Top 10 Best Orthopedic Dog Beds For Small & Large Breeds

Top 10 Best Orthopedic Dog Bed for Small & Large BreedsSleep is nature’s elusive yet effective way of healing our body and mind. It refreshes our immune system, restores vitality, and reduces anxiety. This is also true for our furry friends.

Usually, most dog breeds are highly energetic. Therefore, they often go through many hours of exercise to burn off the excess energy and stay happy. They then require about 12-14 hours of daily sleep to recover.

However, an unsuitable, uncomfortable dog bed or surface can severely harm their bodies when they try to rest. Especially if they are elderly dogs.

Thus, if you want your dog to lead a healthy, long life, you may want to ensure they have a comfortable bed to sleep on and recover.

Fortunately, there are orthopedic dog beds that’ll ensure your pet has a comfortable rest. Plus, a decent memory foam dog bed will relieve achy joints and improve the mobility of your four-legged friend.

Nevertheless, due to its incredible convenience, you can find several types, brands, and shapes of orthopedic dog beds in the market. So, there’s something for every dog breed, small or massive.

But, the large number of available options can make finding a quality bed pretty challenging.

In this post, we’ll share our ten favorite orthopedic dog beds and a few tips and tricks that will help you pick the best dog beds for your pet pals’ needs.

Top 10 Best Orthopedic Dog Beds For 2022 – Quick View Table

Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed
(Editor’s Choice)
Best Friends Fuax Fur Donut Cuddler
PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed, orthopedic Memory Foam
BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed-Snuggly Sleeper
The Dog’s Bed, Premium Memory Foam Dog Beds
FurHaven Pet Dog Bed
FurHaven Pet Orthopedic Plush & Suede Sofa-Style Couch Pet Bed
JOYELF Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed
KOPEKS High Grade Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed
Dogbed4less Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

A Few Tips & Tricks To Picking The Ideal Orthopedic Dog Bed

When picking an orthopedic dog bed for your canine pet, there are several factors to consider. So, the process can become pretty challenging.

With that in mind, in this section, we’ll share a few tips and tricks that’ll assist you in picking the ideal bed for your dog.

So Let’s take a look

  • Depending on your dog’s size and body weight, you may want to pick a larger or a smaller bed. So, if you’re purchasing from a store physically, it might be a good idea to bring your dog along.
  • If you’re picking a bed for an elderly dog, getting one with a low height (3″-4″) will let your pet use it more comfortably.
  • If your pal belongs to an energetic breed like the German Shepherd or Siberian Husky, you’ll appreciate a dog bed that has a stable, non-skid rubber bottom.
  • Moreover, some pets often make a mess on the bed. If your buddy is the same, you’ll want to get a dog bed with excellent waterproofing.

Aside from these, you can also get advice from the vet when picking the bed for your injured, disabled dog. Plus, they can inform you whether or not your buddy is sensitive or allergic to the bed’s materials.

If you can’t go to the vet, there is an option to contact a qualified online vet 24/7, which you can check out here.

Another option is to contact the nearest animal shelter. They often have experts who can help you out when purchasing pet-related products.

Top 10 Best Orthopedic Dog Bed – Full Product Review For 2022

1. Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed Lounge Sofa Removable Cover

Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed Lounge Sofa Removable CoverSafe & Durable!

With a combination of plush poly-filled bolsters and an anti-tear cover, the Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed Lounge Sofa is both safe and sturdy.

It sports a dimension of 20″x25″ to 36″x28.” As such, it’s primarily suitable for medium and large dog breeds.

This dog bed also features human-grade mattress foam. Thus, it’ll ensure your furry friend gets comfortable sleep. In addition, it offers excellent support for the dog’s head, bones, and hip. This way, it relieves some pain for your elderly pets that suffer from joint pain or arthritis.

Moreover, this dog bed has a water-resistant liner. With it, you won’t have to worry about the bed soaking up liquid.

The sofa style also means that dogs who love to rest while propping up their head will enjoy sleeping on this bed.

Also, this dog bed boasts an anti-tear cover. So it’ll survive most of your dog’s attempts to scratch at it with minimal damage. Plus, this cover has YKK pure metal zippers that’ll let you remove it quickly.

You can machine wash this cover with little to no hassle.

Furthermore, this orthopedic dog bed has a nonslip, non-skid bottom. Thus, it’ll stay securely in place and keep your pet safe even if your furry friend moves around.

