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Pitsky Dog Breed- A Complete Information About Breed

A pitsky dog is not an original dog but is a cross breed between pitbull and husky, also Siberian or Alaskan. Pitsky dog breed is a well developed, stocky and robust breed. Yet, the origin of this dog breed is known. There are many generations of a pitsky dog have been here for a long time. The very first 1st generation of this dog breed is an initial cross of two different breeds, and the second 2nd and third 3rd generations are rises from two pitsky parents.

What I A Pitsky Like?

A Pitsky dog is an attractive, smart and a muscular dog. This dog breed is developed by crossing two different breeds an American pitbull terrier and a Siberian or Alaskan husky breed. Pitskies are most powerful dogs ever. A Pitskydog inherits by many features of his parent breeds, such as hiking, digging and barking.

An average height of a Pitsky dog is 20 to 25 inches, and it could be a heavy dog with the weight of 35lb to 80lb. Pitsky dog breed can live up to ten years, but if you provide a healthy diet, good exercise, and routine medical checkup, then your Pitsky can live for the 15 fifteen years easily. Pitsky dogs are very energetic dogs; they do best for energetic tasks and households.

This energetic dog needs more exercise, which you can give him as a daily walk, multiple outdoor/indoor games, etc. these dogs are sensitive and unique in presence, and never two pitskies will look like same.

This dog breed will be perfect for those buddies, who love (each of two) of dog breeds. Generally, huskies are the most dominant and popular.

All the huskies lovers in warm climate want to have a, pitsky as their pet. No color is specific for the pitsky breed, they could bear in any color. The coat type of this dog breed is silky and some time has long hairs, whether it may have long hairs on a coat. We can identify this dog breed by its floppy type ears and blue eyes.

Pitsky Dog Breed


No problem if someone tries to control a pure dog breed pitbull and Siberian husky to mate, then it will be an unsure guarantee to have the same facts (characteristics) he will see in his pet pitsky. Undoubtedly this one is an unwanted fact of hybrids or crossbreeds that real dog owners usually have to learn to accept their dogs. After all, here we are going to know some quick facts about piskies.

  •  An average pitsky dog has 24 inches height as taller and 19 inches as shorter. Somehow this is not essential to have dog’s measurements well another side the normal range.
  • Pitskies could be heavy, normal and light. It all depends on their muscles and diet. They vary as 30lb to 70lb respectively. The variation of their weight is consulted with their parent breeds. Pitsky dog breed would be further lighter, or heaver but the parent breeds of pitsky were pitbull (heaver) and husky (lighter). So, the pitsky dog is normal in weigh.
  •  One more interesting fact about this breed is that both the parent breeds of this dog are totally different from each other, Such as, one of his parent is short coated (pitbull) while others have dense hairs (Siberian Huskies). Now, you can easily conceptualize that whose gene is stronger for you pitsky’s coat.
  •  Both the parents of pitsky dog breed are energetic and people loving. The energy of a pistky is admirable. He is able to do all type of indoor to outdoor gaming activities such as fetch. If you do not provide him exercise environment, then your dog could be aggressive and bore.
  •  Pistsky dog breed is most wanted for joint families. Many people want to have this dog breed as their obedient and loyal pet dog. This dog is able to be a good companion and an energetic player.
  • If you will not consider him as your outdoor partner and left alone at your home, then you have to get ready for multiple consequences. Al these facts are the true and experienced base. If you have doubt then you may get help from and dog expert or from any veterinarian.


Pitsky dog breed is a mix dog breed. Usually, this one is a healthy, strong and intelligent breed. This breed can be inherited by fewer health issues from its parent dog breeds.
HYPERTHYROIDISM: In which they may have, a common sickness that is pitbull and husky share, called hyperthyroidism. Sometimes Hyperthyroidism disease can be passed down to the next breed (offspring). Main symptoms of this illness are wheezing and breathing, which can happen in case of hyperthyroidism.
ALLERGIES: The most common disease in pet dogs is an allergic problem. Simply skin allergies are most common in dogs that can be transferred from one breed to another. Its symptoms could be chewing paws, itching, scratching and licking thewhole body. The certain type of harmful effects of allergy appears as hair falling, scabbing and wounds.
HIP DYSPLASIA: Another type of illness which is most common and well-known disease in dogs is hip-dysplasia. Mostly in dogs’ hip-dysplasia disease is found, but here in Pitsky parent (husky), this disease is a common condition. A common cause of this condition is abnormal development in hip joints.

By this born disease a dog faces pain and lameness. Somehow, hip Dysplasia disease is a hereditary disease. Few other causes are responsible for this disease, in which we have an excessive amount of exercise, over nutrition or growth and rare accident.

