Russian Bear Dog

Russian Bear Dog – Puppy Hood Details

Russian Bear Dog Puppy hood info


This breed was originated in the Caucasus mountain region. This region consists of several countries including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and southeastern Russia.

This is a mountain region which means the area has hills.

Russian bear dogs were bred because of their Protective and guarding nature. They were used to guard sheep against wolves and bears which were widely spread in that hill area.

They used to work in a team when it is needed to face danger and this is the only breed who can take down the bear and wolves. They were bred to be large enough to take the dangerous situations.

They never take their steps back while fighting till the end.

On the other hand, they are loyal too and can be a good companion. They never leave their owner alone in the difficult situation and survive till the very end of the situation.

Characteristics of Russian bear dog

This breed is more aggressive and difficult to handle and train. An inexperienced owner should not adopt Russian bear dog because they tend to be more stubborn and reactive towards strangers.

However, socialization and proper training can minimize the risk of their anger. A female Russian bear dog with her puppies could be more dangerous for strangers because of her maternal instincts of protection.

In Russia, they are called Caucasians Ovcharka which denotes the region and Ovcharka means shepherd. They are now popular in the world and recognized by AKC and UKC.

In Europe and USA, they are used as a protective member of family or companionship. They are good at guarding job and can prove themselves best for their owner if they are trained well.

Russian Bear Dog Puppy

Of course, it is exciting and fun to have a new puppy in the home. especially, when you are going to adopt a mysterious breed like the Russian Bear Dog.

as mentioned before, they are difficult to handle so you just need to treat them with extra care, love, and attention during their puppyhood. Once you give them what they need, they will become according to you. They will be loyal, lovable towards the family.

Initially, an owner needs to have patience because sometimes a Russian bear dog puppy can refuse to learn, obey you or do whatever he wants to do. For longterm results, patience will help you to find your pup exactly the way you treat him, the first time.

Puppyhood details

Try to find a good breeder once you decide that you are going to adopt a Russian bear dog.  you might find a puppy in a cheap price but it is not recommended to adopt a puppy who is not checked medically and not vaccinated.

A good breeder is mandatory in the process of adopting a puppy. A breeder should provide complete documents of medical history and reports of puppy’s bloodline.

How to handle a puppy initially?

Once you adopt a puppy, you need to take your puppy to vet for a routine check-up to make sure that your puppy is medically fit and healthy. Find a proper diet and ask a nutritionist about the best and healthy food for your Russian bear dog puppy.

They do not need excessive exercises because they are moderately active dogs. The regular walk would be enough for your puppy’s regular activity.


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