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Can I Give My Dog Zyrtec – Everything You Should know About The Tool To Combat Allergies?


Every species suffers from unpleasant allergies which are difficult and painful. Some have the misconception that allergies are related to humans specifically as the fact is dogs are not allergy free. Can I give my dog Zyrtec is a big problem these days so here we will explain everything you need to know?

If you think your dog has not got any allergy then check if your dog is itchy or likely to chew or lick its feet or sometimes breaking out in hives. If you view any of these then it is clear that your dog has got allergy.

Realization is the first step towards a solution, don’t shut your eyes. It is common as a human that dogs have allergies. Fortunately, there are medicines available out there that not only treat dog’s allergies but these medications are safe also.

According to experts vets, Zyrtec is the safe medication readily available with all safety. Also, there are several other medications available for dog allergies but nowadays Zyrtec is famous for dog’s allergies. Some pet owners have frequently asked the question can I give my dog Zyrtec and how? In this article, we have mentioned all the basic information about Zyrtec, its uses for allergies and how you can safely use this allergy medication to your dog.

Dog’s allergies

Can I Give My Dog Zyrtec

Zyrtec is the best medication used to treat several allergies reactions in dogs such as itching, skin redness, skin irritation, food and environmental allergies.

In dogs, their allergic reaction is mostly atopic dermatitis related as well as allergic contact dermatitis. A type of allergic response is inhalants connected while other linked to that your dog comes in contact topically. However, both the allergic reaction affects the pet’s skin and cause inflammation hives, itching, and swelling.

Nowadays vets are more convincingly prescribed a second-generation drug known as Zyrtec or cetirizine hydrochloride. Vets prescribed Zyrtec in liquid form and pill form according to the size or age of pet most often it is given in pill form.

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What is Zyrtec?

This is the second generation antihistamine usually prescribed for a human though these days vets prescribe Zyrtec to treat allergies in canine also. During the allergy or inflammatory response, the body of dogs releases chemical named as histamine.

H1 histamine receptors affect dog’s body in several ways and create difficulty in breathing and dog experience reactions like swelling, itching etc. As well as H2 histamine receptors may affect stomach acid secretions of dogs and can cause ulcers also sometimes stimulate heart rate in dogs.

Zyrtec directly blocks the histamine effects and attach with histamine receptors. This is why a drug like Zyrtec is also known as anti-histamine medications.

There are very few drugs available that affect both types of histamine receptors. Zyrtec specifically designed to work for H1 histamine receptors which reduce or prevent signs such as itching, swelling, and hives. Although Zyrtec drug will nothing to do with heart rate issue or stomach acid secretions.

Can I give my dog Zyrtec?

Yes, Zyrtec is safe medication or antihistamine or Zyrtec (cetirizine) for dogs. This medication is tolerable in dogs and effective to treat skin allergic conditions in canine.

According to veterinary studies, there has not any indication of danger for dogs if Zyrtec is used as per recommended dosage. However, misuse of this drug may cause harm to your dogs, therefore, it is crucially important to follow dosage recommendation strictly.

Zyrtec should not be the drug for dogs having liver disease or any organ diseases.

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Zyrtec Dosage and Restrictions

With Zyrtec, It is hard to overdose, therefore, it is pretty safe for dogs. But at the same time proper and appropriate administer required to serve drug to the pet with all safety. According to the treatment type, there are diverse recommended doses available which are available with the medication. Allergic reaction to bee sting requires a different dose of antihistamine than itchy skin.

Let suppose atopic dermatitis is the prolonged skin allergy, it causes due to environmental allergens such as dust mites and pollen.

To treat this allergy you should give 5 to 10mg once drug per day, the quantity of drug will majorly depend on the allergy (dermatitis) condition and size of your dog.  It is much better to consult to vet before feeding drug to your dog.

Similarly, the allergic reaction takes place due to fleas is allergic dermatitis. Usually, it comes about when contact with an allergen and disappears when the allergen moved off.

In this case, you should give 2.27 mg/lb in every 24 hours (you can decrease the quantity but never think of increasing the dose).

In case you think your dog is sensitive so it is better to consult your vet and ask about appropriate dose for the specific case of your dog. Some vets check the case sensitivity first and then recommend dose although some vets often recommend more frequent dosing at 2.27mg/lb in every 12 hours.

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Zyrtec Dosages for Dogs:

  • 16-39 lbs: 10 mg once per day
  • 0-15 lbs: 5 mg once per day
  • 40 lbs+: 10 mg twice per day

In case your dog allergies are major then dosages should be little higher than casual. Older dogs may not feel well with high dose, therefore, consult your vet might prescribe extra medications than higher dosage. Consult with your vet for appropriate dosage although according to per pound of body weight of dog half milligram dose twice a day is most safe and considerable option.


Ignore the D-version of Zyrtec this is the extreme higher drug which is harmful to dogs. You need to remove suspect allergens from the areas your dog frequent move in, this can be a good step and help to prevent your dog from allergies. Never ever give antihistamine to nursing dogs or pregnant dogs. If you have a puppy then Zyrtec is not a safe option for him.

You should make your dog learn to shake him off, dogs should shake them off and get fresh air this act help them get rid of allergen’s fur.


Zyrtec is the best and safe medication for allergies in dogs. But recommended dosage and caution are the basic conditions applied. If you have any sort of doubt then first consult your vet on dosage recommendation for dog’s specific allergies.



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