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Why Do Dogs Stick Together After Mating? Reason & Tips

A dog is one of the few pet animals which you can say is loyal, devoted, tried and true to his owner. A dog can even sacrifice their life for the sake of its keeper if needed; such is the level of dedication a dog holds for the one who loves them.

Dogs are your true friends during the hard times and help you cope up with the crisis; they encourage you to move ahead in your life. Science has proved that people who pet a dog are happier and healthier than those who don’t pet animals.

Above all, a pet dog also helps you in socializing and enables you to build a strong relationship with other people. To sum up, we can say that petting a dog has a significant positive effect on your health, body, and lifestyle.

Whether you own a pet dog or not, as human beings, we do have some duties and responsibilities towards the dogs, and we should take care of them at all times. so, Why Do Dogs Stick Together After Mating?

Especially if you are planning to have a pet dog or you want to become a dog breeder, you may have come across a question in your mind that why do dogs stick together after mating.

You might be worried about this if you don’t have the knowledge about this process, and you may think that the dogs are in severe pain.

Why Do Dogs Stick Together After Mating?

The difference in Dogs and Other Animals Mating Process

Mating is a natural process, and you might think that you know all about it and it is the same for all animals, but there are some differences in dog mating.

As far as the dogs are concerned, in the last stage of the intercourse, the male and the female dogs remain stick or tied; this process can last for a few minutes to an hour, and separating them during the process will lead to injury to both of them.

If you want your female dog to give birth to beautiful puppies, or you are just lost in the thought of why do dogs stick together after mating? You have come to the right place. So, Why do Rottweiler licks too much?  is worth read.

Here in this article, we are going to explain in simple words that why this happens and what you should do if you experience this anywhere. This article is helpful for all, whether you own a dog or not. Therefore you should definitely go through it till the end.

Why Do Dogs Stick Together?

The answer to the question is quite simple, but to understand it, you need to know the whole process of sexual intercourse between a female dog and a male dog.

The duration of the mating between the dogs usually takes 30 to 40 minutes. The mating of dogs can be divided into three steps or phases. Let’s go through it to understand why they lock together.


The first step is when the male dog begins to make one’s way up to initiate the start of the penetration; here, the male dog releases a liquid free from the semen.


The second phase is where a dog completes an erection and has penetrated; at the same time, the female vaginal parts will also get squeezed. Here the male will produce liquid filled with the sperm cells.


The third phase is where the dogs get tied together from the rear ends. It is the most important phase of the mating process.

In this stage, the male dog ejects the sperm in the female dog, and they remained tied up for a few minutes because it holds onto the sperm contained inside the female dog.

The locked time depends on how relaxed the dogs are, if the dogs are frightened due to any reason, the muscles will not get relaxed, and as a result, the locking will take more time.

Therefore it is recommended that you should not disturb the dogs when you find them in this position.

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Slip Mating

Slip mating occurs when a male dog withdraws before knot forms on his penis, it may occur as the male or the female dog move away from their position. The chances of getting pregnant in slip mating are rare.

From here, we can say that a female dog might get pregnant without sticking together giving the fact that the semen is ejaculated in the female’s body.

Tips for Successful Breeding

Breeding is not the job for kids; instead, you should know that it comes with a responsibility. You should be well prepared for it if you want to do it. Here we are sharing some quick tips to help you breed your dog successfully.

  • It is essential to make sure that the dogs are capable of performing the course; for this, you need to see their ages. Just like humans, dogs too have a specific age period to reach to be able to perform sexual intercourse.
  • Make sure that the female dog is ready for it; for this, you need to keep a check on heat stages.
  • Health is a basic and fundamental factor to consider, and you should make sure that both male and female dogs are fit and healthy.
  • It is better if the dogs are familiar with each other before mating, give proper time and let them know each other; in this way, a female dog will not show aggressiveness during the process.
  • Do not interfere in any way as it can disturb the dog, and as a result, they might hurt themselves. On the other hand, you should keep an eye on them and look out for sticking. If they are stick together for a few minutes, it is a sign that breeding is successful.
This article briefly describes the intercourse process, and we are sure that you must have got your answer that why do dogs stick together after mating.

Whenever you find a dog mating, you should not disturb them at any cost as it can harm them, and if you are a dog breeder, it is important for you to know that the timing of sticking together depends, and you should not be worried about it if they are taking a bit longer. Try to provide them a comfortable and confined environment for intercourse.

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