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Can Dogs Eat Olives – Can You Give Olives To Your Dog?

Can dogs eat olives – Can you give olives to your dog?


Pet, especially dogs do not feel shy to beg for any yummy thing their owners are going to have. But being responsible pet owners one should be careful and well aware of the thing one wants to feed to their dog.

Olives are the part of daily diet like part of salad or pizza toppings etc. Also, these are highly nutritious and healthy diet parts which are essential for humans. Olives are the healthy snacks loved by everyone; therefore, pet parent wants to serve this delicious snack to their buddy pet.

Can Dogs Eat Olives

Can dogs eat olives, is the query first come to mind when pet owners want to serve their dogs. Fortunately, dogs can eat olives but there are also few factors one need to consider before serving these to their dogs. Some dogs really like the taste of olives although some breed dogs do not want to eat olives.  These are the delightful treat for both humans and dogs as this food is one of the world’s most enjoyable foods.

Olives are the essential part of salad although the taste and nutrition level of olives are matchless. Moreover, experts and veterinarians say olives are not poisonous to canine species. Olives are harmless and healthy food for dogs to eat. But hold on for few minutes and read this complete article to learn about olives, its nutrition value and how you should feed olives to your dogs.

What are olives?

Olive is the species of small tree and found from the Arabian Peninsula, Portugal, southern Asia, CanaryIslands and east China. This species is cultivated in Saudi Arabia, California, Norfolk Island, Argentina, Bermuda and all countries in the Mediterranean coast.

Olives are not only healthful and nutritious but also useful to treat heart and other diseases.  Olives are the best delightful food which is enriched with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and good fats.  This delicious food also prevents cancer, inflammation, and blood clots which can lead to stroke. Olives are enriched with high levels of vitamin E, healthy fats, and antioxidants.

This vegetable and food offered protection against anemia also help to increase reproductive system and fertility. These are the finest replacement of saturated fats in the regular diet also plays an important part in reducing cholesterol and heart diseases. Furthermore this food control blood pressure along with reduces additional cholesterol present in the blood. Olive is full of nutrition food along with countless health benefits for humans but the question arises here is it safe for dogs to eat olives? Let’s find out the answer:

Can dogs eat olives Pizza?

Can Dogs Eat Olives

Olives are non-toxic to dogs and pet owns can feed olives to dogs. But you should not feed olives to your dog all the time and most importantly this does not mean you are allowed to serve any kind of olive to your dog you get for yourself. Under some certain rules, you can feed olives to your dog which are mentioned right here.

Safety paws stated that natural and fresh forms of olives are harmless and safe to serve to canines. Moderate or a single plain olive will be safe and healthy enough for your buddy. Canned and pickled varieties although a quite different matter, as these form of olives, carried high sodium level.

High sodium is not appropriate for dogs according to the research study; therefore, you should not feed canned and pickled olives to your dogs. In case your buddy like the taste of olive and cute eyes wants you then it is better to feed natural state olive to them.

Remove the pit from olives before feeding to your dog. Olive pits can also cause choking or harm to your dog so be careful and keep olive pit away.

Benefits of olive for dogs

Olives are highly nutritious and beneficial for canines too. But you should not feed olive as regular diet it is better and safe to serve as an occasional treat. Olives offered high-level vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which similarly help to boost the immune system and help to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.

Olives are the best source monounsaturated fatty acid which is healthful for dogs also. Olive and olive oil are among the natural remedy which helps to repair dog’s dry or flaky skin. Olive and olive oil can moisturize dog’s skin.

Olives are the best treatment which not just improves your dog’s health but also these are good for brain health. This food protects your dog from several brain, skin and health diseases. Olives are the best food treat for extra intelligent breeds like border collies and poodles.

Balanced dog diet

Olive should be given to dogs in form of occasional treat which should be rare. Pet owners should pose regular diet of their based on specific dry or wet food for dogs. Pet owners should provide a balanced diet to their cutie buddies and make treat a small part of irregular diet around 5% of your dog takes every day. For dogs’ meal, treat are the best and appropriate solution for nutrition or nutritionally balanced meal and olives are the way best replacement than any other food.

How to feed olives to dogs?

You should serve pit free and natural form of olive to your dog. Make sure to remove pit completely or else it may cause choking or harmful to dog’s health and teeth. No matter black olive or green olive you can feed choose any of them but carefully remove pit before feeding it to your pet.

A plain and unsalted olive is good and safe treat for dogs. You can either mix the slices of olive into dog’s food or you can mix it well with dry food.

Olive oil is also fine and safe for dogs you can add a few drops of wet food of dog and serve it to them. Remember excessive olives can be unsafe or harmful to dogs; you should feed one or just 2 at a time. Olive is rich in fat content, dogs have not much potential to digest too much fat content, and therefore, you need to be a bit careful while feeding olives. Too many fats can cause pancreatitis growth, this disease contains pancreatic inflammation.

Start off with a small piece of olive and observe your pet reaction if all goes well then you can continue it for an occasional treat.

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