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Top 3 Tips for Ear mite treatment for dogs-Diagnosis and Symptoms

What are the dog ear mites?

There so many pets and animal who are victim of this disease this mostly appears in ears of pets but usually are otodectescynotis small eight leg parasites this disease very dangerous for the skin, their life is almost three-week life cycle and this could be difficult to detect by open eye.

This kinds of parasites creates infection, inflammation, irritation this type of parasites work deeply into ear or might in external and internal canal if this disease is not treated early you might be to see so many effects of this so that’s why in any case you are observing any trouble in your pet, then don’t be too late take your dog to vet.

 What causes ear mites in dogs?

This disease is highly infectious and can be passed from one pet to another or letting your pets to have femininity these all small mites are highly infectious between dogs/pets this may infect cats, ferrets, rabbits that’s why this mostly shows up in pets.

Generally Otodectes mites are unable to survive free in the environment, mites have their own shelter where they could live and survive this type of parasites always looks for host and their host can be any animal but usually, their victims are dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets.

Top 3 Tips for Ear mite treatment for dogs-Diagnosis and Symptoms

Fortunately, ear mites are not contiguous to the humans, because they cannot live for a long time in human skin.

Instead of all these problems, you might be thinking that how can I be able to recognize ear mites and what could be symptoms of ear mites?

Symptoms of ear mites in dogs:

  • Extremely scratching and rubbing ears all the time.
  • Head shaking.
  • Black or brown waxy seepage.
  • So much odor.
  • Inflammation.
  • The resistance of ear canal like odor discharge.

These all symptoms are highly recommended you to read it carefully and work accordingly if not you might lose your dog at once. If these all signs you are observing then you need treat your dog there for that we have provided you some tips for ear mite treatment which are given below.

Diagnose of ear mites in dogs:

If all of the symptoms of ear mites you have observed then you should hurry to vet and let your vet examine what actually he needs to overcome form this disease, your pet will go through physical examination and that would be physical dermatologic in which ear and skin would be scanned.

Your vet will take a sample of skin and will identify it under the microscope or they might use otoscope this is an instrument which is used to look inside the ear.

If you are willing to check this at your home then you need to place a chunk of debris which you need to collect from outer ear canal from the depth of the ear, you may see mites moving and white colored if you see with the help of magnifying glass, and you observe that your pet has mites deep inside the ear.

If not you might not be able to rule them out completely that means you are not able to sample out live mites from your dog’s ear.

Medicine treatment for dog ear mites:

According to vets ear mites can be treated on an outpatient basis, but in whole world treatment of ear mites includes putting medication into the ear of dog once a day for 10 to 30 days its ups to the product which would be preferred from your vet

Whatever your vet provides you, you have to follow it or you may see given label instruction on the medication which you might use while treating ear mites if by unintentionally you missed once a dose you will not see any change in ear mites.

Fresh medication has abilities to kill so many mites by single dose these all simple medication systems are available through vets but sometimes vets recommend you all no need to use label instruction just go through the according to vets instructions.

Before using medication you have to clean out all odor from your dog’s ear canal this is the main part of medication, cleaning ear makes dose to go easily inside the ear this instruction your vet will also provide you, that how to flush out odor from the ear?

Then follow up the schedules given by the vets.

Prevention of dog ear mites:

This is a common issue in dogs you must be aware of this clearly and it’s not difficult to detect mites in ears for that there is no need of any vet or any surgeon, as we deal with other diseases this is not that much expansive for any owner.

It is highly recommended to owner keep your pets in safe places and make sure that your pet dog is clean all the time, and you have to organize monthly check up with cleaning ears all the time and you will be able to reduce the all kinds of disease not even mites including other like ear infection, dog diarrhea, dog fewer.


What do I need to do when my dog has ear mites?

If you have observed or you are sure about ear mites, no need to worry about it just take good care of your pet dog and clean your dog’s ear as much as possible, and for the further medication you need to contact the vet, he/she will probably help you out.


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