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Can Dogs Eat Spinach? – Incredible Benefits Of Spinach For Your Canines


As the human like the cartoon character Popeye so does the favorite food spinach.

You may have any other favorite cartoon character, but spinach is the common favorite food for humans.Being a dog owner, I can say that pet parent love to share a bite of their food to their dogs.Dogs have habits of begging food to their owners whatever they are eating.

Dogs Eat Spinach

This is why pet owners like to share their food with their dogs, but all human foods are not safe for dogs. With this in mind, pet owners have a major responsibility to be aware that which human food they can share and which they should not.

Here we have best human food spinach in the discussion. Spinach is one of the most controversial human foods for a pet while it comes to feed spinach to dogs there are lot more things you need to ponder over. Can dogs eat spinach and is spinach safe for dogs? Let’s simply run into the depth of this subject straight.

Dog’s diet and spinach

Usually dogs do not crave green leaves like lettuce and spinach; generally, they do not beg this human food too much. But there are some dogs like to have the food their owners are having. In this situation, the first thing you wonder is it safe to feed spinach to the dog?

The answer is yes in moderation you can feed spinach to your dog. Spinach is advantageous for your pet if you feed it in small quantity and follow all the tips to serve spinach to your pet.  This is among those human foods which can safely share with dogs.

Spinach is not only beneficial for human health but also maintain the well-being of your pet. As the fact matters canine need meat based diet and usually dogs attract more towards it. Pet owners can serve vegetables to supplement their pet’s diet if meat sources are bit uncommon.

Dogs are carnivores, and they do not need green leaves in their diet while pet owners can serve spinach as an occasional treat. Spinach is the flavorful and nutrient full human food which is a great source of vitamins, fiber, and minerals.

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Spinach Controversies

Spinach has a high level of oxalate; this is the most questionable factor of spinach for the canine. However, cooking spinach does not help too much. Oxalate is present in large leaf and even baby spinach although there is the reason of concern also because spinach serving to the dog should be minimal. All in all, dogs are safe with this oxalate factor of spinach.

However, the other controversy regarding spinach is the reality of pesticides. Pesticides spraying makes spinach a polluted vegetable this is the biggest controversy related to this food. Thorough rinse can help in this situation although sometimes it is not fine enough to remove all dirt completely. This aspect is more like unavoidable factors what you can do is do your best possible for your pet like try to reach organic spinach if possible.

Can dogs eat spinach?

Here the good news is with all such controversies dogs can eat spinach. Just pet owners need to be little more cautious to follow spinach serving instructions, mentioned in this article. Spinach is not poisonous to dogs if you serve properly cooked or the way it should be.

Spinach’s green leaves can provide several health benefits to pets same as humans.  It is one of the vegetables which are not toxic to dogs as well as humans. There are countless benefits of spinach which you can add to your pet’s diet as a treat; spinach is among the healthiest yet safe vegetables for the canine. If you want to serve anything healthy and safe, spinach can be a good choice.

However, according to misconception, a few people will say; spinach can be harmful to the dog. As we mentioned all aspects above spinach has not any substance which can harm your pet.

Spinach may have pesticide-contaminated on them, but this problem can be easily handled. You should thoroughly wash spinach leaves to waste all dirt, or you can waste few leaves containing pesticide. Spinach is the safe and right food for dogs in the long run.

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Superfood spinach for dogs

Dark green leaves spinach is the power pack of nutritional punch for humans and even for dogs. It is best to boost the immune system, vitality as well as restoring energy. It carried essential vitamins like vitamin C, A, E, K and vitamin B. spinach is the superfood that helps to improve bone health of dog as it contains several essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, folate, copper, phosphorous, and manganese.

This is the best food that stimulates digestive system of a dog during constipation. Spinach improves blood circulation as well as it improves the vision of dog also protects retinas from damage. Moreover, spinach is extremely good for heart health also this superfood is best known to prevent cancer.

How can dogs eat spinach?

Popular one and healthiest form in which pet owners serve spinach to their dogs are steamed. To make steamed spinach make sure not to add onions, garlic, lemon and salt, these ingredients can be harmful to your furry friend. Simply chop the cooked spinach and serve very few quantities to your dog or you can add spinach to dog’s meal. Never serve the whole leaf to your dog it may cause choking or can upset dog’s stomach. Chopped chunks are easier to digest if you want to feed your pup a yummy treat.

It is recommended not to feed spinach in raw form because it will be harder for dogs to digest and can cause stomach upset. However, the third form boiled is also not recommended because of nutrients loss.  You can serve slightly cooked or steamed spinach to your dog an occasional treat.

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How many spinach can dogs have?

Spinach is safe food to serve dog also you should moderate amount of spinach you serve to your pet. As we discuss above spinach contain oxalate, you can easily ignore the related concerns of oxalate by serving limited spinach amount to your pet.

However, there is not any standard or set limit mentioned to feed your pet, but you should not add spinach to its regular diet. As like healthy treat or occasional treat you can share some of the cooked and chopped pieces. To avoid any harmful incident, you should serve spinach one to two times in a week. Also, you should talk to your vet to set a spinach feeding schedule for your pet.

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