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How to Teach your Dog Play Dead


Dog Play Dead

My friends are in complete shock after watching my dog playing dead! It is incredible. Isn’t it? Well, teaching your dog such tricks are fun. And it shows how much your dog obeys your command.

Dogs can perform so many tricks like that, and when any of your friends or family members watch them doing such things, it is a fun moment for them and a proud moment for you because they will surely praise your dog.

Want to train your dog how to play dead? It’s quite simple, follow my instructions below. And apply them to your dog.

How to teach your dog play dead

Have you ever noticed how amazing these pets are? They are soft by nature, they treat us as our blood, and most importantly, they care for us. Dogs are one of such breed . They are very loyal to you, and they can change the whole mood of your life.

Generally, dogs are very intelligent by nature, and if you have a good relationship with them, they will start obeying your command, and from there onwards, the real fun begins.

Dogs can be taught so many useful and fun tricks like teaching your dog playing dead, or teaching your dog to shake hands, or so on. Dogs can quickly learn such skills, and when they start to use them in front of your friends and family, then it became even funnier.

Teaching dogs such tricks can come handy sometimes when you want your dog to work as a watchdog, or attack on your command. But before teaching such skills, start from a simple one.

Teaching your dog to play dead is a fun trick, and training your dog for this is quite simple. Just follow this step, and your dog will learn; how to play dead.

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Steps to train your dog on playing dead.

  • First, teach your dog simple commands like, run, and sit, up, down. Most of the dogs quickly learn these commands. And they are very important because it shows that your dog knows how to take orders.
  • Then treat your dog with some candies or other stuff that he likes. Treating is very important, and from here, your dog will get the idea that he is doing right.
  • In the next step, take some treat in your one hand and command your dog to sit in front. Then move the hand holding treat from one side to the other side. So your dog will roll.
  • Some dogs already know how to roll. If your dog doesn’t know how to roll, then teach him by holding his legs and turn him again and again. After that, try again that your dog is rolling on your command or not.
  • Now, the hard step comes. You can train your dog in two ways, first, by using words and signals. Words like ‘‘dead” or “sleep” can be used. And signals means holding your finger to look like a gun. And then say the words like “bang” or “boom.”
  • Second, you can show your dog a video of other dogs doing this trick. After showing the video, order your dog to lie down and then rollover. Then again, repeat the first method. And use words like ‘‘dead” and “sleep.”
  • Try these steps for a few days and see if your dog is improving or getting frustrated. If your dog is getting frustrated, then stop the training and reward your dog if he is doing ok. Then repeat these steps a few more times.
  • Sometimes, when a dog is doing all these steps like sitting, then rolling and playing dead. A dog can be stuck in any one of them. If this happens, then teach your dog that step from the start.
  • After your dog doing it completely, then stand away from your dog, make a gun by holding your fingers, and say the words “boom” and ‘‘dead.” See how your dog reacts.
  • In the final stage, ask your friends to come to your place. And then say these words and watch your dog, whether he obeys your command or not.


Problems while teaching your dog on playing dead.


Sometimes teaching your dog such tricks can be hard because dogs don’t generalize things, you have to teach them by using different methods, and it requires a lot of free time and patience. Patience is the key while doing such a thing, and understanding your dog’s mood is also important.


The first problem that you can face is if your dog already knows; how to roll. Well, actually it’s quite funny if he already knows that. He will roll, again and again, one side to another.  Even if you hold treat in your one hand and move over him. He will keep rolling because that’s what he usually does.


To solve this problem, show him the treat and ask him to roll. And when he rolls again. Remove the treat. When he will see the treat disappear. He will understand.

The next problem you can face is that; your dog will get up very quickly from a dead position. And it will ruin the whole fun. If your dog gets up quickly, then don’t give your dog the treat and say the words like “lie” or” stay dead.” And when he stays in that position, reward him with the treat.

Practice this few times and increase the timing of sleep a few seconds every time. With this, your dog will use it. And no longer get up early without your command.

Final words.

Remember, not all the breed of dogs are alike. If any of your friend’s dog knows such techniques, and your dog is not leaning it. Don’t get angry, and your dog might be a slow starter.

First, try to make a healthy relationship with your pet. And treat your dog always. Things might take some time, but eventually, he will learn such tricks one day.

And even if he isn’t able to learn one trick, try to teach him any other one. Don’t just stick to one thing. It will frustrate both you and your dog.

Enjoy your life, and love your dog as you always do.

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