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Best Dog Food Guide- Canine Food Detailed Guide

How to know the Energy Requirement of the Dog?

The requirement of energy has a direct relation to the activities, more active your dog is the more calories he will require and that energy is obtained through food.

The food with calories more than required is never advisable because those foods will make your dog fat spoiling his original beauty and retarding his activities making him dull and lazy. The Food with fewer calories cannot be accepted. It will lead to lack of important nutrients deficiencies which eventually will cause many diseases.

What is a Balanced Diet?

A balanced diet is required which must be complete “ having every needed ingredient” and balanced “ having each ingredient in proper ratio”.

This diet is described according to your dog’s breed, activities, and size by a dog specialist or veterinary. Due to lack of this balanced diet main problems that your dog can have to include Behavioural problems, some mental and health problems.

Best Dog Food Guide- Canine Food Detailed Guide

Why is Balanced diet needed for Dogs?

For if you want to see your dog happy healthy and active, you need to take care of some things like grooming, training, and regular check-ups among them taking care of food is most important as its key factor which will define your dog too well growing or becoming the victim of many diseases.

why should I know about the dogs?

Most of the people having no dog think that keeping the dog is easy because only things we have to do is give him a healthy food  daily wash and daily walk, regular sports time and good place to sleep they are unaware of real issues that dogs only don’t  need  food but proper food they also need lots of things.

Initially when you buy a petit amuses you with lots of acrobats but later on due to lack of proper care it all those activities vanishes. To keep all thing alive as before you are left with two options either you hire a veterinarian for your dog or you need to learn basic and important things about your dog.

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Why is it important to know how much food you need to feed your dog?

Buying a puppy as your pet is not a big deal problem is to maintain their health, keep them active attractive, lovely and playful. for which you need to acquire as much knowledge as you need the vet services very rarely.

Your dog’s fitness defines your dog’s beauty and the food is the key factor which defines the health of your dog.

The food in excess amount will make your dog fatty and I cause of less food your dog will be weak in both of these conditions there can appear many health problems including the passiveness of your dog which means less or no activity.

Therefore always recommended that you must know the proper diet plan for your dog.

A proper diet plan is one which covers energy requirements of your dogs by providing nor more or fewer calories.

if the diet of your dog provides more calories your dog will be overweighted making your  dog prone some disease and health problems which include

Best Dog Food Guide- Canine Food Detailed Guide

Overweight health problems:

  • There will be arthritic problems
  • Chances of diabetes are more in overweighted dogs
  • Your dog will be prone to liver problems
  • Maney skin problems can also be due to overweight
  • Overweighted dogs are not active anymore
  • Their lifespan is also reduced.

And  if the diet of your dog provides fewer calories your dog will become underweighted and  your  dog will be  prone some disease and health problems which include

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Underweight health problems:

  • Poor muscle strength
  • Healing rate will be slow
  • There will be reproductive disorders
  • Skin problems can also occur

How can I understand the energy need for my pet?

First of all, note that there is no any direct way to which you can calculate the energy need of your dog.

You can either guess the energy need by just taking the calculation of the weight of your dog regularly if the weight according to the age is ok which means your provided energy is equal to required energy if on the current diet plan weight is lagging behind the weight should be at that age it means you are providing less energy than your dog requires.

Most of the people will suggest a high caloric food by observing your dogs weight, they have no idea of energy requirement, this soon will increase the weight of your dog making him fat because sometimes weight loss is due to some other health problems. if you’re going with proper diet plan but your dog’s weight is losing got to the Vet.

Best Dog Food Guide- Canine Food Detailed Guide


Energy requirement varies in the dogs from breed to breed and size. It also depends upon the activities of your dog as a dog living in an apartment has fewer activities so require less energy as compare to the dog living in the home with large gound to play.

You can calculate energy requirement by looking at the activities, as each activity has its own requirement for energy, taking their average and finally adding to the rest energy requirement which is calculated be many Vet and physicians by using formula 30 (weight of your dog) + 70

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what are the sources of foods for your dog?

Everyone having the dog will be looking for a proper and best-suited diet for his dog. Now the question is what is the best diet for the dog and where it can be obtained from?

To know the best-suited food for your dog you need to consider the age and size of your dog along with its breed because each breed of dog requires the different amount of energy at the different stage of life.

The dogs in puppy stage need less energy hence there will be different foods for them when there grow young they have different activities and will need more caloric food to fulfill their need.

To know the proper and perfect diet plan for your dog and suitable foods you need to consult your Vet. Mainly there are sources of foods for your dog.

  • Commercial
  • Home-made

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Which one is the best diet for the Dog?

