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Can Dogs Eat Sugar Snap Peas? – Toxic or Sweet Treat

Can dogs eat sugar snap peasPeas or sugar snap peas are the flavorful vegetables which are loved by almost every human. Fresh peas come in the spring season directly from the farmer’s market or garden.

With so much of flavor, peas are the food which carried several healthy nutrients. This is why people cook peas in a variety of recipes to get a delicious and healthy meal.

Do you like peas and your greedy pet ask you a bite of this food?

In this situation the first query click in the mind of pet owners that can dog eat peas or is it safe to feed peas to the dog?

You must have gone through of this situation or you will go through this situation in future if you are also pet owners. Therefore we end up bring here a complete guide on Can dog eat sugar snap peas.

Sugar Snap Peas and Dogs

Peas are available in varieties but all the peas varieties contain fairly consistent nutritional benefits in all. All peas types are high in protein, fiber, and minerals. Also, peas contain a few calories so you can easily share some in your pet’s diet.

However, calories counts are higher in shelled peas in spite of this carry lot of nutrients. Canned peas are not the safe idea to serve your pet as there is a high content of sodium added most of the time although you can look for sodium free can peas.

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In case your dog’s dry food bags do not specify which pea type is in the food this will be fine and safe for your dog. like this, if you want to through a few sugar snap peas to your dog this will be safe and non-toxic for dogs. Yes, this flavorful human food is also safe for your pet. You can safely share a bit of sugar snap peas to your dog if he begs for it.

But always keep one thing in mind that vegetables and fruits are not needed in the diet for dogs but it can only be an occasional treat. There is nothing wrong to feed some peas to your dog, moderation is the only requirement. Peas are the ingredients often find in high-quality dog food.

What are sugar snap peas?

Snow or sugar snap peas are a good source of vitamin C, B1, K, B3, B6, and vitamin A. peas contain folate phosphorous, magnesium, iron, copper, fiber, potassium and zinc. Sugar snap peas contain vitamin A and beta-carotene which increases the growth immune cells. This food is the great source of powerful antioxidants and this delicious food help to boost immunity.

Also, peas help to prevent several diseases like diabetes as well as this food help to improve bone health, heart health, and eyesight and reduce cholesterol.

Can Dogs Eat Sugar Snap Peas?

Yes in moderation dogs can eat sugar snap peas. Peas are a healthy low-calorie option for your pet as an occasional snack.

Both you and your buddy pet can enjoy sugar snap peas all you have to do is follow some crucial factors before feeding peas to your honey bunny. Let’s find out which types of peas are safe and healthy for the dog.

Types of peas you can serve to your dog: Fresh peas are good to go as this food contains natural sugar and when it is consumed sugar turn into starch.

Sugar snap peas are often easiest to digest by the dogs as they can eat pods as well. Even though watch out pods a few pods are not edible try to chew by yourself if you are unable to chew you should not give your dog a try. You need to be extra cautious with pods if they are harder they can get stuck in the throat of dogs and can cause choking.

However, raw peas are safe but it can be harder to break down thus they miss out some essential benefits. Frozen or canned peas are good too as long as these are sodium-free; much salt can dehydrate your pet.

Also, too much salt can cause increased blood pressure and can upset their stomach. While cooking sugar snap peas to feed your dog make sure there is no onion and garlic.

With any new food, you should be more cautious and observe for an adverse reaction like vomiting and diarrhea.

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Benefits of Peas for Dogs

Sugar snap peas offer bang of lots of healthy nutrition for your pet. Sugar snap peas help to strengthen the immune system as well as decreases arthritic symptoms. Its anti-inflammatory properties are matchless not only this but your dog will get great energy levels.

Essential and powerful antioxidants such as alpha & beta carotene and flavonoids can help to slow down dog’s aging. However, the great fiber content helps in improving bowel health as well as prevents constipation.

Peas help to treat cancer also prevent osteoporosis while the vitamins assist with stronger bones.

How to Feed Sugar Snap Peas to Dogs?

If you want to feed sugar snap peas start out with a small portion and do observe your pet’s behavior. Dogs can digest sugar snap peas with pods ensure the pods are not harder.

You can shell them although you can serve with the shell. Raw sugar snap peas are not recommended to serve your dog cooked one is safer. You can serve grill sugar snap peas to your pet just grill these for 2 to three minutes and coat every side with a drop of olive oil.

However, you can boil peas for just 2 minutes until they turn into bright green. Your pet will love his treat. You can feed 2 to 3 pods to your adult dog while 1 to 2 pods are enough for your cutie pup.


  • In case your dog has kidney-related issues do not feed sugar snap or snow peas to your dog, as the compound found in peas that is purine; can harm your pet.
  • Dogs need quality canine diet so do not add peas or any vegetables in their regular diet
  • Moderation is the only way can save your pet’s health always feed fruits and veggies as occasional snacks in a small portion.

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