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Fastest Way To Put Weight On A Dog


Putting weight on a dog is a very stressful situation, especially when your canine is underweight and this is really very important to take good care of your dog in these kinds of cases.


Because Under Weight and Over Weight, both things are not good for your dog or puppy because it creates a lot of trouble for your dog.

How to Put Weight on a Dog?

There are Some Steps You Should Follow.

Choose a good Diet Plan For your dog.

Give him a good diet and plan each and everything like from morning to evening and evening tonight what Dog Food would you prefer to give him and how much calories are enough to make a healthy dog.


For good diet plan, you should follow some steps!!


Like you can search information about Dog food or the dog diet plan and set your dog’s diet according to that proper schedule.

Nothing would be important than your dog’s health so The Phrase is important “How to put weight on a dog”.

Keep this in your mind and do the steps according to it.

Do Some Exercise with your dog.


Yes, it is the most important thing that most of the pet owner never care about this because people don’t spend time with dogs and the pet got overweight due to laziness.

Sometimes you don’t care about your dog’s health and this means towards the loss or gain in weight.

So Learn How To Put weight on a Dog with the proper and amazing care of your canine because these are very sensitive.

Are you worried about Overweight Dogs?

Don’t be worried about Overweight Dogs just make some improvements in your canine’s diet and give him some attention so if you gives some attentions to your dog it will help you to decrease the weight of your dog with all natural ways so as much as time and attention you can give, you should give him.


Overweight is a genuine problem of dogs so If you do some exercises in a proper manner you will be successful in losing weight of your dogs.

Do you Noticed Sudden Weight Loss in Dogs???

Fastest Way To Put Weight On A Dog


There are 5 main reasons for sudden weight loss in your dog may be this would be the reason for weight loss in your dog.

  1. High Temperature means Fever
  2. Cough
  3. Nose Bleeding
  4. Diabetes
  5. Liver Problems


If you’re Canine has any of these problems that could be the reason of sudden weight loss, so you should take a good care of your dog.


Why I am giving too much attention to focus on weight loss because once you know the reasons why your dog is losing weight then you could easily put a weight on him in few months.

IS Your Dog Losing Weight But Eating??

Like this is unlikely happens sometimes with your dog loss weight and eating food so nothing to worry it is natural many dogs do you should put a weight by updating the diet of your dog.

Choose a food which has high calories!!

Best Dog Food for Weight Loss:

Fastest Way To Put Weight On A Dog


If you see your dog is gaining weight and is getting very heavy here is the list of food that you can give him and it will help him to lose weight in the very decent way!!

  1. Avoid Heavy Creamy milk
  2. Avoid Cheese type of Food
  3. Chocolate is poison for your dog so try to avoid it.
  4. No Need to give any extra meal that contains high protein and calories.
  5. Avoid Butter mixed things


Now let’s discuss in proper details why we are not recommending these foods.

Let’s Start with Creamy milk food.

Why avoid giving Heavy Creamy Milk To your Dog:


If you are worried about the heavy weight of your puppy and want to decrease the weight so you should avoid heavy creamy milk because Creams Contains High quality of Fat and protein’s so it is very important to manage this kind of things.


Avoid giving high protein food to your canine so it would be amazing for you.

Why should not give Cheese to your Dog?

Cheese is the very good diet for your dog if you want to gain a weight so if it is really amazing when you want to Put a weight on a Dog this would be an ideal food for your pet but it is not right time!!!

Chocolate is Poison for your Dog so Try to Avoid it:

Chocolate is really amazing when you want to put a weight on your canine then it would be amazing to give chocolate but not in case when you want to lose the weight so it is not less than poison for your dog.


No Need to give any extra meal that contains high protein and calories.


Remember one thing that if your pet is not getting healthy and is a week so you should give him a high quality of dog food but when you see that your dog is heavy and overweight you should avoid any kind of Protein.

Because high protein dog food could be the reason of high blood pressure and anxiety to your dog so it is better to avoid it.


Avoid Butter Mixed things:


Butter is natural heavy diet make sure to check that your dog food does not contain this because it will not be good for your dog in case of losing the weight. Like if you are searching for a guide on,

“How to Put a weight on a dog”

Fastest Way To Put Weight On A Dog

it would be amazing for you just read this guide and give all those foods which are written above for avoiding.

Because I wrote most of the things for weight loss factors of dogs so if you want to increase the weight of your dog you should understand this and give all of these diets with proper scheduling.

Homemade dog food for weight loss:

There are many homemade dog food available online you should give some things better to provide simple homemade chicken, mutton or any kind of meal with proper buttering well-cooked which he can eat easily with no hassle.

I would suggest you make your own homemade dog food rather than buying it from a market and it will help you a lot.

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