It has always been a worrying question in minds of people having Dog as their pet whether or not they should feed theirs on commercial foods?

Is it properly cooked under suitable conditions or not?

which one is better a commercial or home-made? in next paragraphs, we will be talking about benefits and harmful effects of both commercial and home-made foods for the dog.

Commercial foods For Dogs

Experts and the vets prove that in spite of being kept for some time means not being fresh commercial foods are good enough energy-rich foods for dogs to fulfill their daily energy needs and are safe and healthier to feed.

These food are prepared under the care of a man having professionality and checked by experienced quality checked. These foods contain meat, grains, vegetables, fruits, and vitamins in a calculated manner.

While buying  a commercial food for your dog take care of choosing food because it is different for different ages of the dogs and also check the statement of a proper association of feed control that the food is complete which means food is having every required ingredient and balanced which means that all the ingredients are  in a proper ratio.

There are two types of commercial foods wet and dry.

Now again it is confusing that which one is best for your dog?

Let it be clear that both are healthy and safe when it comes to the teeth dry fruit is the better option but if your dog is not drinking water as much as he should drink wet foods are the best option as it will help him to fill his water requirements.

Home-made foods for Dogs:

While living with you, your dog becomes a part of your family and will always convince you while eating that there must be something for him from your table and this will lead you to think to make some recipe for your dog as well. Making a recipe for the dog is not as easy as you are thinking of.

You do know a lot of things before you go for the cooking a dish for the dog like what kind of foods your dog what are the harmful food items for him what is the proper amount of substances to in a good dish.

For the solution of these problems, you can use google or you can follow the procedure of recipe already cooked by a professional cook. Here are some food elements that your dog’s diet must contain.

Your dog needs protein: best source of protein are

  • The animal meats
  • The Seafoods
  • Dairy
  • Eggs

Your dog needs fats: best source of fat is

  • The Meat
  • The oil

Your dog needs carbohydrates: best source of carbohydrates is

  • Grain
  • Vegetables

 Your dog needs calcium: best source of calcium is

  • Dairy
  • Eggshell

Your dog needs fatty acids: best source of fatty acid is

  • Plant oil
  • Egg yolk
  • Oatmeal

As compared to commercial foods if you have expertise in cooking home-made food is much better as it is fresh and contain some extra things which dogs do not like to eat but are beneficial for them.

Here are some of the healthy and dogs loved recipes  which you can try  at home

The cookies made from peanut butter.

Among the foods, dogs love most peanut butter is the prominent one. This recipe will also help you to add fish oil which has great health effects in dogs. The Fish oil makes your dog’s coat soft, shiny and healthier.

You can find these cookies in commercial foods but they may not be so much healthy because they may contain hydrogenated oil and also may not contain fish oil.

Ingredients required for this recipe are :

  • Flour ( 2 cups )
  • Rolled oats ( 1 cup )
  • Peanut butter smooth ( ½ cup )
  • Honey ( 1 tablespoon )
  • Fish oil ( ½ spoon )
  • Water ( 1 ½ cups )

Procedure for cooking

Make a mixture of the flour and the oats, add 1 cup of water and blend till it becomes smooth. now add peanut butter, honey, and fish oil and mix the ingredients properly until it becomes the paste.

Now add a remaining half cup of water slowly and keep on mixing it as well till your paste becomes a thick mixture. Now spread some flour on the cooking surface and role down the thick mixture on it to give cookies shape you can use cookies cutter.

after you have made cookies from the thick mixture put those cookies on a baking sheet and cook for 40 minutes in an already heated oven at 350-degree Fahrenheit. before feeding your dog allow it to cool properly.

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Fruity deposit for the dogs

The dogs are very lovely and loyal hence deserve desert at least once in a week. This a good dessert for the dogs which is energy rich. You can make it at home by following the simple steps.

This recipe mixes fruits and dairy making most loved by dogs. This recipe along with great taste also is a good source of proteins and vitamins for your dog.

Ingredients required this recipe:

  • Plain, fat-free yogurt ( ½ cup )
  • The Strawberries, dried ( ½ cup )
  • Applesauce ( ½ cup)

Procedure for cooking:

Take all the ingredients in a bowl and start blending until yogurt is smooth and fruit is well mixed and blended. This paste is your dogs best sweet dish full of energy which you can serve it now and can even store for up to seven days in the fridge.

While feeding dog, serve in small amounts to avoid wastage. You can serve this dish every day but if you don’t want to serve this at least once in a week as treat of your dog.

Casserole of chicken:

If you feel aggression, timidity, epilepsy and slow growth be sure that there is the protein deficiency. To reduce this deficiency casserole chicken is a good recipe as it contains chicken which is rich in proteins. It also contains bean good for the intestinal tract.