However, it’ll collect fur and hair quickly due to its raised sides, so you’ll need to wash it often. Fortunately, since it’s machine washable and sturdy, it’ll last a long time despite being washed often.

Nevertheless, this dog bed is pricier than the standard ones, but its performance more than makes up for the hefty price tag.

  • Safe
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Requires frequent washing
  • Expensive
  • Not available globally


The overall best orthopedic dog bed for large breeds.

2. Best Friends by Sheri Luxury Shag Fuax Fur Donut Cuddler (Multiple Sizes)

Best Friends by Sheri Luxury Shag Fuax Fur Donut CuddlerEco-friendly & Versatile!

Best Friends by Sheri Luxury Shag Fuax Fur Donut Cuddler boasts pet-safe construction materials and a seamless design. Thus, it’s eco-friendly and highly flexible.

This dog bed measures 23″x23″ and can support about 25 lbs or 11.3 kg. 

As for construction, 

it boasts a blend of durable vegan polyester and AirLoft fibers. These fibers contain a premium white poly filling that makes the bed more fluffy than the standard pet bed. Furthermore, these materials are non-toxic to your dog.

Moreover, its size makes it an excellent bed for smaller dog breeds like pug, poodle, or papillon. Plus, Best Friends by Sheri designs this bed to look like a donut, so you can even use it as a part of your room décor!

Additionally, this bed is available in dark chocolate brown, frost, taupe, and cotton candy pink color

This way, you can choose a dog bed that suits your pup’s coat and looks good inside the room.

You’ll also notice that this bed has a raised rim style. This style makes sure that the poodle is safe while they sleep on the bed. It also provides support for the dog’s head and neck.

Since this orthopedic bed features ultra-soft fillings, it’ll effectively relieve your pet’s muscle and joint pain. Also, its vegan shag fur and flexible finish will let your furry friend burrow into the bed and enjoy a restful sleep.

On top of it all, this bed is self-warming, and it has a dirt, water-resistant bottom. So, it’ll provide a cozy feeling to your four-legged friend.

You can use a gentle cycle machine wash to reduce pet odor, fur, hair, and soil prints from this bed. And it’s better to tumble dry it on low heat.

Therefore, it’s relatively easy to clean this dog bed.

But, like the Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed, this one also comes with a hefty price tag.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Versatile
  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Not very durable
  • Expensive


A fantastic orthopedic bed for the smaller dog breeds.

3. PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed, Orthopedic Memory Foam

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed, orthopedic Memory FoamSmart & Comfortable!

The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed boasts a near-perfect blend of solid memory foam with an advanced base and bolster design. As such, this orthopedic bed has a smart design, and it’s comfortable for your pet.

It’s available in multiple sizes. Thus, you can pick a dog bed measuring 25″x20″ for the small dog breeds or a 50″ x 40″ jumbo bed for the more giant dog breeds.

These beds have an adequate memory foam base depending on the size!

For instance, the bed for small dogs has a 2.5″ memory foam base that’ll ensure your adorable pup gets to rest safely. In contrast, the jumbo bed has a 6″ memory foam base for larger dog breeds to sleep comfortably.

This way, whether it’s a tiny Pug or an imposing Anatolian Shepherd, your dog will have a restful sleep on the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed.

Also, this bed features 65% polyester and 35% cotton making it durable and comfy.

In addition, the cover of this bed is water-resistant. Thus, you won’t have to worry too much about spilling liquid on it. Furthermore, this bed has a non-skid bottom, so it’ll stay firmly in place even if your pet is highly energetic.

On top of it all, the bed cover is easily removable and machine washable. Therefore, you can clean it with little effort. After cleaning, you can use the zips to put it back on the dog bed quickly.

Additionally, unlike the previous two, this bed is moderately affordable!

  • Smart design
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to clean
  • It can be a bit challenging to find the right size bed for your pet
  • Not available globally


An excellent memory foam dog bed for small & large dog breeds.

4. BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed – Snuggly Sleeper

BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed - Snuggly SleeperLong-lifespan & Cushioned rim!

Unlike most dog beds, BarksBar’s Dog Bed offers human-grade orthopedic foam and deep cushioning that won’t lose its shape over time.

This bed also has several sizes for different dog breeds. You can choose the 26″x20″ one for the smaller pets. On the other hand, if your furry buddy belongs to a giant dog breed, you may want to pick up the large bed with 40″ x 30″ dimensions.

