day. They will be best working dogs as they are quite good to work as rescue dogs and guard dogs. All you need to train them well from very young age. This breed is eager to learn and enthusiastic to play and take part in several activities.

They will end up the best family dog if you train them since the very young age. You should train them to act upon your command so they will fit best as your reliable family pet. Most of these dogs are quick learners and it is easy to train them the only condition is you should know how to train well. They are good at obedience training.

Health issues

Since this crossbreed is mix with another breed, therefore, it is a bit difficult to determine possible health issues. However, hip and elbow Dysplasia is the heredity health problem which is frequent in a German shepherd.

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