Red Heeler V/S Blue Heeler Dog

Red Heeler VS Blue Heeler Dog

In general, red and blue Heelers are the different colours of an Australian cattle dog breed or we can say in common the same dog breed in two different colours.


The Australian cattle dog breed is a herding dog breed which was developed in 1840 by an Australian man. Primarily in starting this dog breed was used as a protective animal for the long-distance cattle travel.


The Australian cattle dog breed is present in several colours along with two coloured shed coat red and blue. These blue and red dogs are short coated dogs and medium sized dogs. They have 13 to 15 years as their life ratio.


The Australian cattle dog breed is extremely cautious, ambitious, smart, protective obedient and energetic dog breed at all.


They are different in size for the male 46-51 cm and the female 43-48 cm all the way.


Facts about Red and Blue Heelers

Red Heelers dogs want different activities. They need multiple working tasks and a spacious place to run. However, red heelers are entirely not capable congested residency. Without having any work or ample space for them, they may get into disappointment and be upset.

A healthy and normal red heeler dog can live a 15 years life averagely. For the sometimes they may face some health issues like as etching problem, eye elegies, deafness and dysplasia.

If you are a dog lover and had a red heeler pup, they prefer to live in vast areas or take your dog in open parks to make your red heeler dog happy.



The Australian cattle dog breed is divided into two colours, red and blue colours are not the specific colours of this breed, but they have a blue and red coloured shed in their skin.

The blue heeler dogs are more energetic, work possessive, herders and loyal dogs. They both want full places to live. This dog breed is an individual dog breed which means they want only one person as their owner (master). They do not want to live in a community.


Blue and red heelers are encouraging dogs, and both dogs always help their master to let them go for an outing. This heeler dog breed is most famous for its loyalty and intelligence at all. The red/blue heeler are tough dogs they are always ready to work and protect to their master in any situation.

If someone is heeler owner, then he may face their change attitude by having herding instincts and sudden behave for play. The heeler dog breed belongs to a herding category that is why at home they may misbehave some family member for herd or nips lightly at heels.



If you are a heeler (dog) owner, then you must have to care about your pet’s health. In dogs, many diseases are occurring, some viral and some may bacterial.

Preventing infections and making a pet healthy is a responsible attitude for an owner. For the best health of a heeler consult a good vegetarian always.


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