Ingredients required for the recipe are :

  • Breasts of chicken ( 4 )
  • Chopped green beans ( ½ cup )
  • Chopped carrots ( ½ cup )
  • Chopped Broccoli ( ½ cup )
  • Rolled oats ( ½ cup )
  • Chicken broth of low salt ( 4 cups )

Procedure  for cooking :

After removing extra fats from the chicken breasts, cut it into small pieces. Cook these small pieces on medium heat till it becomes pic in color. Now add all the ingredients and cook for about 15 minutes. It is now ready to be served after cooling it. You can store this dish for five days in the fridge.

What table foods are safe for the dogs?

There are a lot of table foods we want to share with our dogs, among them some are healthy for both human and dogs while some foods which are healthy for human beings but are sometimes deadly or harmful to the dogs. Many unsuspecting dog owners feed their pets cooked bones out of love without knowing the real harm they can cause.

So if your are a pet lover and really love your dog and want to share your table food with your dog you need to know which foods are healthy or harmful for your dog and also need to know how to cook those foods because addition of minor ingredient can make a great difference and can make healthy food into harmful one and way they can be served.

Same food ingredient has a different cooking procedure for dogs and human beings.

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Some of the table foods and fruits which are healthier for dogs are:

The lean protein: the lean protein can be obtained from chicken, turkey, and beef. Commercial foods, both wet and dry contain lean protein. The lean protein is fats and protein-rich food which will help your dog to maintain the healthy weight and constant energy level.  It must be cooked in a proper way, avoid cooking lean protein with vegetables which are harmful to the dogs and oils and wines, which can lead to deadly effects on your dog’s health.

The Yogurt:  All types of yogurt especially the Greek yogurt is protein-rich dairy food. You can serve yogurt with all every food of the dog but it must be served sugar-free.

The Salmon: this food is rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids. The omega-3 fatty acid is very healthy and good for the coat of the dog’s skin health as well.

The Pumpkin and sweet potatoes: it is carbohydrates, beta-carotene, and vitamins A rich food, which is essential for the healthy digestive system.

The rice & pasta: it is an energy-rich food for your dog. Feeding your dog the fatty and acidic sauces is unhealthy.

The Apple: the apple is the great source of vitamins A and vitamins C.

The Peanut Butter: added protein and fiber-rich foods are very healthy for your dog. To feed your dog a dry food only one tablespoon of the peanut butter is enough.

While feeding makes sure it is fresh, pure and natural, more importantly, it must be Xylitol free, which is very dangerous for the dogs.

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What table are foods unhealthy for the dogs?

The dogs are so active and attractive that sometimes you become addicted to them and wish to share all of your favorite things with him.While in foods there are some foods which are unhealthy and dangerous that sometimes their consumption can lead to the death of your dogs.

Here are some of such table foods which are unhealthy for dog:

Chocolate & cocoa:  the chocolate contains theobromine which can be poisonous for your dog. It is a sweet treat whose even a single bite can make your dog vomit or can cause diarrhea along with this it can also cause abnormality in a rhythm of the heart, tremors, seizures and even sometimes death.

The Grapes:  The dangerous health effect of the grapes can be felt in every dog who intakes grapes but its conquests can be fatal if the dog is elder or sick. In most of the dog’s breeds grapes cause diseases of the kidney.

The Avocados: This fruit is rich in persin, very healthy for human beings but for the dogs this fruit cause vomiting and diarrhea eventually making your dog weak and prone to many other health problems.

The Onion & Garlic: The onion and the garlic has a very diverse effect on the dog’s health. If a dog consumes a large volume of these food items it can cause irritation of gastrointestinal and can damage red blood cells which at the end will be the cause of the Anemia.

The Alcohol:  The alcohol feeding can be deadly for your dog. A single drop of the alcohol is enough to cause vomiting, diarrhea, depression of central nerve system, difficulty in breathing and even it can cause death. These effects can be even worse if you have the puppy or small breed.

The coffee:  The caffeine is a fatal ingredient for dogs even a single sip of caffeine can cause irregular heart beating, restlessness, and bleeding.  It can lead to serious consequences if taken in big amount.

Some dairy products:  The cheese in the small amount cannot kill your pet but in an excess amount it will cause digestive health issues because milk contains lactose. The dogs as compared to human beings have a small number of lactose digestive enzymes.

The Gum:  The Gums are rich in Xylitol and sweeteners which can cause failure of liver and hypoglycemia.  The human beings can feed on the Gums because their digestive system has the capability of digesting this kind of things but the dogs digestive system cannot digest it and this undigested gum can block the system leading to Quick death.


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