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Why is My dog Panting and Restless?

If you are a pet owner, you must be familiar with the health issues they face. A pet owner is always worried about the health issues of hispet.He always seeks for the best treatment for his pet.

If someone suffers from any health issues, but are just a few pet owners keen to find out the reason behind the health issues.

Dogs are one of the most common domestic pets. People who are the font of having a pet usually buy a dog as their pet. They are loyal, friendly, and caring in nature. Like other pets, dogs also suffer from health issues.

One of the most common health problems for dogs is “Panting” and “Restlessness” but like other pet owners, dog owners are also not keen to discover the reason behind these health issues.

The owners of the dogs are frustrated with going to vets for the treatment. They keep asking others why their dog is panting and restless. In this article, we will discuss the reasons behind the excessive “Panting” and “Restlessness” in dogs.

Why is my dog panting and restless?

Panting in dogs:

Panting is normal for dogs. Usually, dogs pant to adjust their temperature. Humans have a proper system of adjusting their temperature by sweating off, but dogs have no such policy. That is why dogs pant, to flow cold air inside the body and evaporate water through mouth.

Besides this, being excited and energetic can also be one of the reasons for panting, which is normal, but excessive panting can be a problem.

Restlessness in Dogs:

Excessive sleep often causes restlessness in the day time. Dogs who sleep excessively in day time can be restless in the night. But there can be several reasons other than that.

Sleeping in the morning and being disturbed in the night, is typical restlessness, but it can be more than just usual restlessness, if it is due to other reasons.

Why my dog is Panting and Restless:

Panting and restlessness are normal for dogs in some instances. If a dog is painting, it can be due to adjusting temperature, being energetic and, being excited. Restlessness in your dog can be caused by sleeping in the day time and waking up at night.

These are typical conditions for restlessness and panting. Other than these reasons, there are many explanations for restlessness and panting in dogs, which are not normal and can be dangerous.

Liver problem:

Liver is an essential organ for dogs; it removes the toxic material from the food and water. It makes the food pure and helps her body to survive from these harmful materials. It then passes all the poisonous substances to the waste product.

However, a problem in this process or the liver can cause many problems for the dog. Eating toxic material like pesticide sprayed grass can cause trouble for her liver.

If your dog is panting excessively, you should consider consulting with a vet because the liver problem can be the reason for that, or the dog is signaling you that there is a problem with her liver.

Pain in the body:

When humans suffer from any pain, they tend to cry, scream, or take deep breaths. Just like humans, when dogs suffer from any illness, they show it by different gestures. She will take shallow breaths and pant excessively. She will pant before the pain gets intense.

She will not be comfortable in this condition, and she won’t even bark. Until the pain gets severe, she will only pant, and then she will start crying. If your dog is panting excessively, maybe she is suffering from any pain in her body.

Depression or Anxiety:

In dogs, anxiety can occur due to several reasons. Some rescued dogs suffer from stress due to abuse by their previous owners. Some dogs are just nervous and sensitive to loud noises.  Other factors can also trigger anxiety in dogs like riding in cars, car engine noise, etc.

Anxiety cause panting and restlessness in dogs. The symptoms of anxiety are biting everything and hiding.

Heart problem:

In humans, organs and muscles need oxygen to work correctly. Oxygen can only make way to the whole body through the bloodstream.

To introduce to the bloodstream oxygen needs to have access to the body, which is given by lungs by breathing. Dogs follow the same system for breathing, like humans.

Oxygen enters the body through the lungs, from where it’s dispersed to the whole body. Sometimes, the dog’s heart is unable to pump the same amount of blood needed for survival, causing the heart to slow down.

When the heart slows down, ultimately, deficiency of oxygen occurs, responsible for heart problems and breathing problems. Before it gets to heart attack, in this period of lack of oxygen in the body, the dog starts to pant and remain in the condition of discomfort and restlessness.


Dogs don’t have a proper system to tackle the problem of high temperatures. Dogs often exercise, play, and runs. It is necessary to take care of the temperature of the dog. The dog can get a heat stroke in an instant.

The more they exercise without regulating their temperature, the more they canget heatstroke.  Heatstroke will cause heavy panting, brain damage, and kidney damage, causing the dog’s death.

These can be the ultimate reasons for the excessive panting and restlessness in dogs, which are not usual, leading to more significant problems.

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that panting and restlessness are reasonable for a dog to some extent. Still, excessive panting and restlessness can lead to major diseases and problems.

The reasons for abnormal panting and restlessness are heatstroke, heart problems, anxiety, pain, and liver problems. That’s why we should find out the reasons behind every problem and consulting with the vet because it can be severe at times.

In this article, we have discussed, panting, restlessness, and the reasons behind abnormal panting, restlessness. I hope this article will prove to be productive for you. Tell us about the article by sending your feedback in the comment box.

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