Who is a Russian bear dog?

One of the threatening breeds of dogs in the world is Caucasian Shepherd or Caucasian Ovcharka. The common name of this breed is Russian bear dog. They are called toughest because of their fearless and brave attitude. However, they are proved as a reliable companion and protective member of their family.

they are known as Caucasian Ovcharka, Caucasian identifies the region they are originated from and Ovcharka means shepherd in Russia. This breed has recognized by UKC and AKC. This breed is famous for guarding and protecting sheep and properties. They were used as patrol dogs in Russian Army and still, they are using for this work.

Size of Russian Bear Dog

Russian bear dogs are large and agile. Their height and weight are more than any other breed of dog. They are the only one who can take down the bears and wolves. Russian bear dog size is as follow

Their height measuring at the shoulder approx 28 to 30 inches which means (58 – 76 cm)

The official weight recorded is from 99 to 170 pounds which mean around (50 to 77Kg)

These above sizes are the estimation on the basis of majority data received but some Russian bear dogs have been reported to grow even larger than this estimation. It has been reported that some of them grow to 200 pounds of weight which means 90 kg.

On the other side, female Russian bear dogs are a bit smaller than their male counterparts. Both male and female are said bigger dogs but in the comparison between their male and female gender, it has been noticed that females are bit shorter in height. The female height is approx. 22 to 26inches taller while the weight measuring is approx. 45kgs.

According to the AKC (American Kennel Club) breed standard, the male Russian bear dog should have at least 110 pounds of weight. It is important to keep in mind that female Russian bear dogs with puppies could be more dangerous because of the guarding and protective instincts towards her puppies.

Though the size is comparatively small than male but females Russian bear dog are equally dangerous and fearless when it comes to protecting.

Health of Russian Bear Dogs

Russian bear dogs are generally healthy except few cases that can get hip or elbow dysplasia. The life expectancy of Russian bear dog is 12 years.

As they are surely medically fit, this is the reason they have been used for working on difficult field jobs. While in the process of adopting a Russian bear dog, health is for sure an important aspect that should be taken into consideration.

Find a breeder that can provide your complete medical history of the puppy along with all medical documents. They do not require an excessive exercise because they are moderately active dogs but the regular walk would fulfill their daily exercise needs. It is a must that parents of the newborn puppy should be tested properly to find any disease in them.