Besides offering multiple sizes, this bed sports top-of-a-line workmanship. Also, it boasts premium quality construction materials. Thus, it’ll be able to survive whatever your canine buddy decides to throw at it with minimal damage.

Additionally, its 3.5″ of solid orthopedic foam base, along with the ultra-soft polyester, ensures a comfortable rest for the pup.

This will also aid in reducing joint pains for your elderly dog! 

Furthermore, BarksBar uses comfy cotton pads to cushion the rim of this bed. So, your dog will have a place to put its head down comfortably while resting. 

Moreover, this rim quickly contours to your pet’s neck. Thus, it’ll also help reduce neck and head pains.

The cover on this bed is removable, and when you need to clean it, you can even toss it into the washing machine to clean it up. But, you’ll have to make sure to use a gentle cycle when using this method.

As for the outlook, this bed has a sleek quilted design. This natural design will fit well with most room decorations with little effort.

However, this dog bed is pretty expensive.

  • Long-lifespan
  • Comfortable
  • Safe
  • Supports elederly dogs
  • Natural design
  • Expensive
  • Not available throughout the globe


The ideal orthopedic dog bed for elderly pets.

5. The Dog’s Bed, Premium Orthopedic Waterproof Memory Foam Dog Bed

The Dog's Bed, Premium Orthopedic Waterproof Memory Foam Dog BedStable & Therapeutic!

High-density memory foam and bolster sides allow The Dog’s Bed to offer extraordinary stability support. Plus, this orthopedic bed has a strategic design that lets your injured pets recover more efficiently.

This bed measures 36″ x 26″ and has a height of 4″. Thus, it’s primarily suitable for medium or large dog breeds.

At the top portion, this bed has 2″ thick orthopedic memory foam. As such, your pup will rest comfortably on it. The memory foam will also reduce joint pains to keep your pet healthy and energetic for years on end.

Then, below this foam is a 2″ solid base. This base provides stable support, and it fits well with the foam and cover of the bed.

Additionally, the therapeutic design of the bed will offer a quality place to recover for your injured, sick dog. 

Even if your furry friend has elbow dysplasia, arthritis, or torn cruciate ligaments, they will have little trouble sleeping on this bed.

Furthermore, this dog bed can reduce elbow calluses and pressure sores. So, it’ll assist your pet’s recovery after surgery.

The low height of this bed also makes it easy for the injured dogs to get up and down from it. Besides, this bed sports 9″ bolster sides that’ll provide neck support and keep your pet safe while they sleep.

As for cleaning, the bed cover is pretty easy to wash, and it dries quickly. Also, since it boasts waterproof, removable covers, you can replace the cover of this bed if necessary with minimal hassle.

Last but not least, this dog bed sports a decent price tag that is not too hefty for all the benefits it offers.

  • Stable
  • Therapeutic
  • Versatile
  • Easy to clean
  • Not very sturdy
  • Not available globally


The best orthopedic bed for injured, sick dogs.

6. FurHaven Pet Dog Bed | Orthopedic Microvelvet Luxe Lounger Pet Bed for Dogs & Cats

FurHaven Pet Dog Bed | Orthopedic Microvelvet Luxe Lounger Pet Bed for Dogs & CatsVersatile & Durable!

Unlike the previous ones, the FurHaven Microvelvet Luxe Lounger Pet Dog Bed gives you the option to use three different core fillings to suit the needs of your canine buddy. Plus, it boasts overlock safety stitching that ensures a longer dog bed lifespan.

This dog bed has six available sizes, from 14″ x21″ to 42″ x58.” As such, even if you have a poodle or a Bullmastiff, you should be able to find one that lets your pal sleep comfortably.

Additionally, this pet bed sports an ergonomic design. Its medical-grade foam will contour to fit snugly to your pet’s body and offer a firm yet soft support.

You can even swap out and replace the bed’s filling if necessary!

For instance, you can use orthopedic foam, memory foam, or cooling gel to fill up the bed top. The orthopedic foam filling will let the bed support your pet’s bone joints and relieve painful pressure points, while the memory foam filling will alleviate muscle pains.

In contrast, if you use the cooling gel filling, it’ll reduce the surface temperature of the bed. This way, your pet will be able to enjoy a sound sleep on this bed during the summer season.

Also, it has a quilted, micro velvet surface. Along with its light padding, this bed will provide your four-legged friend with a cozy place to rest.

