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7 Things About Caucasian Mountain Shepherd You’ll Kick Yourself For Not Knowing

Caucasian Mountain Shepherd

The Caucasian mountain shepherd, also known as Caucasian Ovcharka, is thinned to be originated from the Caucasus. However, they are also found in Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. This is a very large breed of dogs more popular in Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia.

These are very ancient dogs. Shepherds living in the Caucasus Mountains used them as a guard dogs. That is the reason they were named as Caucasian mountain shepherd.

These dogs are famous for their intelligence, loyalty and quick learning capability and have been trained to work with shepherds. Their training starts at 0-9 age and it includes only a simple guide to obedience. It is generally advisable that puppy from age of 7-9 months must get training from experts. It’s necessary to polish his capabilities and make it a better living and give responsibility to guard the herds.

Health and Health problems in The Caucasian mountain shepherd:

The Caucasian Ovcharkas are a healthy breed of the dogs. They have a big lifespan of 10 to 12 years. They are very well resistant to health problems. However, some of the dogs may have some diseases which include Obesity, dysplasia, some hips and heart diseases.

If you are about to buy a Caucasian mountain shepherd, buy it from a good breeder, who has a good experience of dog keeping. Because a good breeder always uses genetic testing of the breeding stock. While doing so they reduce the chances of health issues to occur in puppies.

What is the maximum height the Caucasian mountain shepherd can have?

7 Things About Caucasian Mountain Shepherd You'll Kick Yourself For Not Knowing

These dogs generally are healthy, muscular and have strong bones along with heavier coats. They are categorized as Molossers, a group of hard built dogs of large breeds. These companions are large but there is no recorded height or weight in these dogs.

Female of this breed can be as small as 64 cm or can be big as 67 to 70 cm, with a minimum weight of 45 kg. While the minimum height of male usually is 68 cm and maximum deserved height which is 72 to 75 cm, with a minimum weight of 50 kg.

What is The Caucasian mountain shepherd used for?

The Caucasian mountain shepherd breed of dogs are huge and monsters with the frightening look. This breed is not suitable for every dog owner. If somehow its training is done in a proper way, it can have aggressive behavior, especially to strangers, which can be a fatal sometimes.

Because of their immense strength, massive size and terrible look, they have been used as flack’s protector for centuries. This breed of dogs, in ancient time, was used to protect herds of domestic animals especially sheep from predators and thieves.

Is Caucasian mountain shepherd a good family dog’s breed?

Being a good property protector, it can also be a good guard of your family, but with a proper training. Normally its lethargic breed and very low activity, unlike other family dog’s breed, when they have no work.

But when it feels something is threatening or trying to harm the family it becomes an agile, cogent and great benefactor.

However, for a family having kids, it’s not recommending to have Caucasian mountain shepherd as a pet. Because they are huge in size and strength and have herding nature, sometimes while trying to group the children together for protection may cause panic and the dog may show aggressive behavior to the children.

What is the temperament of the Caucasian mountain shepherd?

The Caucasian mountain shepherd is a working breed and is mostly used to take care of the live stacks. Being massive animal it’s advisable to keep this pet in the people without proper socialization and training. Generally, they have an aggressive temperament towards strangers.

Temperament of this terrible creature depends upon the training. However, he is always loyal to the owner. They naturally have a serious and protective attitude. These dogs show combative attitude to strange people and gentle conduct to people he knows.

With well training and keeping among people may change its temperament toward humans. It can be a good companion to people around him.

What is the price of the Caucasian mountain shepherd?

While buying the Caucasian Ovcharka puppy as your pet main things to keep in mind are:

  • It must belong a well-experienced owner
  • Must be healthy
  • Well socialize and well trained
  • More importantly, before you buy it, medical checkup must necessarily be done.

Price of the dog depends upon the size weight and look of the dog. It also mainly depends upon the awards and titles of the decedents. An average cost of the Caucasian Ovcharka is between 500 to 3000 US dollars.

What to feed a Caucasian mountain shepherd?

This breed is very sensitive to what you are feeding them and when you are feeding them. There must be a scheduled and balanced diet for them, which varies with age.

As a new puppy, it requires less energy so the food is kept light. When he is young and has increased activities needs more energy and more caloric food.  When they get old typically they retard their activities and need food with less amount of energy.

The diet of the Caucasian mountain shepherd must contain a calculated amount of the Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats and lipids, Vitamins, and minerals for his good health and shiny double coats. Proper food can help in the reduction of the medical expenses and can also add to the increase in the lifespan of your puppy.


What is the average cost of the Caucasian mountain shepherd’s feeding?

Your best puppy always needs best quality food, in either form wet or dry. It must come true to his energy demands. Which normally can cost you 70 to 80 US dollars per month. Other expenses you will bear include the Vaccinations, regular checkups, medicines, and grooming. Regular checkups and medicines can cost 1000 to 1500 $ per year.

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