Russian dog that hunts bears

This breed was originated in Caucasus Mountains region. This region is the hometown of Russian bear dogs, bears, and wolves. Russian bear dogs are also called Caucasus Shepherd.

These dogs were used for hunting bears. Bears are dangerous for sheep and Russian bear dogs were bred to guard and protect the sheep against wolves and bears.

They were famous as Russian dog that hunts bears. This breed has also recognized by UKC and AKC and the popular names of this breed are Caucasus ShepherdCaucasus Ovcharka in the USA and Europe.

In the US and Europe, Russian bear dogs are used for guarding or companionship.

They are best companions if trained well. As the breed is recognized now, so the kennels standardized the breed in all manners.

Russian dogs – the real hunters

There is a term “used to hunt bears” specified for Russian bear dogs. As mentioned above they were bred for doing this hunting job. They are larger and stronger and can stand against bears and wolves.

However, Russian bear dogs come for the fight in a team mostly. They look like bears that’s why they are named as Russian bear dogs. They can be dangerous for bears and threatened them.

Once they are available to accompany their owner against any dangerous counterpart, they don’t take their step back till the end.

During the war and other times, this breed was used as service dogs by Soviet Army of Russia. They are versatile in their job of guarding and protecting.

Knowing their power and aggressive attitude, the Soviet Army used to train them for the military. Russian bear dogs are responsible towards their owners and they can be proved well for their trainer or owner if they are being kept in an attentive, caring and loving environment.

Appearance and Personality

They have a strong muscular body with heavy bones. The weight measurement of Russian bear dog is about 190 pounds or more and they can be taller till 6 feet.

The height is measured at the shoulder. Their heads are usually larger than any other breed of dogs. They have deep and oval shaped eyes in brown color and dropped ears. They look aggressive as they are in nature.

They are double coated which helps them to be warmer in winter and cooler in summers.

Coats color could be choco brown, reddish, grey and fawn. The coat is also thick.  They shed low to moderate and need to brush only twice a week. They do not need regular bathing. However, you can give them a bath only when necessary.


They can behave very weird in front of strangers. For stable behavior, they need to be trained properly and well. Early socialization is very important in their puppyhood.

Females Russin bear dogs are slightly smaller than male Russian bear dogs but they could be equally dangerous if they are with their puppies because of the caring mother instincts.

They are not easy for a new owner, only experience owner can handle them. They need excessive care, love, and attention.

Do not let them alone for a longer duration as they can be more aggressive. They can be defensive against any strange animal or strange people so they need a proper and frequent meet up to know the difference between regular people and when to be protective.