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Can Dogs Eat Sesame Seeds – Can I Give Sesame Seeds To My Canine?


Man’s loyal friend is considered the species known as dogs. But Can Dogs Eat Sesame Seeds is an important question ever for pet owners?

Humans always in loved the ways dogs interact with them and the bond they share is priceless. This is the reason why pet owners are so concern and care about their buddy pets.

Pet parents want to share every delightful food they eat, but they should not share any food with their dogs. As there are several human foods listed which are highly toxic to dogs yes!

Pet owners have the most important responsibility to know which human food is safe and which is not safe to feed dogs. Can dogs eat sesame seeds is also the kind of the same line question raise in the mind of pet parents? Sesame seeds are the crucial yet healthiest human food but are sesame seeds safe for dogs too? Let’s find out the answer in this article with guidelines.

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Seeds in Dog’s diet

Mostly for animals seeds are not the part of the natural diet. You will not see wild dogs and wolves snacking on seeds. Canine or dogs get all the fatty acids and proteins from meat-based food as per their regular requirement.

Dog’s food contains complete and needed nutrition. Except you serve human foods and a steady diet of table scraps to your dog in this case nutrition should be anyway supplemented.

Can Dogs Eat Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds and Dogs

Sesame seeds are the most nutritious and delicious food for humans. This food is enriched with manganese, copper, iron, magnesium phosphorous and other essential minerals.

Dogs generally do not need additional nutrition in regular diet but as an occasional treat, sesame seeds are safe dog’s treat. This food provides countless health benefits to human and for canine as well.

Dogs can eat sesame seeds in moderation just, as the sesame seeds are the best source of omega 6 fatty acids, protein, and antioxidants.

But the sesame seeds are extremely rich in calories and fat therefore too many of them can upset dog’s stomach. Sesame seeds are among the non-toxic foods for dogs according to ASPCA. Sesame seeds offer a large number of antioxidants and protein to your furry pet. Also, they can provide the healthiest nutrition and also prevent several diseases.

Benefits of sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are the good source of dietary fiber, calcium, iron, phosphorous, vitamin B1, selenium, manganese, molybdenum, magnesium, and zinc.

They contain substances like sesamolin and sesamin, which belongs to lignans and shown to prevent high blood pressure, lower down cholesterol and increase storage of vitamin E. sesame seeds are also helpful to protect the liver against oxidative harm.

Sesame seeds contain copper which reduces swelling and pain also copper help in strengthens joints, blood vessels and bones.

However, the mineral manganese prevents diabetes, heart attack, and stroke. As well as this mineral is also beneficial for restoring normal sleep pattern. Zinc and calcium are the power pact that makes bones stronger and also improves bone density.

Sesame seeds are the best treatment for high cholesterol conditions and beneficial for lowering cholesterol. Sesame seeds are the great source of amino acids and dietary proteins which plays important role in growth while 18g of dietary protein is present in just 100g of seeds.

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Can dogs eat sesame seeds?

Can Dogs Eat Sesame Seeds

Yes, dogs can eat sesame seeds if they really like the taste. Sesame seeds are not poisonous food to serve dogs but moderation is the condition. Very small amount of sesame seeds are safe to treat your dog. However, these do not offer excessive health benefits instead of antioxidants, omega-6 fatty acid, and proteins.

A few sesame seeds once in a while can’t harm your pet. But remember overfeeding may prose harsh side effects to their digestion or stomach.

As sesame seeds have to carry the highest content of fat and oil which can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, and other severe health hazards. Roasted sesame seeds are the better option than raw ones.  Also, you can introduce sesame seeds as an ingredient in a variety of dog’s treat and surprise your pet with its crunchy, nutty flavor.

In the first attempt serve very few seeds in form of roasted seeds. Then you should observe your pet’s behavior if your pet is safe and happy with this treat then you can continue with this food. In case you observe any wrong behavior or act or problem to your dog then you should stop feeding this treat.

How to feed sesame seeds to your dog?

You should feed sesame seeds in moderation and in less quantity. You can add these seeds in varieties of dog’s diet to add more flavors.

You can serve a tablespoon of tahini (sesame seed sauce) into your pet’s food, or you can feed handful roasted seeds when your pet obeys you or a small bite of bread with seeds toppings or any bun cooked with sesame seeds.

You should not serve raw sesame seeds to your dog. Try to serve roasted and grounded seeds for easy digestion. Make sure the quantity in the first attempt is very small and closely watch your buddy. If you find them act normal and safe then you can continue feeding in case of developing allergies or any other symptoms you should instantly consult your vet.

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You can prepare your dog meal with a few sesame seeds. Also, you can try few drops of sesame oil to cook your dog’s meal in spite of sesame seeds but a lot of sesame oil in dog’s food can upset your dog’s stomach. One of the benefits of sesame oil is healing cracked or rough paw pads.

Usually, dogs adore the taste of sesame seeds but if your pet is bit moody then do not feed him forcibly.


Sesame seeds are not poisonous to dogs. But carnivores’ digestive system is not good to digest seeds, fats and oil too much. Therefore it is important to feed little quantity of sesame seeds in grounded form so that your pet can easily digest. You can serve sesame seeds to your pet in moderation once in a while to keep your pet safe and healthy.


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