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Can dogs Eat Shrimp? Pros and Cons Discussed

can dogs eat Shrimp?

Majority of us are seafood lovers, and whenever we stop along a coast, or a seaside we love to have a fresh plate of shrimp or any other seafood we love. And when a juicy, well-cooked shrimp touch the taste buds of our tongue it just change our whole mood, and bring instant pleasure. In short it can make or break your day in span of few minutes.

But the relevant question is: your dog like shrimp? Is it healthy for him? Can your dog eat shrimp for longer period? What will be its benefits and side effects?

Is it okay to feed your dog shrimps?

Remember the ancestors of your dog never eat shrimps or any other seafood because these things mostly lives in deep sea, under the water where a dog can never reach.

But it has scientifically proven that your dog can eat shrimp when they are properly cooked. In row shrimps there are certain type of bacteria that can cause your dog a disease called: shellfish toxicity.

We have usually hear that dog love’s to eat raw meal , but not in case of seafood, if it is not cooked, then it can be dangerous for both; you and your dog .

If you feed your dog with shrimps on regular basis, it won’t be much beneficial or productive for your dog. Although shrimps do contain some important mineral and other elements: phosphorous, calcium ,iron. These minerals can help your dog in maintaining a strong metabolism and can strengthen their teeth and bones.

Except bacterial infection another problem with having undercooked shrimps is that it has a high concentration of cholesterol which ultimately hurt your dog’s cardiovascular system.


How to prepare shrimps for dog?

There are certain precautions which you need to follow before preparing food for you dog, first peel the shrimp and try to remove all the veins, because unpeeled shrimps can  be poisonous for your  dog, as dog usually do not have necessary enzyme for its digestion.

Secondly, the unpeeled skin of shrimps get lodge in the teeth of dog because dogs do not have the pair of teeth: needed to bite shrimps.

The other thing is when the skin of shrimp stuck in teeth, or throat of dog it can create hazard choking, even if somehow it passes through his mouth then it will definitely hurt its intestine.

So in all the possible circumstances, the best way to feed your dog with shrimps is: peel them and cooked them. And when you’re cooking shrimps for your dog make sure not to fry them, as it is not good for their health, either it can harm their digestive system or bring inflammation of pancreas.

Next crucial element for your dog’s diet is salt: huge amount of salt can disturb their blood pressure and lead them to dehydration in most conditions. So make sure when your dog eat shrimp it shouldn’t be containing any sort of garlic and onion; even onion powder. Garlic and onion are not good for their health, and even more poisonous in powder form.

Food is the most essential element needed for a healthy life, and same goes for your dog. Shrimps are not the type of food that your dog need on regular basis, yeah, it do possess some protein, but they can be found in other food too. So until or unless, if there isn’t any medical condition don’t feed your dog any unnecessary or additional food, as your dog’s body and digestive system is not designed to eat heavy amount of seafood, nor shrimps.

What kind of seafood your dog can eat?

There isn’t any kind of particular seafood that your dog can’t eat, but on contemporary there are no added special features in having such food. All the important and essential element it (seafood) possess can be easily gain by other foods too, even without any danger.

When you go to seaside, you normally see some warnings regarding: not let your dog eat any shellfish, because in some areas there was complain about dog dying because of paralytic shellfish poisoning.

Essential nutrients for dogs in shrimps.

Food is not all about taste, some time we take it as an important nutrient and ingredient for our body, as well as health.

In case of dogs, they need some basic elements for their survival, such as: vitamin B12, niacin phosphorous, and some anti-oxidants. Vitamin b12 is important for its metabolic process, and help in gastrointestinal health. Niacin mostly help in enzyme function, blood production, fat production, and so on. Phosphorous maintain, healthy bones, anti-oxidants, fight against bacteria and reduce brain aging. All these important tool for survival for dogs easily found in shrimp.


Harmful elements for dogs in shrimp.

As everything has its pros, it must have some cons is well, same goes for shrimps. As they have full or multiple nutrients, there are some inappropriate elements is well, such as: cholesterol, and unpeeled skin or raw shrimp. Dogs do not need such high level of cholesterol in their body as they do not have the ability to digest, and for unpeeled skin; there teeth and intestine can’t grind it properly, as it remain undigested.

Amount of shrimp a dog can eat.

Check and balance   is very important in every aspect of life, same type of moderation is needed while you feed your dog such food. Every dog is of different type, different breed, and different nature, even  their metabolism reacts accordingly, so  it’s better for both: you and your dog, to first consult with a veterinarian or any nutritionist, so they can provide you with a proper road map, on how you can, and what u can: feed your dog with.

On normal routine your dog can eat one or two shrimp maximum, or any other shellfish or seafood. But still you should seek advice from any doctor and then, let your dog eat.

‘’No one really wants to risk their loving pets life on the line.’’



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