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Cavachon Dog Breed – History, Temperament and Training

Generally, Cavachon is a smaller, bubbly dog breed that has been developed by two different dog breeds. The breeds that are parent breeds of Cavachon are Cavalier King Charles spaniel and bichon fries.

Cavachons are developed to be the most engaging, people-friendly and active dogs. Although a cavalier breed was apparently the most famous breed as the crossbreed. The Cavalier dog is a humble dog, which used to be gifted to hospitalized patients. Same as cavalier, the Cavachon dogs are also used to be rewarded children.

Appearance and popularity of Cavachon dog breed:

In Ireland region, the Cavachons are a most popular dog as a present. Probably the Cavachons are fully active, caring and frank dogs. A Cavachon dog is a most delightful and dedicated dog; that is why it would be a great choice for the kids. As it has a low shedding coat which, makes him appealing to be a housedog. This dog can easily live with those persons who are suffering from allergic problems.

Fairly Cavachon is a smaller dog that is why it can easily fulfill his exercise needs within a short walk or a round of your garden. Sincerely, if someone has a small apartment, then his dog will need a regular walk, in order to be fit and healthy.

This cross dog breed is a protective breed, and it can do a decent job as a watchdog. Mostly Cavachons are people friendly and loving dogs, and they will nearly shower their affection on your guest who was arriving at your home.

Undoubtedly Cavachons are healthier than their parent breeds but closed they may have some unusual condition in the pedigree section. Fairly heart problems and hormone misbalancing are some common health issues of Cavachons.

They can live up to 10 to 12 years averagely, but if they get a proper diet and good care, then they can survive for a few more years. Somehow a few Cavachons can live longer if they become safe from all these inherited serious diseases.

Cavachon Dog


History of Cavachon dog breed:

Cavachons are created a few decades before by an intelligent marketing ploy in the United States. The name of his breeder is Gleneden Kennels, and he did experience with this hybrid in 1996s with two different dog breed to make another dog breed. Slowly Cavachon crossed the whole world and became a popular crossbreed for many people.

The Cavachon dog collected more popularity both crossbreeds plus pedigree and about the whole of Europe. Since the parent breed of Cavachon (cavalier) was created to repeat the haunting abilities of older dogs.

Bichon and cavalier both dogs were the most popular and good companion of either. Due to their excellent company, there was another crossbreed created whom we called cavachon.

Same as his parent breed this dog breed is also fitted for this place to his temperament. Not only it has an inherent temperament, but surely it has a low shedding coat which is similar to Bichons. All these qualities make this dog breed more appealing and appropriative as a pet dog.

There are hundreds of breeds who are crossed by different DNAs. In all cross breeds, Cavachons are the first generation who is created by mixing two pedigree breeds. Before mixing, we can never conceptualize how their pup is going to be? But we can predict the size of Cavachon. Probably Cavachons are most admirable breed who has some specific characteristics.

Characteristics of Cavachon dog breed:

Here we have explained all the natural facts of Cavachons in the form of characteristics. If you are going to buy a Cavachon pet dog, then you have to know all the natural facts of the Cavachon breed. So, let us get started;

  • Mostly you will find a Cavachon dog with the height of 29cm to 33cm and 12cm to 13cm taller, and it could be 4.5 to 9 kg (10-20) heavier. As an adorable and small dog, this would be not an unusual fact for Cavachons that these dogs are supposed to be spoiled from their masters, not only master but those who all they meet. There are so many over weighted Cavachons and May a bit heavier or lighter than their average weight. The weight gaining and losing process totally depends on their proper diet and good care.
  • As a buyer, be aware of Cavachon (especially from a puppy) because they have a protective temperament and they may try to harm. These dogs are quite stronger and small sized dogs. They have a broad backside with ribcage. These both are inherited from bichon to Cavachons.
  • They also have bony limbs and a round head with a significant face. For their good appearance, they have to be good muzzled and taller. If any Cavachon has a shorter nose, then he may suffer from respiratory distress (a degree). This (a degree) respiratory distress is inherited by cavalier to Cavachon, and it can happen by Brachycephalic airways syndrome.
  • They have medium sized airs, which are hanging up at sides of his head. If we talk about his eyes then, Cavachons has bigger black, brown eyes, which makes him admire able and beautiful.
  • Its turn to know the coat style of Cavachons, reasonably they have a soften coat, it could be straight, fluffy, wavy or curled. The coat of Cavachon dog breed is exceptional; it could be longer for many inches. There is a variety of colors which is available in Cavachons just like; red, Tricolor, apricot, brown and white. A Cavachon can also be a sub-mixture of white with matches of any above colors.

Cavachon Dog

What type of temperament Cavachon dogs have?

Without anything else, we must say that a Cavachon is a happy dog. It spends his whole life by feeling that, everyone is a friend of mine. He thinks that every day is another opportunity to make my life funny and enjoy it fully.

