Russian Bear Dog

Russian Bear Dog Price

Russian Bear Dog Price

This breed devised in the Caucasus mountain region and more than one or two countries are included in this region. Russian bear dogs were initially used for guarding sheep herds against wolves and bears.

The Caucasus mountain region includes Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia and southeastern Russia.

Russian Bear dogs are brave, watchful, agile and alert, this is the reason they were used for protecting and guarding.

By the time this breed has spread throughout the world, Russian Bear dogs have given different names which are,

The Ovcharka means Shepherd and Caucasian notifies the region they are originated from. In the UKC, Russian bear dog has registered as Caucasian Ovcharka while in AKC, they are registered as the Caucasian Shepherd Dog.

Russian bear dog is the common name of Caucasian Ovcharka dog breed.

Cost of Russian Bear Dogs

The price usually varies on the basis of some important factors including the popularity of the breed, breeder’s reputation and location, how the puppies are kept by the breeder, vaccinated and medically fit pups, litter size.

The Russian Bear dogs are big and unique for the work they are entitled to. They are famous for the fearless behavior and they never come back first during the fight.

This is the only breed of dog that is too much strong and brave that can face wolves and bears. Not just can face but also can take down the wolves and bears.

These all points make them expensive to buy. They are not just expensive in terms of buying but keeping them, train them and grooming is also time taking but worthy.

For the breeding purposes, they are more expensive than those who are used for protection and adopt as pets. You may find a puppy as low as $500 but this might not check medically and not vaccinated which is not recommended.

If you are searching a high-quality Russian bear dog puppy for breeding purpose then the cost could be around $4000. However, the average Russian bear dog price is $2000


The best thing about the Russian bear dog is that they shed less to a moderate level. They have a long and double coat which could be difficult to handle.

Grooming depends on the season and the fur. Most dogs need more grooming in spring when they shed their winter coat.

The Russian bear dog has short fur so brushing twice or thrice a week would be enough. Those dogs that have longer fur, they need brushing on daily basis.

Bathing is not a necessity for them; you can give them a bath only when it is needed. Russian bear dog should never be shaved. If you do not have time to groom your dog then you must take him or her to the groomer.

Their double coat makes them cooler in summer and heated in winter so shaving is really not an option for them. If the coat becomes twisted to it is important to make it untwist or untangled as soon as possible.


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