Blue Heeler or Australian Cattle Dogs – Complete Information About Breed

Blue Heeler Dog info

A Blue heeler is an Australian Dog Breed which is also known as Australian Cattle Dog.

A Blue heeler is an intelligent and very strong canine which is usually people keep at home. They are friendly to their owner and ideally very loyal in nature.

They are really good in adopting Dog training as they respond and reacts very fast and accurate to their master.

What kind of a dog is a blue heeler?


As stated above, Many people know Blue heeler as Australian Cattle Dogs(ACD). Another name of this breed is Queensland Heeler.

They are working dog breed and by nature the love outing, training, and exercises as they have a very strong body and temperament.

So they are really intelligent and smart with respect to other canine breeds.

Are Blue Heeler dogs aggressive?


Blue Heeler dogs are bit aggressive canine breed as it heard that they are really good and loyal with their masters so if you are you are stranger with the Blue heeler a friendly advice is to stay away because you cannot trust them blindly.

Actually, By nature, they are not aggressive but we make them. If we treat them properly and trained them with proper strategies from the puppyhood they will be good to go anywhere.

Noise is the factor you can say which disturbs Blue heelers and make them aggressive.

In general, Blue heeler Puppies are not aggressive but the Adult Dogs are a bit as they are trained as Security dogs.

Blue Heeler Dogs Appearance, Size and Weight


AS it is clear they have Blue color and the weight of an Adult Blue heeler is around 15-18 Kg and they are beautiful in appearance with some kind of bold nature.

If you are looking for a strong dog breed with a loyal background a Blue heeler would be the perfect choice for you as it is the finest canine.

An average size of Blue heeler is 46-51 cm and these are a little bit taller than other dog breeds.

Moreover, these are really good in appearance and you can happily keep them all with yourself anywhere.

Blue Heeler Temperament


A Blue heeler Dog is amazing and needs freedom they are independent in nature. I can see many people are really concern about blue heeler temperament due to the aggressive behavior of the dogs and finding another place for the canine.

Most of the time it happens when we do not train them properly. Blue heeler Puppy can be trained easily and this is the responsibility of dog owner that you should teach him to be calm and cool.

Do not give up and spend some time with it and trained him as a puppy and believe me you will never face these kinds of issues.

So if you are fearing that blue heeler dog cannot be social due to the aggressive temperament than it is wrong a good training to blue heeler can help him.


Do Blue Heelers shed a lot?

Shedding in the dogs is natural any kind of dog whether it is a bulldog or blue heeler or any kind of breed all have in a year.

Blue heelers shed twice in a year. Most of the people do not care about it but if you want to get into this daily brushing is recommended but if we compare shedding in blue heeler is little less than other kinds of dog breeds as they shed a lot.

Blue heeler is an intelligent and amazing dog breed so they shed sometimes quarterly so do not worried about it.

Are Blue Heelers smart and Loyal Dogs?

Yes, Hell smart these dogs are. It is famous for Blue Heelers that they are known as working dogs.

They are smart and very loyal canine breed a bit aggressive but friendly to the owner, so it totally depends that why you want to adopt blue heeler?

People keep them for security purposes as well and keep them at home and offices for making sure the security as they are super aggressive so they are super fit to secure your home.

Especially dog masters trained them for these tasks and they are really very smart and they respond to the master during training very efficiently.

Do Blue Heelers bark a lot?

Barking is a common thing in many dogs but when it comes to Blue heeler they do not bark too much.

Most of the people do not like the barking too much so they can control the barking with good training.

Blue heeler does no bother to bark again and again but they are hell protective of the environment and they can be used as a guard dog.

As they are famous for the aggressive nature so they can harm to the stranger instead of barking so stay away from them 😛

By the way, Barking can be controlled by proper training and guidance to the dogs as in blue heeler this is not a big headache as they are calm canine breeds by nature.

Red heeler vs blue Heeler


The difference between Blue heeler and Red Heeler is a different color only. According to American Kennel Club, they known as Australian Cattle Dogs and the Blue heeler and Red heeler are the names due to the different colors so it does not means they are different canine breed.

They are from the same family and are really amazing and good looking.

They are from Heeler family and also known as Queensland Heeler so it is only the color which can differentiate them otherwise both are from the same breed.

Actually, most of the people assume it from the name of the breed that they might be from different breed but actually they are not.