Additionally, your more miniature puppies or elderly, disabled dogs will have little trouble using this bed due to its step-on design. Moreover, it’s flexible to the point where even your cats can use the bed comfortably!

The cover of this pet bed is machine washable, so it’s easy to clean. Furthermore, you can use the zipper to quickly remove or install this cover.

On top of it all, this pet bed is pretty affordable!

  • Versatile
  • Sturdy
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Lacks safety
  • Not available throughout the world


A fantastic orthopedic pet bed that supports both dogs and cats.

7. FurHaven Pet Dog Bed | Orthopedic Ultra Plush Sofa-Style Couch Pet Bed For Dogs & Cats, Gray, Large

FurHaven Pet Dog Bed | Orthopedic Ultra Plush Sofa-Style Couch Pet Bed for Dogs & Cats, Gray, LargeHighly flexible & Safe!

FurHaven’s Orthopedic Ultra Plush Sofa-Style Couch Pet Bed takes dog bed flexibility to the next level. After all, it lets you use five different fillings depending on the needs of your furry friend, and it has fluffy bolster railings to keep your pet safe!

It comes in several sizes, measuring small 20″x 15″ to massive 53″x 42″ jumbo plus beds. So, it’s highly likely that you’ll find the ideal size bed for your four-legged friend.

Unfortunately, FurHaven has discontinued the gray bed, and some of its sizes may be unavailable.

Still, this bed features a plush, soft faux fur sleep surface that’ll let your pet sleep comfortably.

As for the fillings, you can use memory foam, solid slab orthopedic, convolute orthopedic, fiber-filled pillow, or even a cooling gel top.

Choosing the medical-grade memory foam filling will alleviate your pup’s painful muscles and joints. The solid slab orthopedic filling, on the other hand, will provide excellent support for an energetic dog.

If your canine buddy suffers from painful pressure points, you can use the convoluted orthopedic filling to give them some relief. You can also opt for the high loft-fiber fillings for pups that love to burrow into the bed and nest.

And finally, since dogs don’t have a convenient inner temperature control system like humans, the cooling gel top filling will give them a cozy place to nap during the summer heat.

Aside from these, the bed cover is machine washable, and even its fluffy fill bolsters are easily recyclable.

But, unlike the Microvelvet Luxe Lounger, this dog bed can be pretty expensive.

  • Flexible
  • Safe
  • Sturdy
  • Supports elderly dogs
  • Easy to clean
  • Expensive
  • Some sizes are hard to find
  • Not available globally


Another orthopedic dog bed that supports both cats and dogs and is safe.

8. JOYELF Orthopedic Dog Bed Memory Foam Pet Bed With Removable Washable Cover And Squeaker Toy As Gift

JOYELF Orthopedic Dog Bed Memory Foam Pet Bed with Removable Washable Cover and Squeaker Toy as GiftSturdy & Comfortable!

The JOYELF Orthopedic Dog Bed blends premium quality materials with top-of-the-line workmanship to construct a sturdy yet comfortable bed for your pet.

It comes in multiple sizes, ranging from 27″x20″ to 47″x33.” Therefore, this bed is well suited for smaller and larger dog breeds.

Moreover, this bed features a solid memory foam base that ensures maximum comfort for your tired canine pal. In addition, this foam contains flame retardant material, so it’s sturdy enough to survive most impact-based damages and scratches along with the heatwave.

The bottom portion of this bed sports a built-in nonslip rubber backing. Thus, with it, you won’t have to worry about your overactive furry pet pushing the dog bed around.

Since it also has an inner cover, you won’t need to maintain it often, even if your elderly dog has an accident while resting on the surface of this bed.

Furthermore, JOYELF pays close attention to the safety of your dog. So, they have installed a giant, fluffy bolster on this bed that’ll keep your pal safe during sleeping hours. 

Besides, these bolsters have comfy PPcotton padding!

So your pup will have a suitable place to prop its head up, and it’ll reduce neck and head pain. But, this also means that the bed gathers hair or fur far faster than the standard dog bed.

Fortunately, this bed has a removable, machine washable cover. As such, you can easily keep it clean with minimal effort. Still, it’s better not to soak this cover in water for a long time.

Last but not least, this bed comes with squeaker toys as gifts. These bone-shaped toys will keep your pet engaged for a while.

This dog bed is on the expensive side when it comes to pricing.

