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How Many Times A Day Should I Feed My Dog Or Puppy


How Many Times A Day Should I Feed My Dog Or Puppy

How Many Times a Day Should I Feed My Dog?

Most of the expert vets say that feed your dog twice in a day, once in a morning and second in evening with proper and complete diet plan of dogs.

But if you have a puppy and having 2 months old or 3-month old then you should go for proper 4-5 times a day with a proper guide of your vet.

Is the Feeding of Dog is Fixed in a Day??

Look this is really simple when you need to train your dog or you want to give some extra training to your dog so he can survive in different conditions when you are away,

But giving him food once in a day is not a good option because it happens when you are away and dogs are alone in a home.

So it is your responsibility to train your dog with proper feeding tactics.

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What is the Best time to Feed your Dog?

You can feed your dog twice in a day or thrice in a day but the first option is good, suppose you are going to an office and before going to office feed your dog and go for the office and the second is on your return you can feed him in the evening on your return.

It looks very simple but when you do this it would be very difficult for you because managing things on regular basis is very hard you can’t resume things especially when it comes to feeding a dog.


Eventually, you can feed your dog in the evening as well but for that you have to note that your dog will irritate you in Potty Time, so if you feed him in evening probably after two or three clock he will be ready for the Potty.

How Much Should You Feed a Dog:


After talking about Dog Feeding Timing we should know about the quantity of food which we are giving to our dogs so it is really important for you to know that how much feeding your dog needs. if you have Siberian Husky or German Shepherd then it will be easy for you to take care of their food.

How Many Times a Day Should I Feed My Dog?

Now come to the Point when it comes to the quantity of dog food it depends on the age of the dog and the breed of the dog as well because when every dog breed has its own characteristics and different genes so all of these eat accordingly.

IF you have a special breed like German shepherd then you have to really very careful about that because they are very sensitive.

How many times will you feed your 2-month-old puppy??

The case of feeding NewBorn Puppy is really very sensitive so you have to give three times or four times a day.Like if your feeding four times a day 75% of  a cup of dog food then you should give him 50% each time so it your puppy can easily get the food.

Please note if your puppy is normal and NewBorn then doesn’t forget to give him mother milk as it has really important for NewBorn Puppy.

When is the best time to feed a dog Morning or Evening?

I would recommend you to feed your dog in morning and evening both time as this is the best time for feeding your puppy or dog in a way that it does not disturb you as well as your dog.

So feed him in the morning when you are going out and in the evening because when your dog feels hunger it would be great to feed him otherwise it would create problems only.

How Many Times a Day Should I Feed My Dog?

so as we discussed above that there is no limitation about feeding your canine so follow the guide and rock 🙂

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