Russian Bear Dog

Russian Bear Dog for Sale

Russian Bear Dog for sale

The common name of this breed is Russian Bear Dog but they are famous by the name Caucasian Orchavka. Caucasian is a region that includes more than two countries and this region has mountains and hilly plains. However, Orchavka is a Russian name which means shepherd dog.

This Caucasian mountain region includes Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia where from this breed was originated.

They were hired by the Soviet Army of Russia as patrol dogs and they were used to serve for guarding the properties and sheep. Though the region has plain hills and mountains, so wolves and bears could be found in the majority.

Breed Recognition

This breed has standardized completely by famous kennels like UKS and AKC.

Russian bear dogs were recognized by Europe and USA in nearly 1996 which is considered most recent. Now, Russian bear dog’s love is also reaching to the eastern part of the world. as the region has included many countries so the history of Russian bear dogs is not limited to one state.


They are larger and muscular body dogs. Their head is bigger than any other breed of dogs. As mentioned above, they were used for guarding and protecting purpose, this is mainly because of their giant and agile body.

Also, they are aggressive in nature. They could be stubborn even with their owners and sometimes do not listen to the instructions of the owner.


Russian bear dog for sale


They are not easy to handle for an inexperienced owner.

Proper training and early socialization are two important factors in their brought up period. If an owner invested its energy and time during their brought up so they will prove themselves a best and loyal companion.

How can you buy or adopt Russian bear dogs?

There are many places in today’s times where you can find Russian bear dogs for sale. There are some patterns and factors that need to be evaluated once you are ready to adopt a Russian bear dog puppy.

Find a breeder who is famous for its training, who keeps puppies with care, breeder’s reputation is a most important point to check. Ask all medical documents of puppy and descendants history from a breeder and if he fails to provide you with all such set of documents and information then quit that breeder.

Where can you Find a Puppy at what Price?

You may find this breed in Eastern Europe and in good condition around 600 US dollars. The transport fee can be high up to 3,000 US dollars.

In the UK, you can find this breed in around 1,200 to 6,000 sterling.

While in the US, this breed should be offered between $1,200 to$14,000. The average pup could get in around$1200 to $3000 but if in case you want a high-quality puppy or for breeding purpose then the cost will be high.


In Moscow Russia, Russian Bear Dogs are cheaper with a very good purebred history and the cost ranges from $450 to $850. While in the USA, puppies without proper documentation could be sold in around $500 to $800 which is not recommended.

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