Border Collie Lab Mix – Are They Good Family Dog and Easy to Get along with?

Border collie lab mix – Are they good family dog and easy to get along with?


Combination of two awesome things usually comes up with something even better and precious. Nowadays mixed breed dogs are the top trend, and everyone craves to know complete details. In this guide, we will offer you complete information and details regarding the best-mixed breed, that is Border collie lab mix.

This mixed dog breed is also known as Border Lab mix or Collie lab mix or Labrador collie mix or Labrador retriever Border collie mix or Lab and collie mix.

This mixed dog breed has an average height of over 17 inches while the average weights determine in between 34 to 88 pounds.  This mixed breed is considered the excellent family pet both for adults and kids.  Let’s explore complete details and characteristics of this dog mixed breed in this write up:

What is Border collie lab mix?

The border is the mixed dog breed resulted from a Labrador retriever and Border collie breeding. Boradors are clever and happy dogs recognized for their participating abilities in numerous activities such as agility, competitive obedience, search, rescue, drug detection, police work and main trailing.

They have a life expectancy of around 12 to 15 years as well as they related to the breed groups of working and sporting, competency in guiding, guarding, herding, companionship and retrieving.

Border collie lab mix is most exclusive and incredibly adorable, loving, caring and intelligent breed of dog. Most of the people admire the characteristics and want to have a family dog which breed is Border collie lab mix.

These borders are the energetic, loving and adorable dogs same as many other mixed breeds. Boradors are the dogs breed of two most smart and energetic breed in this world so that border collie lab mix

This dog mix breed was made to work as well as this breed originally getting its keep as a herding dog in Scotland and England. These are different from other herding dogs those rely on barking and nipping, but the border collie lab mixes are highly focused on their targets through constant staring.

These mixed breed dogs will herd either they are on this job or not. Therefore they are the big challenge with small children around. They are devoted to their family at the same time they are more reserved for the people they do not know.

Borders and Reality


Borador or labra collie results when two dogs put together. Every dog is special and exclusive; every dog is a product of its genetics. Therefore it is impossible to know certainly which dog type you will get instead you can make some realistic guesses.  The ‘boradors’ are mixes of border collie and Labrador retriever breeds.

This breed of dog does not herd birds, but you end up love with a big dog which is athletic, friendly and energetic. As both of these dog breeds are willing to work, intelligent and energetic on the whole though they have diverse channels to make efforts in different ways.

If you get this mixed breed dog, you will realize a bit later which genes reign supreme. With any of the result, you will get a smart, and hardworking dog who is incredibly responsive to its master’s command in training sessions and overall.

The reality of Borders:

You can expect border collie lab mixes are active and intelligent dogs. However, the dog is more likely to attempt to herd your cat or take a swim will probably depend on the dominance of breed genes in this situation. If the dominance occurs from border collie genes the dog may run on the small size or the dog may be larger if it is channeling its inner labrador.Border collie lab mix?

The dog’s major medical weakness will be prolonged hip dysplasia nevertheless there is not any guarantee mentioned that the dog would suffer from this condition. Also, a dog can have other health weakness; mainly depends on its luck and ancestors.

Also, there are some guesses, and practical experiences based evidence depict some characteristics and personality of border collie lab mix that are mentioned below.

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Personalities & Characteristics of Border Collie lab mix

However, borders’ dogs can vary from one and another, but most of them are relatively parallel regarding skills, training, appearance, personality, etc.

  • Appearance

Like their parents, most borders have white and black markings on the body. Whether the fur amount greatly varies — as some dogs are almost black while the others possess large and many white patches.Most of the white patches can be seen on chest and face of these dogs.

  • Temperament

Boradors are sweet and affectionate lovely dogs and attached too much to their families. However, they bark at strange people and noises also these dogs can make friends faster. Boradors are very caring, gentle and friendly with children they can herd children well, all because of Border collie heritage.

  • Intelligence/Skills

These dog’s offspring tend to be pretty sharp puppies. While you need to ensure that their brains will be active in this way you can preserve them acting out in destructive ways.  Some dog puzzle toys can be greatly effective to keep their brains sharp and engaging.

  • Training Potential

Boradors usually loves to work as well as they are easy to train. However, their incredible intelligence can sometimes make training bit harder as they might be stubborn at the time. On the other hand, mostly borders respond well to consistent training related to positive approach and firm support, it is better to treat them and teach new tricks with ease.

  • Exercise

If you are not exercising lover than this dog is not best for you, the border is the mixture of two most active breeds in the canine world. These dogs require intense or serious exercise regime because of both dog’s breed is high energetic and do not tire easily.

This dog is not for a daily walk around or not just for a small apartment to live in. If you are exercise enthusiastic or like to run or love to take long walks, then the border is the right one for you. This dog has the matching energy of young children, and it is always ready for hardest activities, so it makes the best family dog.

  • Health Profile

These are although healthy dogs which are not easily prone to several diseases or illnesses. Same as other dogs they can obese if they are under exercised and overfeed. And obesity can lead to joint problems and diabetes so the owner should keep their dog trim and fit.



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