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Can dogs Eat Watermelon Rind? Detailed Discussion

The digestive system of dogs and humans are different from each other, even in animal to animals, their digestive system change drastically. Likewise, things which are edible for a human may not be suitable for other animals, whether it is fruits or any other edible stuff. So before feeding anything to your dog, do concern with the nutritionist.

Here you will find all the information regarding watermelon, watermelon rind, and its related components.

Can dogs eat watermelon rind?

During hot summer’s day, when the sun is in full swing, and people are running out of hydration. There is nothing better than having a juicy and full of electrolytic watermelon. Which can bring all the lost energy from our body, and refresh us in quick succession

People often love to have some watermelon, whenever the temperature is high, and the weather is hot, and why they should not be, the water it contains is necessary for their health, and an important component of survival in summer days.

But as mention earlier, the digestive system of dogs is different from humans, their body structure, physical activity, and each and everything works in separate equilibrium. It doesn’t mean that your dog cannot eat watermelon, in fact, it is quite good for their health too, let’s just first speak about watermelon, then we will come to our actual topic

As it contains 92% of water, and some other vitamins and minerals like, Vitamin A, B6, C, and some good amount of fiber. Other than that, watermelon contains some amount of sugar, but because of fiber, it does not mix in the bloodstream, which is very good for health.

It also contains a chemical compound called lycopene, which is an antioxidant. Watermelons are generally fat-free, cholesterol-free, and low in sodium. Which makes it a healthier choice for eating and make it a strong source of hydration in hot summer’s day.

But keep in mind that high quantity of watermelon is not good for your dog, as it is not a regular part of its diet, you don’t know how your dog’s body will respond to it. It might upset your dog stomach, and probably get its tummy ache along with some diarrhea.

So instead you get your dog hurt, it’s better for both, you and your dog that you should first concern with a nutritionist and then let your dog eat.

Why watermelon rinds are hard to digest?

Not all parts of fruits are edible, some are poisonous in nature, while some are hard to digest, and some do not contain any taste or any necessary component for its digestion.

Same is the case with watermelon rind, why would you let your dog eat watermelon rind when you have a fruit full of benefits and uses. And other than that there are so many other things to feed your dog.

Although watermelon rind is not toxic, the problem is they do not possess any important component or nutrient, and other than that they are quite hard to digest and some dogs might not have the ability to digest them.

All the dogs are of different shape, size, and breed, some are strong, and some are weak, some are the case with their digestive system. Bigger dogs can easily digest anything, but small dogs or, pet dogs are soft, and they have a weak digestive system.

It is quite hard for them to digest, and in the worst case, it can create a blockage in the intestine, or they might face some abdominal pain and vomiting.

So it is better that don’t let your dog eat watermelon rind, and try to feed them with some other stuff.

Edible parts of watermelon.

Watermelon consists of three main parts.

  • Rind: The hard outer shell of watermelon is one of the non-edible parts of watermelon, although rind is not toxic in nature, the problem is, first, it does not contain any nutrient or vitamin, second, because of its hard nature, rind is quite hard to digest, even humans can’t digest rind, that’s why they don’t take it. Same is the case with dogs, they have a very soft digestive system and do not have such enzymatic activity to digest rind, and due to slow digestion rind can cause blockage in their digestive system and it can be very painful for your dog.
  • Fruit: the inner juicy and soft part of watermelon is properly edible in nature, as it contains number of vitamins, and minerals, with very low level of fat and sugar, so it can’t be harmful to your dog, but as we know, watermelon is not the regular part of your dogs diet, so don’t feed your dog in high quantity. Start with a few pieces and see how your dog react to it. If your dog like its taste, then you can increase the quantity, but, it is better first to ask any nutritionist.
  • Seed: seeds are mix with fruits, and their nature is quite hard, but not as hard as rind. Seeds can be edible for some animals and can be hard to digest for others, as in case of dogs, they usually do not have that ability to digest seeds, so don’t let your dog eat any seeds in watermelon. The best edible thing for your dog to eat is the fruit part of the watermelon, and better to avoid the other two.


Well, I’ll conclude it with two verdicts. First, yes, your dog can eat watermelons. Second, No, you can’t feed your dog with watermelon rind. And if you really want to feed your dog with watermelons, there are some types of seedless watermelon in the market, try them out, because they do not contain seeds. So it will not be hard for your dog to digest and, it will be easier or you to feed them with seedless watermelon.

Another thing you can do is, if your dog really likes the flavor of watermelon, what you can do is to bring some market products which have the same aroma as watermelon, and can be edible for your dog, but make sure, your dog won’t suffer any disease with it.

Till then stay healthy, and keep your dog healthy too.


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