How to keep Cats Away From Your Yard?


Home is a place which we all love the most, and why should we not? We have lived our whole life there and it’s a precious place for all of us, and we all want it safe and clean.

Whenever an animal enters our house, either it will pile here and there or somehow create an unhealthy environment. Not every one of us like animals, but somehow they dig in, and it is not a very happy situation for us.

So here you will find some ways of how to keep cats away from your yard.

How to keep cats away from your yard.

Cats are one of the most beautiful creations of nature and considered as the symbol or love, peace, and humbleness around the globe. People love to have cats in their houses as their pet animals and treat them like their family.

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But there are some people who generally do not like cats in their yard, and it is true that sometimes cats can become a pain in the neck. When you have decorated your garden or any other area around your house, and you don’t want to have any animal around, it’s good for you to have some precautions.

Domestic cats, feral cats, strays are those breeds of cats who love to wander around, in search of food, mating, or finding a place to sleep. These cats can be dangerous for your other animals, and for your garden too. But it is tough to catch them as they have some very fast running and climbing abilities. And we should not kill them because it’s not a good thing to do.

So the best way is to keep them away from your house and don’t let them come in. Otherwise, they will spoil your food or your flower outside the house in a few minutes.

Homemade techniques to keep cats out of your yard.

  • There are some items in our house that can attract these cats. First, try to remove this item. Secondly, whatever garbage you have packed it tightly, and throw it away from home. These cats try to find food in these garbage bags. And spray around these areas where you find them regularly.
  • There are some fruits which contain citric acid; cats don’t like its smell; such fruits are orange lemon and grapes. Just spread peels of such fruits in your garden with some fertilizer, they will repel cats. In addition, you can spray citrus scent.
  • Spread some coffee or pipe Tabaco in your area, as cats don’t like its smell. But do not use cocoa shells, they are poisonous for cats.
  • You can grow, ‘’Rue’’ which is a garden herb, and cats do not like its smell, or you can buy it from health food stores.
  • You can use a disposable wooden chopstick or 10-inch plant stakes into flowers beds every eight inches. It can prevent animals from digging in your area.
  • Take some soak stick and old towel with rags and hang them near those flowers where cats can attack.
  • Cats love to walk in soft areas. If you damp your ground with some water and another thing, and mix it chicken wire, cats will avoid walking in that area.
  • There are some spots in every house where cats love to visit regularly, find that area and spray them with cat repellents.

Plants that can keep cats away from your yard.

  • Plant coleus canine: coleus canine is also known as scaredy-cat plant or piss-off plant. It is the ultimate plant that can’t repel cats from making your yard as their litter box. And if you place it in your ground, you won’t see cats coming around.
  • Plant Curry Herb and Lemon Balm: curry herb plant and lemon balm have an unpleasant smell that cats do not like. The coarse taste of curry herb is irritating for cars, as they went past them, they will avoid that area next time.
  • Rosemary plant: rosemary plant is often cooked at home, this plant is quite suitable for hair growth, and relive the muscle pain. Rosemary plant also contains a very pleasant smell, but for a cat, this smell is quite irritating. You can plant this plant in your home. They mostly grow it in a hot climate, so if you do not have such a climate, you can bring it from somewhere else and plant it in your garden.
  • Plant lavender: lavender plant looks beautiful and has a very cool aroma, but cats often don’t like it, not only cats but other animals too.

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Market products that keep cats away.

  • Chicken wires: if you’re planning to plant some flowers in your garden, but you’re scared of cats, that they will ruin your garden, you can use chicken wires. This method is so effective because cats hate to walk on chicken wires, you can plant them before you plant any flowers.
  • Cat’s motion detector sprinkler: if you think that you cannot catch cats by yourself, you can buy this product from the market and put this into your sounding area. Cat’s motion detector will automatically detect the motion of a cat and shot them with high pressure of water that will enable cats to cross your area.
  • Commercial cat repellents: commercial cat repellents are available in the market. They are in the form of spray and granular, and you can spread them in your yard. Cats usually don’t like its taste and run away from it. Cats repellent contain some amount of ammonia, and other materials that are cats don’t like .


Cats are not your enemies, who will hurt you; they are just little creature who wander here and there to fulfill their need. Why not you create a little friendly garden for cats away from your home, where cats can easily come and eat a few things and play. Cats usually like honeysuckle and catnip, plant some of these in that garden and cats will love it. Loving animals is indeed a good thing, and as a human, we all must respect it.

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