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Australian Shepherd Lab Mix – Is it Eally One Of The Best Hybrids In The Canine World?

What is Australian shepherd lab mix?

The unique cross of Labrador retriever and Australian shepherd is known as Australian shepherd lab mix. Both the breeds are known for their intelligence and affectionate behavior.

The two dog’s breed is cross together then the world gets a puppy containing inherit factors from its parents. That puppy holds the inherent intelligence, behavior, appearance, and others from its parents.

Australian shepherd lab mix is also referred as Australian Sheprador or Lab Aussie Mix or Aussiedor or Aussie Sheprador.

The most adorable looking dog which comes about as the mix of one of the most popular family dogs throughout the world and the breed known for the sweet nature and good looks of Australian shepherd.  The dog has incredible, attractive and impressive eyes with solid stature and broad face.

Australian shepherd lab mix or Aussiedor is comparatively newer breed and specifically designed for loving companion.

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Australian shepherd lab mix – Aussiedor Details

Australian shepherd lab mix is recognized for being an intelligent, mellow and playful cross of two famous breed Australian shepherd and Labrador retriever.

The dog has a fairly broad head with medium to large hanging ears and soberly long tail. This new breed has gained immense popularity and recognition due to friendly and loving nature. This is an interesting hybrid for those who want a perfect family pet with loving nature.

These dogs are medium sized breed and all the characteristics make it ideal for a family pet.  The origin of this crossbreed is the USA while the lifespan of these dogs varies from 10 to 13 years.

They shed moderately and also have rare barking nature. These are not only friendly with family members also they are compatible with other pets as well.

Aussiedor is the cross-breed also a hybrid has both the breeds popular for their highest train-abilities, loyalty and intelligence levels.

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What can you expect to Australian shepherd lab mix?


Australian shepherd is the breed simply delightful while the Labrador retrievers are the most popular family dogs throughout the world.

Their inherent intelligence and welcoming nature set them best family pets for everyone and families. Australian shepherd is playful and protective along with all herding instinct they are goofy as puppies though.

Australian Shepherd Lab Mix

The Australian shepherd lab mix has the combination of qualities in the dog. Such qualities include smartness, activeness and good looks. Some owners usually call them shepradors when they are happy with these dogs.

Let us know all the details about Aussiedors, characteristics and other information.

Australian Shepherd Lab Mix – Physical Appearance

Coat Color

However, it is hard to predict the exact coat color of the hybrid dog. But some of the most shared colors of Australian shepherd lab mix come in brown, black, dark yellow, brindle, chocolate brown and a mix of brown-black.

Size, Height & Weight

These Aussiedors are supposed to be a medium dog with the average height of 23 to 28 inches or 58 to 71 centimeters tall. While the weight of Australian shepherd lab mix is considered and measured with an average of 50 to 80 pounds or 22 to 36 kgs.

Temperament and Behavior

The Australian shepherd lab mixes are friendly, kind and loyal to their family members or people they know. They are capable to form a strong bond with family members and also clings to the owners causing to feel bored or ignored when left alone.

They contain heritage of herding so that some Australian shepherd lab mix think of children as their flock members and herd them well. On the other side, these dogs are smart enough to learn to be friend with the kids when they taught best not to nip or chase them.

They are protective of their family members and home so that they might show reserved and cautious behavior sometimes around strangers. Also, they make or sound occasional warning alarm or call to aware their owners about the danger.

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Australian shepherd lab mix enjoys playing, working, running and take part in mentally and physically activities. It is crucial that their high-level energy should be better channelized in another case Australian shepherd lab mix or aussiedor can become destructive.

They require minimum half hour to an hour of daily exercises like fetching, outdoor walks and retrieving. Also, high energy activities like playing with a Frisbee or buster cube will also them happy and focused.

Health Problems

Australian shepherd lab mixes are commonly healthy dogs although they are also susceptible to some genetic health problems specifically eye diseases which contain progressive retinal atrophy, cataracts, and eye anomaly.

However, in time treatment and precaution can also help to decrease severe disease situation. They are prone to obesity if you feed too much food and eliminate exercise routine. These are not good for apartment living as these are active so they need a yard to play and run around.

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You should train your Australian shepherd lab mix when it is very young and also reward some treat or make it an enjoyable experience by using a few motivational things. That could be treats, toys, and dancing, playing or high-pitched happy voices.

  • Obedience: obedience class or teaching will teach your dog to respond on some fundamental commands like stand, sit, stop, drop, stay and heel, all these obedience teachings help in curbing its herding ability.
  • Socialization: you should take your dog on walks in community parks and other public areas in order to meet strangers and socialized your dog
  • Tricks: some intelligent and smart tricks can work best on your dog you can teach  Aussiedor several tricks like fetching different things such as tennis balls, newspapers, toys etc.


The right amount of food is the vital factor for all those dogs which are highly active and their working and playing abilities are matchless.

Australian shepherd lab mix is an active dog with several abilities you should feed dry food or a commercial frozen diet containing a combination of raw meat and vegetables to keep them healthy, fit and strong. Dry food helps to keep their teeth clean; to an adult dog, 3 to 4 cups of dry food are fine for a whole day.


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