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Can Dogs Eat Poppy Seeds? – Are They Toxic To Dogs?

Can dogs eat poppy seeds – are poppy seeds toxic to dogs?

These days poppy seeds are the major part of whole lot foods generally used in the regular diet. There are several popular cuisines where poppy seeds are the essential ingredient to develop perfect taste with lots of nutrition.

Poppy seeds are the crucial part of some specific muffins or bun or bread several types of desserts which are made in outdoor stores or home typically.

Also, these are the crucial part of some baked food items these include to add crunch in food. Poppy seeds contain folate, niacin, as well as these, are the great source of minerals.

This best human food is best to add color and crunch to all types of baked foods. Also, poppy seeds contain a high amount of calcium, iron, and zinc.

This human food is the essential part of Asian and other cuisines. With all these benefits and varieties pet owners always wonder can dogs eat poppy seeds? Or are poppy seeds safe for their four-legged buddies? In this article, we compiled up the answers and all related details of these question.

Can dogs eat poppy seeds?

NO! All those pet owners considering serving poppy seeds should stop their hand on feeding this food to your pet. Poppy seeds are toxic to dogs according to the pet poison helpline.

However, it varies with toxicity levels experienced according to the ingested amount. Poppy seeds contain an opioid that is highly toxic for canines.  Opioid poisoning can be deadly for dogs if it is not treated on time.

Poppy seeds are not safe for dogs to eat. Therefore it is better not to serve any food item that contains poppy seeds. Toxic content in poppy seeds known as opioid can affect your pet’s health and sometimes cause severe health problems even death.

One of the sources where dogs can ingest opioid from is poppy seeds. Dogs are carnivores thus they do not need seeds and nuts in their complete meal. Their meat based food can get them all needed nutrition.

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Opioid poisoning can be deadly for your best friend the symptoms of this poisoning contain the respiratory issue, sedation, walking incoordination, lack of appetite etc.

This poisoning only seems casual but it may kill your pet if you do not get him treated right away.  Therefore it is important to be careful while feeding any foodstuff check thoroughly that the food item does not carry ingredients like poppy seeds.

Can Dogs Eat Poppy Seeds?

The Truth of Poppy Seeds and Dogs

The poppy seeds types available in grocery stores usually get from the plant named as P. somniferum which commonly known as the opium poppy plant.

It is also the fact that the poppy seeds contain a moderate amount of opiates such as morphine which is simply toxic or unsafe for canines. However, a small amount may not deliver its complete dog need to ingest a high amount of seeds to feel the harmful effects of opiates.

Is Poppy Seeds Toxic to Dogs?

Poppy seed is on the list of food items which are toxic or unsafe for dogs. Both the biggest organization like ASPCA and Pet Poison Hotline are agreed on the fact that dog should not eat poppy seeds.

However, according to research studies, a lot of poppy seeds can give dog opioid poisoning while expert vets concluded there is not any safe limit. Therefore it can be harmful if you serve a few seeds.

All vets have the same idea that poppy seeds should not be given to dogs and cats.

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What are the symptoms of opioid poisoning in dogs?

the Pet Poison Helpline stated that every part of the poppy plant including seeds is toxic to dogs. Poppy plant and poppy seeds contain opioids which are dangerous for the dog. Consumption of poppy seeds or any else stuff carrying opioids can be dangerous and lead to poisoning.

Opioids poisoning in dogs are extremely dangerous and even can cause coma and death of your dog. So that it is better and safe to keep poppy seeds away from dog’s reach.

However, eating a few seeds may not likely cause any disease to the dog but you should be careful and observe signs of opioids poisoning in your dogs. The symptoms of  opioids poisoning include:

  • lack of appetite
  • walking drunk
  • pinpoint pupils
  • slowed heart rate and breathing
  • sedation

in case you observe any of the sign mentioned above then instantly consult your vet without wasting time. If you are not in a situation to get your dog to vet then the best idea you can try is making your dog vomit. But do try the safe idea of inducing vomiting in dogs in this way your dog will spit out all the stuff he ate.

What to do if your dog ate poppy seeds?

If your dog ate a poppy plant you have in your backyard or garden or your dog managed to eat any poppy seeds then mentioned are the symptoms list you should monitor in your dog.

  • Unable to control proper movement or lack of coordination
  • Breathing problems
  • Zoning out
  • Reduction of heart rate
  • Crying or eyes wet
  • Increased hyperactivity or rush of energy
  • Coma
  • Seizures

Sometimes when dogs managed to eat a few seeds then most probably there will not be any adverse effects you will observe. And mostly the chances are high that your pet will be safe in this case.

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Most often the dog’s body has managed to handle the effects of most of the part of seeds when dogs swallowed a few seeds. However, there might be some stomach issues can take place like about of diarrhea.

Serious problems occur when dog managed to eat a large number of seeds. In such cases before think of any myth rush them to the nearest pet care center because the little delay of time can drag your pet’s life in serious danger. With the time these seeds effect on the central nervous system of dog and this can be the last effect.

Final verdict

Irrelevant to the amount or quantity poppy seeds are dangerous for dogs. Do not put your pet’s life in danger feeding this toxic food to your dog. You should ignore serving your dog any food item that carries poppy seeds as ingredients.


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