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German Shepherd Husky Mix -Temperament , Adoption & Price

There are dog breeds worldwide, but the German Shepherd Husky Mix is one of the best canine breeds. Their unique and gentle nature makes them a cute kind of dog. 

Most people assume that these canines are very aggressive, but it is not true!

German Shepherd Husky Puppies are very innocent. It’s only through training that they learn to be aggressive. 

Just ask the owners of these dogs!

They are cool, calm, and gentle, but like any loyal dog, they can be aggressive if they feel their masters are threatened.

German Shepherd Husky Mix Puppies White vs. Black:

White and Black GSHM puppies both have similar natures as they both are weather-sensitive. Due to their inherent wolf nature, they can be a little aggressive. But this aggression is usually reserved for loyalty. As it is well documented that this breed is very loyal to its owner 

So basically, the only difference between GSHM Black and white puppies is their colors.

German Shepherd Husky Mix Temperament

Normally, German Shepherd Huskies are calm and relaxed, but they are loyal and thus make excellent guard dogs and amazing companions.

As they resemble a wolf, they look aggressive, but they are loving and wonderful to be around unless you’re a threat to their owner.

This dog breed has different sub-breeds worldwide, and they look similar to other kinds of breeds like the Australian shepherds and Siberian Huskies.

husky mix puppy by the sea

As a German shepherd husky mix becomes older, their temperament can change based on their training and experiences. So unless they have been trained to be aggressive or had a traumatic experience, they should remain very loyal and friendly to their owner.

German Shepherd Husky Mix Price – How Much Should You Expect To Pay

The Cost of General German Shepherd Husky Mix Breed in the US is around $400-$600. It can be as high as $900-$1200, depending on the breed and parents.

If you want to adopt a dog, this breed would be a good choice due to its friendliness and loyalty.

german shepherd husky mix golden fur puppy

The cost mentioned above is for a German Shepherd Husky Mix Puppy.

How Long Do German Shepherd Husky Mix Dogs Live For?

The average expected life span of this breed mix is 8 to 12 years. Our recent research states that a smaller dog with less weight can live longer while the heavyweight or larger dog will live for fewer years.

Reading between the lines it seems a good diet and proper exercise will keep the breed within a healthy weight and size range.

5 Fun Facts About The German Shepherd And Husky 

#1 What is the usual eye color of this breed?

The regular eye color of the German Shepherd Husky Mix is brown. However, as a mixed breed of Siberian Huskies, it can have blue eyes.

Clear blue eyes Husky Mix breed

Siberian huskies have sharp blue eyes, and they look adorable due to this characteristic.

You can read an entire article on white husky blue eyes.

#2 What is the general look and colors of the German Shepherd Husky Mix?

In General, the look of the GSHM is athletic and dominant. They have different colors like Black, Grey, Brown, and Blue with a mix of cream colors.

#3 How did this particular dog mix come about?

The German shepherd

were recognized for their abilities and performance by Captian Max von Stephanitz in the 1890s. This led the breed to be introduced to army and police service. 

As time passed, Huskies also came into being and pet lovers decided to mix these two breeds by letting them meet. From that day, the German shepherd and Huskies were mixed.

The Siberian Huskies variant of this breed

This breed originated from Siberia. It was well known for its beauty and multi-colored eyes, and thick coats. Siberian Huskies were often misunderstood and feared as they resembled wolves, but as time passed with their incredible sensitivity, Siberian Huskies stole the hearts of people.

This same beauty has been passed through to the German Husky Mix.

Their affection and kindness are unwavering, making them great family dogs.

#4 Is a German Shepherd dog smart?

There are so many breeds of dogs worldwide, but police and army forces mostly prefer this breed. This begs the question, why do they?  

For starters, this breed looks tough. It will show its teeth and naturally has pointy ears, making it appear alert and ready to attack.

german shepherd mix dog doing exercise to stay fit

The breed is large but not too large.

These dogs can get into tight space, run fast and, most importantly, hold the qualities of loyalty and attention required for training in these organizations.

This means the breed can be used in various tasks from chasing criminals, guarding property, and being used in rescue operations.

#5 What other names is this breed combination known By? 

This breed is also known as “Gerberian Shepsky” as it is the mixed breed of Siberian husky and German shepherd.

Considerations Before You Adopt A German Shepherd Husky Mix

When adopting any dog, you need to consider the following:

  • Do you know its history?
  • Was the dog abandoned, or did it come from a good caring owner who can no longer take care of it?
  • Was the dog used for police or security work?
  • Will the dog fit within your family, and do you have the capacity to give this dog the exercise it requires.
  • If you have other pets, will they get along with a new animal?

For the GSHM some of these questions are important as the dog can be aggressive if it was trained to be so.

It is also not a small dog, and this breed is very active. So it will need some space to exercise, and you as the owner will need to spend time exercising with it unless you live on a large rural property.

They are good security dogs, and their look and reputation alone should discourage any unscrupulous people from harassing you or your home. 

Is The German Husky Breed Friendly With Children?

Husky Mix breed with multi color eyesA well-trained german husky mix should be fine with children.

It is best not to leave children unattended with any dog. Until you can be sure of its true nature and domina.


Some dogs can play rough, and this breed is susceptible to that. What may seem like play to the dog may be hurtful to the child.

Before leaving your children with this breed, ensure your child is aware of respecting the dogs‘ personal boundaries and make sure the dog is left alone and not disturbed during feeding time.

Best Qualities Of A German Shepherd Husky Mix

German shepherd Husky Mix needs to be with an active person who can handle them all the time. As the shepherd is made for action, it needs its mind entertained, and body exercised to bring out the best quality.

Leaving this breed to be alone all the time with no interaction will bring out the more aggressive qualities of this breed.

It is unfair to the animal. It is also very undesirable for any owner as the dog will lose its loyalty to you and just use you as its food source and nothing more.

What Changes Occur In The Breeds When They Become A Gerberian Shepsky:

When crossing a shepherd and husky, the result is a medium-sized dog that can grow to a height of 20-25 inches with an average weight of 45-87 lbs.

This mix changes the potential coat colors to light brown, gray, blue, red, and golden shades.

Due to the husky’s thick coat, this can create a short and dense straight-haired fur.

Dual colored eyes can make them charming and appear aggressive when it is a mix of two breeds of dog.

The same reasons that attract people to owning German Shepards will also be combined with the beauty and kindness of a Sibrian Husky

to make a beautiful family dog that will protect its owners through thick and thin.

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