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Best and Detailed Heartworm Treatment For Dogs?

What is heartworm disease?

As an owner, you need to be concerned about your pet/dog that how is your dog and how is he feeling? If your dog is facing some kind of disease and you are unaware of this matter, then you may be able to lose your pet dog and you would be sorry for that.

The dog is the natural host of a disease he/she can be caught at any time anywhere, just like heartworm, ear infections, depression, tapeworm and so many others but instead of all these heartworms is a serious and strongly fatal disease in dogs/pets, this disease exists in all over the world.

This disease is caused by foot long worms that usually live in the lungs of dogs in such dogs which are affected and it was experienced that this disease is usually found in dogs which means that heartworms live inside the dogs they do not effect until your pet dog grows elder.

If these heartworms are not treated properly it can affect your pet dog hearts and lungs might be arteries this will lead your dog into deep sickness, if your dog is having a tough time with heartworm make him hospitalized or it may be too late.

How heartworm disease spreads?

Medical says that one bite of mosquito can lead you to so many diseases that can be harmful to you, it’s because when any mosquito bites you, it leaves in your body so many parasite worms and these worms are also known with Dirofilariaimmitis,

Mosquito is the short host, it means that worms which live in mosquito for a bare time in order to become infective and these worms are called heartworms in the USA this type of parasites are common, about this infection our medical officers have already informed to 50 states of America.

Best and Detailed Heartworm Treatment For Dogs?

How is this process of disease proceed? When an adult dog or affected is bitten by any mosquito, while we know that infected and mosquito becomes microfilariae up to 10 or 14 days and when that mosquito bites healthy dog and becomes host of heartworm disease or might be another disease.

It takes normally 6 to 7 months to show infection if your dog is bitten by any female mosquito then your dog may not take too much time to show you the infection because when any female mosquito bites any host she releases infections directly into the bloodstream.

How can heartworm be diagnosed?

Heartworm, you know that this disease resides in the heart and in liver of your dog including blood vessels, can be killed by adulticide

For the diagnose dogs are given injections of immiticide followed by a vet because your dog needs rest that’s why these injections are given. And there is one thing you need to remember if you try to exercise pet dog this will increase the fatal at this point.

Heartworm treatment for dog

Keep your dog in rest after receiving immiticide injection until the six months and so many heartworms would be killed by the adulticide treatment. Killing the adult worm that actually resides in the heart and pulmonary arteries,

Microfilaria which helps to circulate the bloodstream of your dog if larval stages are not be killed they turn into the adult worms and process of heartworm disease would never be stopped. That’s why medication is used to diagnose the system, and it is the process of killing larval stages.


For further vets use heartworm treatment protocol:

There are two protocols for heartworms treatment

This is the process of confirming the heartworm in your dog with this you may able to know what is happening with your pet.

First protocol:

In this kind, you will see your dog healthy and fresh In meanwhile you may be able to see any sign of heartworm disease for that vets use to injections of melarsomine are executed 24 hours.


Second protocol:

This process is commonly used by vets and also recommend this protocol to all pet owners according to the larval disease this process leads up to three injections for the first time only one injection is used after one month 2 additional injections are injected this would be in 24 hours.

Second one protocol has some advantages, three injections are safer than one it’s because adult worm slowly and gradually dies while this process heartworm stops to effect the treatment, as we know that heartworm treatment is too much risk this may create so many complications.

How is heartworm disease transmitted from one dog to other?

In this process, mosquito plays a good role in the heartworm life cycle we very aware of the that in infected dog their lives in adult female heartworm, fox produces heartworms almost at the size of micro that’s why these worms are called microfilaria that actually flows in the bloodstream of dogs.

It is noted that when mosquito bites an infected dog/pet it takes blood sample from infected dog and makes this so many animals or pets as a hostage, it means mosquito leaves that sample to healthy dog/pet in the blood vessels, after 6 or 7 months or less than that it shows its output.

This is how heartworm disease is transmitted from one dog to another, that’s why we highly recommend you that in one month you should take your dog/pet to the vet, for the protective insulations, which always keeps your pet healthy as stronger as compared to normal dogs.


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