He could be a great friend of his owner, and especially this dog breed is recommended for children. He also wants to be with adults, and he can make his self-adjustable with other pet (animals) pets.

Undoubtedly this one dog breed is an energetic hybrid breed that is easy to carry and simple to maintain. Also, this dog breed is an affordable dog which never loses his charm and adorability in old age.

The temperament of this dog is social and too much funny, you will never get bored when you make him the partner of yours.

In addition, a real fact about Cavachons is that this dog breed has inherited more of the Bichon’s (parent breed) temperament. Fairly male Cavachon can simply attempt to affirm his self to his master.

Notably, if he has a new nervous owner, then he will take more time to manage his self with him, or he can make his self to the pack leadership between him and his owner.

So, if you are a fresh one then try to make strategies for dog training and feel your new dog as an experienced master. By this way surely you will have a Cavachon as the best partner of yours.

How to train a Cavachon dog?


Training ability of Cavachon dog breed:

Training a Cavachon dog is an honor because this dog breed is highly intelligent. They have an amazing motivation power, that is why they mainly prefer to children.With an adult, fresher, child or disable owner whatever they have as a master they will easily manage their self with them.

To train a Cavachon, it would be better to focus on his temperament and then manage your time for training. As a pet, a Cavachon will need the quality time of his owner in which he will proof his self as the best pet dog. Mostly dogs are highly jealous species.

They want a single owner, and they want to be a single pet of their owner. Fortunately, a Cavachon can willingly live with other animals. So, it will be easy for a pet owner to train a Cavachon by having a few other pets.

When a trainer trains this dog, then he finds great feedback. It will be good to spend your time in maintaining and training your new dog.

To train a Cavachon you have to start with basic learning, for example, crate, potty, and paying. Maybe your Cavachon seems slow to learn but do not lose hope and try to convince him to learn. As always patience is required for training. A very few weeks of his life can be more interesting if your training ability is good.

What types of health issues Cavachon have?

Health issues of Cavachon dog breed:

Sadly, Cavachon is inherited from severe diseases by his parent breed (Cavalier King Charles spaniel). All these diseases could be the main cause of their short lives.

In which they have cardiac diseases and a part from this they have many other health conditions which all can harm a Cavachon’s health.

Skin allergies or Atopic dermatitis:

Skin allergies are very common in all dog breeds, and mostly in Cavachons. In order to skin allergies, a Cavachon may have itchiness, redness, and manifests of the skin.

The effected parts of skin allergies are paws, lips, tail, secret part of their body and bottom of ears. The signs of appearing skin allergies may be at a young age.

Cavachon Dog

Week eyesight or cataracts:

A normal cataract is an age-related condition, which seems in many dog breeds. Few Cavachon puppies come with congenital cataracts which effect on their vision. In this condition, the dog may have a crystal-like body within their dark lenses. Cataracts can be removed by the surgical way.


This is a syndrome which causes by the high level of cortisol, and then stress hormone circulates in the dog body.Hyperadrenocorticism is also known as Cushing’s disease.

This disease is most common in old age dogs. It may be caused by the brain’s (pituitary gland) tumor or abdomen glands. Mostly this syndrome can be treated medicines or surgery is a final option for this disease.

What is the life expectancy of a Cavachon?

Cavachons are energetic and amazing dogs. They are self-dependent and mainly adjustable dogs. If they get proper care with a balanced food diet, then they can easily live up to twelve 12 years approximately. Rather an average life span of a Cavachon is 8 eight nine to 10 ten years.

If they face an unusual health condition, then their life span could be shorter than their average ratio. It is all up to on you and your cares that what type of a good owner you are going to be.

Exercise level of Cavachon dog breed:

As we know that Cavachons are very active dogs that is why they can do more exercise in a small space. The most wanted exercises of Cavachon’s are chasing toys and jumping in the garden. They also want to chase the ball at beaches or in the garden.

You can consider the simple games as their exercises, and they mainly require outdoor activities than indoor games. As an owner you have to take your Cavachon outside just for an hour in a day; this way your dog will stimuli his mind and never gets bored at home. As Cavachons is a smaller dog that is why shorter dosage of exercise will be enough for them.

(Exercise tip): make sure you are giving a proper amount of feed, due to your Cavachon can do more exercises. If he does more activities, then you can feed him more rather than normal quantity.

Grooming requirements for Cavachons:

Grooming is an essential part of pet dogs, but here we considering cavachon’s grooming needs. Cavachons are light shedder, but they still require constant grooming. The grooming of Cavachon is totally depended on its natural coats.

Your dog will need hair brushing and teeth brushing twice a week, and occasionally they will need nail cutting. Weekly bath and regular trimming will make your dog clean and germs free. Cavachons has tear path beside his eyes, so wiping his eyes in a day will good for your dog.

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