Whether it is Blue Heeler or Red Heeler they are from the same Breed that is Heeler family the difference if of the only colour.

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Blue Heeler Lab Mix

There are two different parent dog breeds such as Blue heeler and Labrador retriever.

Blue heelers are Herding and smart dogs while Labrador Retriever are athletic dogs and Blue heeler lab mix is the child breed.

So, Blue heeler lab mixes are extraordinarily smart and aggressive as they adopt intelligence and qualities from their parents.

They probably have qualities of both breeds which makes them unique and very aggressive.

They are really good in hunting and also aggressive enough to tackle all the problems.

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Are Blue Heeler Mix Puppies are Good For Adoption?

If you are thinking to adopt a dog and confused about different breeds then Blue Heeler Mix Puppy is the perfect and right option for you as it is the only breed which is so loving and really friendly with their masters.

Most of the people do not adopt Blue Heeler mix Puppies as they have a wrong perception that they are aggressive kind of breed but to be very honest a good and right training makes him super cool with you and it could be the best companion.

Where we can find Blue Heeler Mix Puppies For Sale?


There are so many online sites where you can find many blue Heeler mix puppies which are available to sell you can buy them and it could not be the issue at all.

But before making any decision just check all the sites are trusted and have good reviews so you can your purchase with the right people.

if you are looking for the query Blue Heeler puppies for sale  so you will get enough resources to get your amazing heeler.


Blue Heeler Dog Breed Info and characteristics


Here we will discuss the Blue Heelers in bit details as most of the people do not know the actual appearance of this amazing dog breed.

it is working dog breed with a strong body and the second name of the breed is Australian Cattle Dog.

They are a very active dog and does not like to stay at home for a long time so they will be happy if you go out with them and play with them.

Blue Heelers dogs are aggressive to strangers and they can be used as a security dog but one thing is not good as they are not spying dogs.

If you have a very tough office life and you can’t give much time to your Blue Heeler dog then it is not advisable to adopt it as they need a big place to play and run as it is the nature of these kinds of dogs and you have to understand it.

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Blue Heeler Dog Breed History:


It is the very old dog breed and eventually, it was developed in 1840 and it is famous for Australian Cattle Dogs.

Basically, they are from Australia and now a day they can found in the USA and in other countries as well. Moreover, it is also known as Queensland Heeler.

A very proactive dog breed which is really very smart and they respond very fast while training and if you are a good trainer you can train him in a few days.

Are the American blue heeler dog breed is the same is ACD?

Yes, it is the same dog breed which comes from Australia and there is not any other new dog breed they all are the same as Australian Cattle Dogs and now they are in America so they are known as American Blue Heeler.

Blue Heeler is referred to the ACD and now they are all around the world so American Blue Heelers are just the name but they all are same as ACD.

What are the blue heeler dog names?


Blue Heelers have amazing names we are just including here Top 10 famous names for Blue Heelers.

  • Rose
  • Grace
  • Emma
  • Tilly
  • Sky
  • Lora
  • Taxi
  • Jess
  • Ben
  • Broke

So these are the males and females names for the dogs which you want you can give it to your canine.

Can Blue Heelers be white?


Blue Heelers A.K.A ACD are born as white Dog and after some time period, they turned into any of the base colors of the breed.

So if the Heeler is in a puppy age it can be white but if it is an adult dog it must be a Red or Blue heeler as these both are the base colors of ACD. Red and Blue are the base colors of Cattle Dogs so it must be presented on the dogs.

What health problems do Blue Heelers have?


Blue Heelers have following Health issues normally which you should know about them:


Blue heelers have a common problem which is Deafness. In this condition, they hear less and it is really painful to the master because if they hear less they will never follow you correctly so this is the major issue many Blue heelers have in the life.

Hip Dysplasia:

A growth in the hip joint of the Blue heeler is really necessary with respect to time and in many blue heelers, it stops growing properly so if you have a Blue heeler you have to check time to time that your dog does not have Hip Dysplasia.

There are many few other health problems which Blue heelers faced we will discuss them later on our blog.

A Blue Heeler or ACD is really a sensitive and amazing dog breed which you can keep and love as much as you can.

They are loving, charming and friendly breed and if you want to train them they respond you very fast and it is a really wonderful opportunity for you to train them like a boss.


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