Best Corgi Husky Mix

This mix of dog breed Is undoubtedly one of the most amazing and famous designer breeds.

Corgi Husky mix dogs have been popular for more than 25 years. This mix is a result of two breeds, Welsh Corgi and Siberian Husky.

Corgi Husky mix also called as Horgi and Siborgi. Welsh corgi is known for steering while Siberian Husky is considered as a working dog.  let’s discuss these two breeds separately in detail.

Welsh Corgi: 

Welsh Corgi is originated in Wales. It is a small size dog who is famous for its herding type. The Welsh corgi is of two types, Pembroke Welsh corgi, and the cardigan welsh corgi.

The Pembroke dogs are more than Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

This is why the most famous and common type we see around is Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Welsh Corgi has traditionally been used as herding dogs most specifically for cattle places.

They are loving, watchful, intelligent with cute looks dogs. They always eager to please people in their surrounding. Corgis are a choice of Palace Cronies of Queen Elizabeth.

Siberian husky

Siberian Husky has a medium-sized body which is considered a working dog. this breed is originated in the north-eastern Siberia, Russia.

They are beautiful with thick coat body and comes in a variety of colors and markings. Their thick coat is comparatively thicker than other dog breeds

In Britain, both of these breeds are oldest breeds and known for several centuries back. They are brought to the US by an American breeder in 1933.

There are many photographs of Queen Elizabeth that you may find with Pembroke. Most of the Corgi Husky Mix Puppies you may find now in America is descended from those Siberian Husky who was imported in the 1930s.

Temperament of Corgi Husky Mix Puppies

As we know that Corgi Husky mix puppy is a combination of two purebreds. So the temperament would also be a combination of both Corgi’s temperament and Husky’s temperament.

The Corgi itself a very sweet and loving breed, they are extremely extrovert and make you fall in love with them. They become friends with people when they meet.

They are also famous for their alertness and energetic qualities. You may keep them in the apartment also because of their small size but they need exercises on daily basis. So they can be energetic and alert.

  • Corgis can be very quiet, unlike the other dogs who bark too much. If you well-train your Corgi Husky Mix Puppy so the barking habit would remarkably be controlled.
  • They are very loyal to live with kids in your family. They get friendly with each family member and do not irritate too much.

Size and weight Proportion

Though this is a mix breed mostly Corgi Husky mix Puppies get Welsh corgi’s size. The size can also be varied as what trait a puppy will get from both of its parents. They mostly get 13 to 15 inches height with approx 20 to 50-pound weight.