  • Sturdy
  • Comfortable
  • Stable
  • Easy to clean
  • Gathers fur or hair quickly
  • Not available globally


A cozy and breathable orthopedic dog bed that’ll last for years.

9. Thick High-Grade Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed With Pillow

Thick High-Grade Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed With PillowPlush & Hypoallergenic!

A strategic combination of 100% orthopedic-grade memory foam and double layer premium quality cover makes the Thick High-Grade Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed With Pillow both soft and non-allergenic.

This bed measures 35″ x 28,” and it has a height of 5.5.” 

Since it has decent quality foam filling, even though it’s a medium-sized dog bed, it weighs only 8.95 lbs or 4.5 kg. In other words, it’s lightweight enough for you to move the bed without too much effort.

Its memory foam is non-toxic. Thus, this bed is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction to your furry friend. Also, this bed’s thick orthopedic memory foam is comparable to the therapeutic foam of high-end medical-grade mattresses.

Therefore, it’ll relieve your pet’s joint and pressure pains efficiently.

Then, two layers of zippered covers protect this foam filling and offer a plush surface for your pup to lay down. 

The exterior layer is plush and sturdy, so it’ll last for a long time while providing a cozy feel for your four-legged friend.

In contrast, the interior layer is water-resistant. With it, you won’t have to worry, even if your elderly dog ends up making a mess.

Aside from the foam and the covers, this bed has an anti-slip rubber bottom that’ll hold the bed securely in place.

This way, your curious or energetic canine buddy will be able to play and rest on this bed comfortably.

However, while this pet bed requires little maintenance, it can be pretty challenging to keep it clean

Still, the cover is washable, and you can use Folex carpet cleaning solutions or stain removers to keep it clean.

This dog bed sports a hefty price tag, but it offers several benefits to your pup, making it worth the price.

  • Plush
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Sturdy
  • Stable
  • Hard to clean
  • Not available globally


A safe orthopedic bed for dogs that have allergies.

10. Dogbed4less Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed For Small Breed

Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed for Small BreedComfortable & Versatile!

Dogbed4less designs their Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed with a top-quality foam pad insert, and it supports several types of covers. So, this pet bed is both comfortable and highly versatile.

It also comes in 7 different sizes, ranging from the medium 35″x20″ to the jumbo 55″x47.” Usually, all these beds have a standard height of 4″.

Therefore, this bed is well suited for medium or large dog breeds. But, it may not be the best bed for more miniature puppies.

Still, this bed is pretty versatile, like the FurHaven’s Microvelvet Luxe Lounger and the Ultra Plush Sofa-Style Couch Pet Bed.

However, while FurHaven’s pet beds let you choose between multiple fillings, the Dogbed4less premium bed enables you to pick different covers!

There are about ten external cover options for this bed. Among these, there are also covers with different fabric types.

For instance, you can choose denim fabric, microsuede fabric, 1680 ballistic fabric, canvas fabric, oxford fabric, or an elastic waterproof cover for this dog bed.

If you choose from the first five fabric types, the bed will have two cover layers. The external layer will be the one you picked, while the inner layer will have a water-resistant material.

In contrast, if you decide to go with the elastic cover, this bed will not have an inner layer since this cover itself is water-resistant.

Additionally, the bed has a gel-infused memory foam pad. This way, it’ll ensure maximum comfort for your furry friend, and it’ll last longer than the standard orthopedic bed.

Since both covers of this bed have quality zippers, you can remove or install them quickly. Also, these covers are machine washable and dryable. Thus, you’ll face little trouble maintaining this dog bed.

Nevertheless, due to the high quality of its construction materials, this bed is relatively expensive.

  • Comfortable
  • Versatile
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to maintain
  • Expensive
  • Lacks bolsters
  • Not available globally


A highly flexible orthopedic dog bed for medium to large dog breeds.

Bottom Line

Knowing your dog’s nature and what it needs is essential to ensure that your furry buddy gets to live a long, healthy life. 

Typically, most dog breeds spend half or more of their lifespan sleeping so picking up a decent orthopedic dog bed is one of the best ways to improve their quality of life.

It may take some time and effort, but once you have found the ideal bed for your dog, your four-legged friend will be able to rest comfortably. Plus, these beds will drastically improve your pup’s mobility and bone health.

So, pick up one of these top-quality orthopedic dog beds today and ensure a better future for your pet!

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