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Can Dogs Eat Apricot – How You Can Feed Apricot To Your Dogs?


Pet owners or pet parents have misconception and confusion about the fruit types which dogs can eat. Can Dogs eat Apricot is the most frequently asked question at our forum so we thought to discuss it with you in detail.

There are several pet owners feel that fruits should not be given to dogs while some feel that little portion of fruit can provide healthy and beneficial effects. However, the truth lies in between of both the statements because dogs cannot digest all fruit types. Therefore complete awareness of this matter required as the wrong fruit or wrong fruit part can lead harm or poor health.

In this article, we compiled up all factors, health benefits and complete guide on can dogs eat apricot. But before this, you must understand your dog their diet requirements and benefits of apricot etc.

Dog’s diet

Carnivores’ animals do not require fruits and veggies in their regular diet, dogs are carnivores though. But as an occasional treat, it is fine to feed fruits to dogs.

In this way, you can feed them additional dietary fiber and safe source of vitamins and minerals. However, there is one thing you need to consider that according to expert vets there are a few fruits can cause serious harm to your dogs. So you should be well aware of the fruits you can feed to your buddies as a yummy and occasional treat.

Can dogs eat apricot is also among the most asked questions by pet owners?Yes, apricot is the right fruit which pet owners can feed to their dogs as a yummy treat. But there are few important factors which pet owners need to know before feeding apricot to their dogs.

What is apricot?

Dogs Eat Apricot

Apricot is the delicious fruit and it is scientifically known as Prunus Armeniaca. It carried thin outer skin with tangy and soft flesh in it; also there is a large pit that is bit poisonous.

These are orange or yellowish along a slight touch of red on it. However, the exact cultivation of apricot all around the world is disputed and unsettled assumptions of experts ponder it was brought to Asia and some believed it was Europe.

This vitamin enriches fruit contains an a rich and big source of vitamin content such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E and many other essential vitamins. It is also a great source of copper, potassium, manganese, phosphorous, and magnesium. This fruit is the best source of dietary fibers.

Apricot offered countless health benefits; it has the potency to treat fever, skin diseases, cancer, indigestion, earaches, constipation, and anemia. Also, it helps to treat wounds and strained muscles besides help to improve heart health and bone strength. It is the best fruit help to reduce weight, cholesterol levels, and prevent weakening of vision.

Apricot offers numerous benefits for humans but if apricot is safe for dogs? Let’s find out

Can dogs eat apricot?

Yes, dogs can eat apricot but there are few conditions required for this. Apricot is the fruit enriched with dietary fibers, minerals, and varieties of vitamins.

Dog owners can feed apricot to their dogs as an occasional treat only. Do not try to feed apricot on a regular basis as it can cause serious health hazards. Apricot flesh is healthy and safe for dogs and your dog will surely love this yummy treat. You should pay attention to feed apricot flesh without apricot pit and seeds as they contain cyanide content which is dangerous for dogs.

Few pet parents have the misconception that apricots are bad or unsafe for dogs; this is not true although apricot should not be given as a regular treat.

Unlike humans, dogs have a weak digestive system; therefore, avoid feeding pit, seeds, leaves and stems of an apricot. One to two slices of the apricot flesh are the better way to feed this sugary treat to your dog but as an occasional treat just.

How to feed apricot to the dog?

The best way to feed apricot is, slice down 2 pieces of apricot flesh with skin and serve to a dog. Then you should watch behavior or reaction of your dog if you buddy liked the yummy treat that you can periodically serve 2 to 3 bites or small slices as an occasional treat.

In case your dog does not like this treat than you should avoid this to feed your buddy. For proper health and life of your dog, you should avoid the pit, seeds, stems, and leaves of apricot.

As the matter of like other fruits, apricot is also high in sugar. Therefore, a large amount of apricot may cause an increase in diabetes and blood glucose levels in dogs.

This is the major factor you need to consider when feeding apricot to your dog. Likewise, a large amount of apricot may sometime upset dog’s stomach because of high fiber content dog may suffer from digestive problems and diarrhea.

Some dogs love apricot while a few do not adore this fruit at all. Taking this in your mind you should be careful and wiser to judge the reaction of your dog.

Benefits of Apricot for Dogs

Dogs Eat Apricot

Same like peaches, apricots also offer a lot of health benefits for your dog. As this fruit include dietary fiber, beta-carotene, and vitamin C that combat cancer. Also, you can feed apricot to your dog in order to boost their immune system and vision. Not all pets react same with this fruit but if you experience your buddy like to eat apricot and it is safe as well then it is good news for you.

Can a Dog eat Dried Apricot?

Dogs can eat apricot in a dry form known as dried apricot. According to veterinarians you can feed dried apricots to your dog but remember most of them do not like it.

As dried apricot include beneficial minerals and vitamins which are highly beneficial for dogs. But the dry form of apricot is not easy to chew and thus dogs swallow it without chewing it appropriately. This sometimes causes a little issue with your dog such as blockage, stomach upset etc.

So that it is better to avoid dried apricot or if you want to feed your dog dried apricot then you should observe them thoroughly. To avoid any unwanted harm you should cut dried apricots into small chunks so that your dog can consume easily.

Can apricot seeds be harmful to dogs?

As we mentioned above pit and seeds of apricots can be highly dangerous for your dog. For this, you need to pay special attention that your dog must not eat apricot pit and seed. Seeds and apricot pit contain poisonous content and your dog can experience swollen gums, dilated pupils, the problem in breathing and lethargy.

In case you observe any of the symptoms mentioned then instantly contact the vet and get your dog treated well before it is too late.

Ideas of feeding apricot to dog

You can feed fresh apricot to your dog, cut into small pieces and you can mix it with regular diet. You can serve ripe apricot to your dog, simply cut up in small pieces and serve it with dog’s biscuits.

This is the best idea and most dogs like the treat. However, you can serve fresh or dried apricot with dog’s food or oatmeal in relatively small bites and serve a plate to your honey buddy.

Fresh apricot is ideal to feed your dog but moderation is the only condition. Feed apricot as an occasional treat to your dog and enjoy healthy and happy living with a pet.


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