What is the Average size of Blue Heeler or Australian Cattle Dogs

Blue Heeler Size and weight

Have you ever think that from where the breed blue heeler dog breed has come? Are blue heelers are blue?  Or what is an average size of blue heeler dog breed? If yes then pay attention below we will tell you all the authentic answers of these questions.

History Of Blue Heeler Dogs: in 1840, an Australian vegetarian George Elliott did experience with the dogs, in this experience, he mixed native Dingoes with Collies, and other herding dogs breed. In the result of this experience, he got a new breed in Australian cattle dog which is non-other than the blue heeler dogs.

After a few years, the majority of cattlemen and ranchers of Australia express their love to that dog breed by having their toughness, obedience and work ethic. That is why within few years the blue heeler dog’s breed became most famous quickly as cattle herders.

In the end, the name of Australian cattle dog was recognised by an American Kennel Club. This club gives the name and officially value to the blue heeler dog’s breed, but many people have shown their argument that the Australian cattle dog must have a specific title by having its blue coat version. Due to this statement the Australian cattle dog has its official name blue heeler dog breed.

The Average Size of Blue Heeler Dog:

There is differentiating between the size of blue heeler Male and female.

  • Male size of blue heeler dog: 46–51 cm
  • Female size of blue heeler dog: 43–48 cm

Sometimes you may have not an actual idea about blue heeler dog’s weight because in this breed there are many types. Along with all this, the average Weight of the blue heeler dog breed is (35 – 45 pounds).

There is no doubt that blue heeler is a robust, hearty and attentive dog breed. The blue heeler dogs are always alerted for their owner, and they are still ready to work.

Somewhat they are not tall but longer and curved; they have a hanging tail, circled head with pointy ears along with muscular legs and tight and broad neck.

They have a thick and weather resistant coat at all. You may see the skin of blue heelers as blue coloured, blue mottled, blue speckled or red-speckled. It is possible that red or blue both may have tan markings.

The difference between the name of blue heeler dogs and red heeler dogs is the blue heeler dogs are known as Australian cattle dogs while red heeler dogs are famous for American cattle dogs.

Are Blue Heelers Are Blue Dogs?

They have a light blue shade in their coat due to they are known as blue heelers whether you may have black, brown white and other colours in this breed. Blue heeler is a nickname of Australian cattle dog breed. Blue heeler is a dog breed, which popular as a working breed.

The blue heeler dogs are deliberate for their works. If you have a cattle farm and you want cattle dog then blue heeler dog will the perfect choice of you.


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