Blue Heeler Lab Mix -Temperament and Characteristics

Labrador retriever is dog breed which is the mixture of two adorable dog breeds. On another side, blue heeler is also a mixture of two Australian dogs a herding and cattle dogs. The blue heeler dog breed is known as Australian cattle dogs, and the blue heeler is the nickname of this.

Blue heeler lab mix is a dog breed which developed by an Australian man about two centuries ago. The Australian man did experience with the blue healer and labra retriever.

In the result, he got labra blue heeler dog breed. Labra blue heeler hogs have their traits, and tendencies of their parents both parents blue heeler and labra retriever.

The lab mix blue heeler dogs are known for their loyalty, energetic tendency and humble attitude with their masters. The labra blue heeler dog can be a good and obedient pet because this breed is a family lover breed along with its obedience.

Presence and Life Ratio OF Labra Blue Heeler:

As we know that this breed is a mixture of two mixed breeds that is why this breed caries all the tendencies and other qualities of labra retriever and blue heeler.

The presence of lab mix heeler is as medium in size, having 35 to 70 pounds weight approximately and the height of labra blue heeler is about 18 to 28 inches.

This mix dog breed has a thick and small skin coat that can be curved or straight. The skin coat colour can be black, white, blue, brindle, chocolate, cream, dark brown, golden, light brown, merle, speckled, spotted, or somehow their colour may be matched with their parents colour coats. The lab blue heeler dog breed is having their ears same as Labradors.

Healthy and normal labra heeler can be live a simple life from 12 to 16 years Absolutely. The average ratio of a labra heeler’s age is 14 years. This is enough for the comparison of other dogs breed.


The lab mib blue heeler dogs are on the top in the dog intelligence. Due to their celerity labra heelers are easy to train for their masters.

They carried herding tendency that is why this breed is naturally alert and protective dog breed. The labra mix heeler dog is a most demanded pet. For their training, you 1st have to need a vast area because they want to be life and trained in large areas.

To train a Blue Heeler Lab Mix is not much difficult, because this dog breed has a sharp mind but surely for the training of lab mix dog patience is must anyway. They are a mixture of herding and cattle dogs that is why they are always taking an interest in physical activities.

A lab mix dog always need daily grooming, washing and brushing for their coat because they this breed has a habit of shedding a lot. All dogs want to love and care the same as lab mix breed also needs love and care.


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