Pitsky Dog Breed


A pitsky dog has pitbull’s and husky’s mix temperament. Pitskies are people loving and energetic dogs. As we all know that, there is ample shade of pitbull’s in a pitsky dog that is why pitsky needs training at their puppy age. In a young age, a pitsky is easy to train than at an older age. Pitsky dog breed can be more obedient if we train him at initial weeks of his life. Pitsky dog breed is included in one of the most intelligent dog breeds. It has a good catching power, and it learns quickly.

The temperament of pitsky breed is loyal; they can be a good companion of their master if a master treats him well. Same as pitbull terrier this dog breed is a loving and admirable breed.

A pitsky has an undying love and feeling for all human beings, especially for the kids. Usually when they exercised more, then they show off more happiness to their owner families.

These dogs are not for the individual owners. Pitsky dogs may have separation anxiety; in this condition, they can be aggressive. Otherwise, naturally, this dog breed is a loyal calm and obedient breed ever. When a pitsky dog feels more isolation, then he could express disobedience and friskier reaction.

Undoubtedly this dog breed is highly energetic and excellent dog breed. It will pay his best attention if a master treats him in the right way, if no, then he may misbehave with you.



Do you know? That pitsky dog breed has a short hairy coat which makes him smarter. By his short coast, we can brush and groom him in a very short time. The require less time for their grooming. Always use the solid bristled brush for maintaining your dog’s shiny coat. Time to time check your dog’s ear; they could be filled up with the greasy wax. Truly these dogs require less attention and time than other pet dogs.


Exercise is the most important part of a dog’s life, either in training or without training. You should have to make your pet energetic, and exercising will be an efficient way of getting energy all the time. Outdoor and indoor playing activities are considerable for exercise, or non-other than you can take your dog for the daily walk.

A short, simple walk is a Professional recommendation for your pet as exercise. This walk will make it easy to release energy. In games fetch is a considerable pet game ever, surely your pet will like fetch for playing all the time. Make sure the temperature where your dog is playing, is normal.

A pitsky dog can get dehydration quickly. Especially in summers dog dehydrates easily even with a simple, limited walk. So make your pitsky well hydrate with plenty of water during hot summers. Pitskies are beautiful, adorable, and caring dogs. We can keep these dogs as our family members.

Somehow these dogs are obedient, that is why you and your pitsky live together. Undoubtedly this dog will prove his self as a food companion of yours. If you have an energetic family then this dog will give your family more excited.

Pitsky Dog Breed


Same as his parental breeds, a pitsky dog is a shiny dog; it is just because of pits can pick up thing easily. Seeing his loyalty, the band makes him greedy to make his owner happy. Pitskies are trained for basic and simple things, such as to put and take things for his master.

If you are not able to train your pitsky in proper way, then this will make you lose so that an untrained pitsky can make you annoy and aggressive.

A well trained pitsky dog could be the especial reason for his owner’s confident. For training the first thing pitsky needs are (to winning his trust) although a master of pitsky should have to win his trust before he gets him closed for training.

If a pitsky do not trust you as a trainer then, he will surely tap into the husky’s (his parent breed) pet dog mental approach right after they appoint their selves as a pack leader all the time. His pack leader attitude will allow little remoteness to penetrate the pitksy’s personality.

A pitsky’s leader pack attitude will make him socialize with everybody, and he will try to make everyone stand up in his command. Accept this thing these dogs are many considerable dogs from many decades. You can carry a pitsky as long as you want. If you are a good trainer then you will have a good companion of your as a pitsky dog.


  • Pitskies like to do more exercise and run around. Their energetic temperament allows them to do energetic activates. Therefore, providing them proteinases and calorific foods will be perfect for them.
  • Averagely we have to feed a pitsky about 2.5 cups per day. Usually, this amount of feed will be good for them, but if your pet dog does more exercise and walk, then he may require some more food from his owner.
  •  Usually, you have to spend $1.5 in a day on the diet of a pitsky pet dog. If you want to feed your pistky pet dog more expensive food then, in this condition pitsky will take about $35 to $45 per month for their feeding.
    Pitsky dog breed is considered as a larger dog breed by his muscles. So that provides him larger breed food formulas are a good suggestion for them.

(Final tip for daily diet)

Feed your pitsky pet as per as on his regular feeding schedule. This schedule will make him able to manage bathroom needs in such a right way.


PitsKy dog breed is an energetic, loyal and obedient dog breed. This dog breed is a sub-creation of two different breeds (pitbull and American husky). By looks, pitskies are normal coated, muscular and less shedding dogs. These dogs have blue eyes normal sized tail.

These dogs are most wanted dogs for joint families. Many people want to have this dog breed as their out activities. Averagely they may live up to ten years, but if they get a good diet and proper they may live up to 15 fifteen years relatively.

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