How to Keep Your Cat Safe in Your Home

If you are preparing your house for a cat arrival, you have to be certain that your home is safe for a pet.

Felines can jump high, crawl, and climb, so there is almost no surface that a cat cannot reach. Also, exploring the territory is the cats’ nature, so they will find and use even the smallest chance to leave home.

Also, they will get into every cabinet they can open. Therefore, it’s vital to make your apartment cat-proof, especially if you don’t want your feline to go outside.

The process of making your house safe implies a lot of activities that you will be required to perform. Firstly, you should examine and secure any possible ways a furball can use to leave a house, hide potentially dangerous food and plants, and constantly monitor your pet.

Cat-Proof your Home

First of all, you are ought to examine your home thoroughly and make it 100% safe for felines. The most widespread way cats leave a house is through an opened window.

Since it’s impossible to keep windows closed all the time due to the need for fresh air, you need to secure all the windows in your house by installing protection nets. so, Hypoallergenic Cats are also easy to handle.

They can be made of plastic, fabric, metal and have different forms. You will easily find some window nets that will suit your interior and won’t let a feline go outside.

At the next stage, you are required to examine the HVAC system in your house and make sure that all ventilation holes are firmly secured.

A cat can easily remove a poorly attached HVAC grille using claws and get into the ventilation system. Also, don’t forget to hide cords or put them into a protective case. A feline can easily chew through a plastic covering layer and reach the metal cords that can be energized.


Besides, you need to remove all glass items from shelves. Cats like dropping different things from shelves. If a glass item falls and breaks, small pieces of glass on the floor will wound a feline.

It’s also recommended to put ceramic and glass vases into a secure place, as felines may break them accidentally, trying to sniff and taste flowers.

Keep Safe From Poisoning

Even though cats are very selective in their food, they can be poisoned by flowers, medications, and human food. Therefore, you need to be certain that your feline won’t be able to access poisonous items.


For starters, you have to research and discover if there are any poisonous plants in your apartment. If so, you need to waste them as some cats like eating different plants.

For instance, lilies are very dangerous for felines. Even a little dose can cause severe health damage in cats.

Also, you have to check all bottles with perfumes and place them in a secure place. Some scents of perfumes can attract cats. Nevertheless, if they lick a cap with fragrance leftovers, they can get poisoned by alcohol, oil, and other ingredients.


Since alcohol and medications can be dangerous for a feline’s health, you need to keep them in a separate cabinet with a lock so that your furball won’t be able to reach and consume poisonous items. Also, you should keep chocolate, tea, and coffee away from your feline.

Create Secure Place

If you don’t want your cat to examine dangerous places in an apartment, create a safe zone for your furball. Feel free to set a cat’s place in a home by yourself.

Ideally, it should be a room’s corner where your feline will feel secured and won’t be distracted frequently. Buy a cat condo and put it in the chosen place. Besides, you can buy a separate scratching pillar and some toys, so your pet will be entertained in a secure place, instead of jumping on shelves and crawling on curtains.


It’s recommended to put bowls with meal and water in another place to keep them safe. If you’re a tech-savvy cat owner, you can buy an automatic feeder that will provide the required amount of meal according to a pre-set schedule. The Taste of the Wild cat food reviews will help you learn more about a good-quality feline meal that your pet may enjoy.

Double-Check Everything

Even if you buy the best cat condo, your furball may find a laundry bag the best place to sleep. Therefore, you always need to be very attentive and double-check everything. You should learn never to keep the door outside open as your pet will never lose the chance to run away.

Also, you always need to watch yourself, closing doors between rooms in your house. If you miss a cat who leaves or enters a room with you, a closing door can accidentally hurt your feline.

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